Silver Shield Report #74- The Tipping Point

I think we are at the tipping point from Denial Phase into Anger Phase of Humanity.  Everyday we are feeling the click-clack of the chain ratcheting our roller coaster life up to greater and greater heights and detaching us from the reality that surely awaits us below.  We are looking around at the smiles of denial that want to believe this ride will go on forever, but we know what awaits.

Humanity wants to believe everything will be alright.  We are indoctrinated into wanting to believe.  We want to believe in Santa. We want to believe that everyone is nice.  We want to believe that the path so easily laid out for us will bring us happiness.  We want to believe that debt will lead to wealth.  We want to believe in world of good guys and easily identifiable bad guys.  We want to believe we have purpose in doing essentially nothing.

The paradigm will change when the reality on the world differs from the perception that is played before our eyes.  No amount of logical presentations, personal interventions or evidence will awaken the mass of humanity.  You can stop wasting hours everyday watching the play-by-play of the collapse, because this is a waste of precious time in the real world.  There is no point in looking for hope in the political, financial or military worlds, the criminal Elite own that racket lock, stock and barrel.

I have found that there are only a very small percentage of humanity that are intuitive problem solvers. (Find out if you are a 1 off of the INTJ personality.)  These people make up the vast majority of the people who follow my work.  We are faced now faced with the reality of being surrounded by dangerously ignorant neighbors.  You can forget about the DHS or drones, your starving neighbor is your greatest threat when this reality comes.

We are witnessing the physical detachment from the perceived reality, and soon the denial party will end.  We have already seen the physical run on guns and ammo that has been relentless for months.  We are now witnessing that same panic buying in precious metals.  The final two real markets will be in energy and food, and in that order.  When that happens, you will see why Thomas Hobbes said, “No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

China is leading the rest of the world in dumping the dollar in bi-lateral trade that will render trillions of over seas dollars with little use.  Unlike the Japanese of the 80’s and 90’s that wasted their dollars on showcase properties like Pebble Beach and Rockefeller Center, these anti Hegemon nations are developing relations for commodities and productive capacity through business ties.  The rest of the world is eagerly grasping on to this because the Anglo American empire has only offered debt and death.

When I started the Silver Shield Report I stated that counter-party risk is the most important word people needed to understand and eliminate out of their life.  The closer we get to the Anger Phase the more egregious the the break in every financial, political and social contract will be.  It won’t just be the psychopaths that are at the top of these schemes of trust between the schemer and those the  “want to believe”.   It will be mainly from those that cannot or will not make good on the promises they made before the world changed.  It is one thing to be taken by a parasite that is of its very nature to steal, it is most soul stealing to see the good people in your life break faith.

“To believe in something and not live it, is dishonest.”  – Gandhi

These past two weeks have on the macro and micro scale of my life has given me pause for the first time since I left my family’s business.   In May of 2008 I could no longer live the life I once led with what I knew now.  I simply could not deal with the psychopaths and the debt based consumer life.  I had to make a clean break and leave everything behind.  I am once again at this same tipping point in my life and I know what must be done.

Unlike 2008 where I walked away from something that did not resonate with me without any clue of what I was going to do, today I am much better prepared.   These past two weeks started with my first vacation in 5 years with my family.  It is there I was really able to disconnect from the hyperactive work that I do and really see what is important in my life.  When I announced my wife was pregnant a few months ago, I reflexively said that every time my wife gets pregnant we have major drama in my life.  Well it did not take long with what has happened with the Mulligan Mint.  The good news is that I have been through much larger dramas and I will just have the lawyers handle that problem while I focus on moving on.

I am going to be moving on for a couple of reasons. 

First, I need to reset my priorities.  Dora is halfway through her pregnancy and I am not going to let anything get in the way of that.  This may be my last chance to truly enjoy having a child and my family deserves a father.  I also need to physically get into a better position.  60 to 70 hours a week doing what I do is not good on any aspect of my life.  I need follow my own advice, stop worrying about things outside of my control and focus on the only thing I can control… me and my family.

Second, I have been killing myself for over a year and a half creating close to 500 videos.  I am very proud of my success on YouTube, I don’t know too many people in this field to have gotten as many views or subscribers in in their first year and a half as I have.  I believe there is more than enough information, especially in combination with the Sons of Liberty Academy, to still make an impact for many years to come.  That being said, I don’t think there is much value doing the play-by-play of the collapse when real action must be taken in my personal life.

Third, I have reexamined with whom I resonate the most with.  I really enjoy the forward thinking solution based thought I do in the Silver Shield Group.  The information is best used with those that are in the Acceptance Phase, like those in this small community.  I think the best use of our time is to continue to create the intellectual foundation, stack real assets and have the decentralized network of intellectually aligned people to make real changes after the collapse.  The immense support of this group has given me the courage to deal with the detractors and challenges I have faced over the past years and it is times like these where you see who your real friends are.

Fourth, I am moving forward on my own with Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield silver.  I will let the drama play out to its inevitable end, but mainly focus on positive efforts.  I don’t think I would have had any courage to do this without the support of the people here.  Despite ALL of the drama, people see that my designs are something that need to continue on.  I had a long talk with the very talented scupltress Heidi Wastweet and we are going to continue to create historically significant silver coins.  Once I firm up which two mints that will produce the BU and Proof product, I will reach out to major online retailers to once again carry the Silver Bullet and Silver Shield.  I am going to focus on what I do best and leave the rest to the producers and retailers to do what they do best.  Once those relationships are set, we will release “Love”  and “War Bird” to once again launch the successful formula of beauty and beast.

Finally, I am going to focus my strategic thought on the Silver Shield Report If we are truly at the tipping point, it does nobody no good to describe how bad it is or how bad it is going to get.  It will be at that point it is either too late or too dangerous to speak out.  I would rather work on private solutions among people who are in acceptance.  I am invigorated with positive, future solutions and drained by commentating on a depressing story that we already know the ending to.

This week in the Silver Shield Report I will be using the past two weeks of drama as a case study on how people react to a collapse environment and the lessons I have learned to help you deal with it when it comes to your front door.  Watching the world as a non biased observer allows the individual to clearly see the actors and plot lines that play out.  This in formation is vital to start thinking about the real world struggles all of us are going to be dealing with during the most stressful time of our lives.  I will also cover…

  • Moving forward with new mints and designs for Silver Bullet Silver Shield silver
  • My insider bservations of the silver market from the front lines.
  • How to close your circle of risk.
  • Why I am an Apocaloptomist
  • How we can win the future by excellence and not violence.

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69 comments to Silver Shield Report #74- The Tipping Point

  • 7man

    Yes, I am feeling much of this too.

    If things play out as I foresee, this product may be important in the coming turmoil. I have no affiliation or vested interest, but I just bought one after doing a bit of research. It appears to me that based on my order number there are less than 50 people that have bought a Silverfire Survivor stove. It is probably made in China and so as the collapse happens there may be shortages. I agree with Chris that Energy and Food will become the focus in the future.

    So a great little stove for $119 may be worth 4 ounces of silver.

  • MATT

    YES! Finally a positive note after weeks of crap! Good to see ytou are now moving forward Chris..You know you have alot of support ‘out there’ and people who ARE on the same page.Thanks for the update and I very much look forward to the next releases. Will be interesting to see what happens MAY 1. But a constant drip can wear away stone so it’s not over till it is!

    Best of luck Chris ALSO with your new edition. I too have just had a new member of the family arrive on this ball of gas..



  • David Richardson


    I was wondering how you were mentally processing betrayal from one you once thought was a kindred spirit or soul. I guess the most egregious or mentally disturbed psychopaths or sociopaths are the ones that can mislead the brightest, most intuitive, and even most cautious of us. To love of course means to some degree opening one’s self to being hurt if the other party that is loved is a “bad apple”.

    May God bless,

  • Jane

    It is good to hear from you. You sound like you are in the perfect place and mindset. IMO, some day you will see all of the events of the past few weeks as a blessing. I am very happy that you have made your family your priority. I don’t think I have ever heard of someone saying from their death bed, that they wished they had spent more time working. Instead, I have heard many times that the regret voiced most often is about that a person did not spend more time with loved ones.
    I appreciate your suggestion that we not waste our time watching every minute and moment of this collapse and that we instead choose to spend time with our loved ones. And I might add that we stay connected to Mother Earth.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  • Julian

    Chris, you are a true bright light in a dark world. Thank you for opening my eyes. I hope we have more time to prep, but I fear we are close. Look after your wonderful family and I look forward to more insightful comments from you.
    Your efforts have not been in vain. And I know I’m not alone here, even if it feels like it!

  • Perry

    “Full steam ahead, and damn the torpedoes.”

    It is great to read of your reinvigorated outlook, and your decision to let the distractions go their own way. That is usually the hardest thing to do.

    “You cannot defeat evil in the world, you can only resist it in yourself.”

  • Chris, I know you hit the nail on the head, and I have sent your emails to a lot of friends to read. I would like to buy some of your silver. My only concern, is, where does God stand in your plan?

  • Chris, we are all behind you. We believe in what your saying. I am glad to see you move forward and allow the lawyers to take care of that mess at Mulligan Mint. I was an affiliate for coinsforacause so I could market your coins. I would love to continue doing that. I also market your sons of liberty academy, I learned so much there from you there are no words to express how grateful I am for what you have provided to me. You will rise above this, do not allow it to get you down. I love your video’s and articles. I believe the tipping point may go for Liberty, more and more people are awake everyday.
    God Bless you and your family

  • Richie

    It all starts and stops within us….KUDOS to you Chris.

  • Kimar

    Godspeed bro

  • Matt


    I am very pleased to see you take this path personally. I was frustrated for you about the mulligan mint situation, but you cant allow these people to drag your personality down. Your purpose is much bigger than to get bogged down with them. Im excited to see your future work. Your videos continue to make a difference. I’ve shared them with multiple people that were not “awake”….not one of them chose to disregard your message! This is where you shine brightest. Best of luck.

  • Allen

    Chris, you have made a difference in my life. Because of you I can more clearly see the structures of this debt based system as it collapses. Thank you for all that you do. Know that you are appreciated. God Bless You and Your Family

  • LW

    Chris, I keep reading that you think that these INTJ personality types are the best types of people to lead humanity into the next paradigm. I have to tell you that I haven’t studied the Jung personality types, but I have seen them, and I think that I remember that these INTJ types are outgoing people who like to be leaders and are not afraid to be out front. I’m not a psychologist or have any credentials to that end, but I think that these personality types are also the ones would be good used car salesmen and the ones that would most likely take these types of tests and answer the questions in a way that they thought someone else would appreciate more. These are the types of people who are constantly working their way in to something and image control is most important. I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by these people because I know a lot of them. They could just as easily be considered to have sociopathic tendencies. Is Rob Gray a INTJ personality? Did you make him take the test and did he pass with flying colors? I’m going to cut this short, but the way I see it, these types are also the ones that fit well in the service, because of the regiment and also look for positions of authority later, using the former as a merit, to meet their control and narcissistic needs. For example I know a police officer who was in the Marines and also applied to the police dept., took the psych exam for the police department and failed it. They let him take it over and now he is one. And if you think that I have just listed one case, I have many more examples of these supposedly superior types.
    I guess I found time to write this because I don’t believe that taking the Jung test and scoring in a certain way means anything. Unless maybe in looking for others whom scored in a different letter group, then it might mean that you actually found someone who answered the questions truthfully……..And I know that you can rebut my less than clinical study, but there is no need to. It will be along time before I change my mind on this issue. I’ve dealt with the Rob’s and (place a womans name here) of the world too.

    • David Richardson

      I have never read Chris communicating he thinks INTJ personality is “the best”; just the type that tends to gravitate towards his work.

      “I have to tell you that I haven’t studied the Jung personality types, but I have seen them…”

      If you haven’t studied the personality types how can you recognize them by just being acquainted with someone?? You can’t.

      “I’m not a psychologist or have any credentials to that end…”

      You then progress to pass judgments about a topic you readily admit you are not qualified to know anything about:

      “These are the types of people who are constantly working their way in to something and image control is most important. I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by these people because I know a lot of them. They could just as easily be considered to have sociopathic tendencies”.

      So you say based on no expertise you are expert enough to extrapolate INTJ’ have sociopathic tendencies???? That’s a leap.

      • PdBallerina

        I think the whole personality test thing is overrated… If everyone was an INTJ would anything ever really get done…day in and day out…nooo

        • johnny

          If you knew what INTJ is yes everything would get done…but what fun is that? There is no challenge to life so of course we are going to need a opposite . I work fast and hard and together with my brothers and get done so quickly.Sometimes Its refreshing having someone different on board because when we can ALL work together united thats when true victory is achieved and pleasure from the sweat of our brow is well deserved. However am also content with getting things done with my brothers but its always greater when we can help each other out. Am all for mankind=)

      • MATT

        David..your post is a tad arrogant I must say..The poster you responded to seemed to have a somewhat humbler tone to it by making clear he was merely making assumptions.

        Your post insinuates that you “know” and if you are anywhere near to the ‘intellect’ you are attempting to be you will also understand that Intelligence does not defend an assumption of which is the best anyone can do.. To say you ‘know’ is pretty ignorant IMO but again..I am making an assumption about you from your post.

        ‘expertise’??? What’s that? a collective of experiences then translated to ‘knowledge’ by ones ego?? I too have been rolled by a (what is termed) Psychopath/Sociopath but had never had contact with such people thus my not seeing the signs. Since that I realize just how many there are in society..frightening to say the in closing I would suggest you for your own benefit allow others to make assumptions and keep check of your ‘knowledge’

        • David Richardson

          “Your post insinuates that you “know” and if you are anywhere near to the ‘intellect’ you are attempting to be you will also understand that Intelligence does not defend an assumption of which is the best anyone can do.. To say you ‘know’ is pretty ignorant IMO but again..I am making an assumption about you from your post”.

          I didn’t say I “know” anything in my post; read again. And yes as you say you are making an assumption. One is that “I am attempting to be an “intellect” as you say. I am what I am; you are what you are.

          “‘expertise’??? What’s that? a collective of experiences then translated to ‘knowledge’ by ones ego??”

          Expertise would almost certainly include some formal training and education; followed by clinical experience, like a licensed counselor or clinical psychologist who administers the professional version of this test [this is a popular but amateur version; a quick Google search revealed three forms of a similar test].

      • LW

        So what are you trying to say? You’re proving your loyalty by dissecting what I have to say, without providing any real proof to the contrary? That’s disturbing.

        So where did you score on the test? Did you cheat? Which means, did you find ways to adjust your answers to get the right outcome? Somehow your lack of understanding of what I was saying suggests that you just might be the “type” to do that. You might just be the kind of person that I would keep my distance from just because of your ad hominem attack too.
        If you have not had any personal experiences with sociopaths, that would drive you to find out more about how they function, I would recommend you start with a couple of book by Dr. George Simon, “In Sheep’s Clothing” and “Character Disturbance, phenomenon of our age”. Or maybe “Puzzling People” and many others. I personally have had contact with these people, and will always I’m sure. But in my awakening I have also helped many others to see these people for what they are. And somehow feel like I have saved them from these peoples grip. Or at least provided away for them to see what situation they were in and how they were being controlled. And like I said, I’m no doctor, but no one needs to be one to become more aware of the manipulative people in their lives….wearing sheep’s clothing. These people are here, and in larger nunmbers than ever thought of.

        • LW

          And to say the least, I like what Chris is doing, I read this site and I watched all of the Sons of Liberty Academy. I was just trying to say that maybe he shouldn’t set himself up for another letdown by depending on a test that can be manipulated by those that could and would. Like a “friend” of mine who would study all of the questions in the Trivial Persuit game and then arrange them in a certain order. Now he just studies the questions on his PlayStation game. And also never lets his wife leave the house without him.

        • David Richardson

          Of course their are sociopaths. What is your experience with them?

          There is zero proof I am aware of that INTJ personalities comprise a higher % of sociopaths [as you seem to imply] than one of the other 15 personality types.

          Were you curious enough about yourself to take the test? If so did you cheat? You brought that negative up, not me.

          • LW

            Are you trying to own Chris. Did you score high on the good guy test and now don’t want anybody taking second looks at you. Because if you were in any group that I was trying to form, you would be out and I would not be made to feel sorry for you. I know that this would (and will) set you off and we will soon see what you really think. I’ve dealt with your type at work, at play and in groups. You like to work covertly eliminating all competition by any means possible. Whether it be outright lies, innuendo, personal behind the scenes acts and maybe even threats. And you seem to find or gather a group of minions that share your compassions too. So around you there is no room for open discussion and if there is, you want to control it. Like what happened here. You liked the rigor of the good guy test because I imagine you were able to scam it.
            I wrote a longer version of this commentary but it got erased because I forgot to add in my e-mail address before submitting it. I don’t have time to go on about this or you,(and put this in your next comment) because I don’t really know you and don’t want to. But I’m glad that I could flush you out.

            • LW

              And just one more thing. It’s not that I don’t agree that an INTJ personality wouldn’t be the best type for a group looking towards problem solving and all around group information gathering and sharing, my point is that you’re not going to find these people by having them take a test. You’re going to get a percentage of parasites to take advantage of the group no matter what test you give them. They’re destroyers and emotional vampires. I hope you will be able to later see them more clearer. And these people are born, not made. That’s where most psychology makes a mistake. They make excuses for these people for what they do daily. And I hate to say this, humanize them in the process.

              • David Richardson

                Missing from your rants is an element of the trivium – logic.

                Interesting to note how emotionally exasperated you get; the conclusions to jump to, and the assumptions you make.


              • LW

                That’s what sociopaths can do to you. They know how to get a reaction from you. And it doesn’t matter if it positive or negative. And what’s missing from your logic is that I didn’t make the original post looking for an argument with someone who is not capable of critical thinking. I was making a suggestion to Chris and I got you to stick your nose it in instead. So go now and assume I’m telling you where to stick your trivium. And if I really thought I was having an argument with a full blown sociopath, I would never allow them to take the moral high ground, imply that I am just ranting or somehow find a way to claim victim status either. So your claim that all I’m doing any of the above is a gift from me. Good luck Chris.

              • David Richardson


                Each person, and that person alone, is responsible for their emotional reactions; perhaps not an initial “gut” reaction but after a few moments to regain composure they are, and they choose, and are responsible for how to communicate after they see, hear, or read something they don’t like. One should not blame another person, even a sociopath, for one’s own reactions and subsequent communications.

                In your first post you said “These are the types of people [INTJ] who are constantly working their way in to something and image control is most important. I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by these people because I know a lot of them. They could just as easily be considered to have sociopathic tendencies”.

                Since Chris stated in his post his opinion that the majority of the people who follow his work do fall into that personality classification, your statement above implies you would not be around the majority of the people who follow his work, and that there are a lot of his followers who have sociopathic tendencies. That is the logical extrapolation from your statement.

                If you are uncomfortable with the personality type he says makes up the majority of his followers, then I wonder why you post on this forum.

                Regardless I do sincerely wish you well and hope you find a group you resonate with.

              • LW

                Yeah, o.k., again you miss the point. If Chris, since you still want to talk through him, wants to rely on a test that can be manipulated, then he is in trouble. I know he speaks of fixing problems in the opposite consciousness that created it. That sounds like a great idea. The problem is sociopaths aren’t going to that consciousness. They are going to stay in the here and now. That other consciousness might lead you to see who these people are, but that’s about it. These parasites flock to people like him, like moths to a light bulb. Like Rob, who was able to read what Chris wrote in front of Congress., But I’m sure he didn’t believe a word of it and probably thought by acting as he did, sucked Chris even farther in.
                And I liked your original post, sociopaths can mislead the brightest and most intuitive people like us. Somehow I don’t think you and Chris are the same, just because you say you are. That just happens to be another sociopathic ploy. And to make my point again, if people don’t learn how to see through these sociopaths, they’re going to get stuck again.
                I don’t know what you were rambling about in that first paragraph of yours, but I’m going to say this once again, if you don’t know what your dealing with immediately, you are at a disadvantage and your feelings will be used against you. There are no second chances if you were not prepared beforehand. And I will say this again too, yes, that might be the personality type your looking for, but your not going to find them from having them take a “test”.
                And I’m not uncomfortable with any personality type, but I am uncomfortable with personality disorders. So you imply you’re part of the majority whom posts on this forum. I think that what was what you were looking for in that first post you made about my original comment. You were looking for the “group” to come to your aid and isolate me because of my comment and back your rebuttal. Well that didn’t happen and you ended up out there on your own belittling the ones that agreed with me. How did that make you feel? Not good huh? Or maybe your got to put them in their place too.
                So you’re the “type of person Chris wants to be surrounded by? Someone who doesn’t want to stand on his own and continues to stand behind “his work”. Maybe you will find a place at the table. But then again, maybe you should find a group that you resonate with better. I gotta go. I don’t have that much time to play mind games with someone who is gaming me. And I’ll say this again too, good luck Chris.

              • LW

                And who says drinking is bad for you? I just made myself a drink and had a moment of pure clarity. I think the reason I think that Chris might have a problem forming his “group”, is that the kind of people he is looking for, are not the type to join groups. And that’s not because they are anti-social or disordered in any way. It’s because they know from past experiences that these “groups” are co-opted by the sociopaths who end up pushing the independent thinkers to the outs, because of their “non-group” think. And I do know groups, I know how they work, you need to conform (suck up, easy for you to do) or you feel the wrath of the handlers. So wadda ya think about that as you try and get me to conform to your style of group think? And you know, if I was only brighter and more, what was that word you used, oh yeah, intuitive, I might see the advantages of being in the “group”. Union yes! And my country right or wrong!….Now there’s two groups to sig on me. Not that I disagree totally with either group, but there’s no room to disagree in either either. Know what I’m saying bro.

              • David Richardson

                I think you should continue drinking in your quest for more moments of pure clarity.

              • LW

                Yeah, you’re a real group guy.I can see you can’t carry on a discussion on your own and have to hide behind the group, any group. You are a real piece of work and I am glad that I flushed you out. You do make a great minion though. So what letter group would that put you in. I can think of a few, but they’re not on the Jung test.
                And don’t ever sell yourself short, which you will never do, because no one will ever be smarter than you. I have experiences showing and telling these whack jobs (name here) exactly what’s wrong with them and they refuse to see and act like I don’t really know what they are doing. They just blow it off and try and find a little different approach to manipulate. Usually not even trying to confront what was just said about them. If fact, deny everything, make counter accusations works well for them.
                And you do belong in a group, just not this one. You will fit in well in most any group because you need to “belong” and will suck up to anyone. You could make it all the way up to V.P.. Do you have a job? I would like to talk to your co-workers if you do. I can see your little weasel butt right now undermining everyone around you, but only if you could. But you probably just go about your business waiting for your genius to be discovered. You know, your ability to keep everyone in line in a group. But then who knows, maybe you have been disovered and have shown leadership which you will use against everyone you come in contact with.
                So you don’t drink. And I bet your shoes are all lined up prefectly too. It’s not easy being perfect is it? Yep, you fit in the group, but only certain ones. They make movies about people like you.

              • David Richardson

                When you can’t carry on a “agree-to-disagree” communication, your emotions take over and you resort to name calling, insults, labeling, jumping to conclusions of your own imagination, and innuendo.

                You have flushed yourself out.

                I’ll not respond to anything further from you. You want the last word for self-aggrandizement and domination of others anyway.

              • LW

                Hey, remember, you’re the one who needed to stick his nose in somewhere it didn’t belong and try to control the conversation, everyone’s. Of course you forget that,… and now you’re playing the victim. Yeah, o.k.. And you were never agreeing to disagree. It’s all here in writing. You’ve changed, or you’re going back into hiding? I think the latter. And without emotion we’re not going to beat these people. And as a parting shot, you’re not part of the “we’re” I’m talking about. And that’s all I have to say about that, believe it or not.

              • johnny

                I do not know if these people are born or not but what i do know is everybody can change to be better and have peace and love. Yes the world is full of vampires and destroyers but its full of people who love and build. And theres is advantage to this, vampires and destroyers teach me only how to build stronger and love carefully. Thats why I am not concerned with them they are as small as insects and they have no power over me =) love and peace all the way. Also smarts helps ALOT!!

        • johnny

          Am sorry you have such a talent yet you are filled with too much pride and arrogance. You cannot take credit for all the things you done. Thats the path of the dark side lol sorry no pun intended but ..its true. Love and peace and smarts and sharing and caring..Its nice you share what you read….. and learned but how did you teach anybody anything when you read something and passed it along? Love your neighbor and friends and share your wealth..not money for money is root of evil but your wisdom. And what they learn and do with your wisdom is what they have to reap and benefit for the betterment of mankind. Sometimes people are arrogant but they do not know anybody…if you come back and reply am arrogant because am assumeing or whatever than you just proved my point with anger and resentment and denial…acceptance level is listening and if you have a different point of view thats fine but share. instead of pushing people down. also am saying this based on your words…and of course if you are truly arrogant you will deny or mock me or talk back because thats what arrogance is..I been arrogant many times in my life..i was amazed how many times i messed up and how many times i screwed people over without knowing it. Sometimes you are your worst enemy. Peace brother and love

    • Lee

      It’s not that INTJ personality types are best or worst. They are rare and precious, at just 1% or so of the population, but they tend to be a little too much in their own heads to operate in a vacuum. They do need the right kind of personalities around them, to break them out of their systems, from time to time.

      Yes it’s true, these INTJ types are called the mad scientists and classic super villains, because they always seem to have a plan to rule the world or dominate a system (that’s not a dig on Chris, or INTJs….it’s just who they are…that’s how they’re described. It’s what they do for us.

      They’re kind of an odd bunch to be truthful, but they do have the uncanny ability to see systems, see the weaknesses of systems, and to create their own extremely efficient systems. This is who you want as your “ops guy”…..they see systems AND they are detail people (these almost never exist!) and organize their work brilliantly, naturally. It’s a super power to be sure. There’s extensive writing about them….google ‘myers-briggs INTJ’.

      There are complementary personalities who are also system types as well. ENTPs (The Fixers) are only about one step behind INTJ in system awareness, and ENFPs (The Visionaries) the INTJs perfect opposite balance, see systems and use intuitionto make leaps and offer vision, which often leaves INTJs stunned and enthralled, but in a good way :)

      • johnny

        Honestly INTJ i believe sees the world through a different set of lenses =) Its true I see things no one sees,but its a other edge sword because if you do not keep a open mind and see through all different angles the glass cystals you only have one point of view.

        I believe INTJ like myself just are very open to all possibilities and look through all. I notice other people just stick with what they know.. There is sometimes a backlash for both..When I was young..everybody run over me.but i learned from everybody too ..yet everybody is taught dont let no one push you over.
        but thers always many sides to every action. Now I have not met one person who can outwit me or outsmart me.However It would seem like i wasted many years learning but what is life for? To learn and to be successful. And honestly its impossible to pass on knowledge no matter what my friend argues with me that you can pass knowledge because you cannot. because my view through the cystal is all dimensional but i will say one thing but you cannot understand when you only look through one or few and you come upon my thoughts…however everybody can be lead into one truth ..just takes alot of time and effort. lol. All in all what am saying is listen to all follow none..but thats chris saying ….what my saying is keep learning and you will only find one truth there we will meet =)

    • Rex

      Hi Lee,

      Since you seem interested in the Myers Briggs and trying to figure out the actors in this drama, I suggest you consider ESTP as being a possible Rob Gray salesperson type. I’m not sure if Chris ever suggested he was INTJ. Based on what I have witnessed he is not.

      In fact, I keep seeing over an over that people say Chris is a car salesperson type. I think that is a bad assumption, he was born into the business, he did not choose it. I believe he said that he excelled in the business, not selling cars, but managing the inventory.

      If anything, the ESTP is the stereotypical car salesperson.

  • casNJ


    Thanks for all of the GREAT work you do and for your extensive body of work! Your videos are AWESOME! I’ve learned so much! I recently received my order, after a two and a half month wait. I was completely blown away! My coins arrived in a fancy velvet case and the design (Freedom Girl) was truly AMAZING! They EXCEEDED my expectations! Enjoy your time off and keep up the good work. You are a GODSEND! Thanks again!

  • RDS

    Welcome back Chris,

    Was about to give up reading anything you published till this report, which I hesitantly opened in email after just waking up. Right on brother, focus on the world that has been birthed not the one gasping out its last breathes trying to survive off the life of others. Peace, love of fellow man, selflessness. Love your family, they need you. Rob has done you a great service and re awakened you, now stay awake and follow your heart. We are growing, the new world will not be stopped, we entered a new time cycle where the old rules no longer work, those who can see have been freed to build with a new set of rules. It will be as painful as it needs to be for each of us, but change is here. Embrace it with Love, it will reward you with peace.


  • Motoicon

    Your burnout was inevitable. I could barely keep up with all your vids, so, one can easily imagine the time it takes to create them in addition to all your interviews, newsletters, starting a mint, creating coins and on and on. Im surprised you lasted this long. I do hope you will continue to give us your view on things as they happen.

  • Jerry

    Love your videos on owning physical silver. They helped to open my eyes to what true money and wealth are. I do believe in preparing for what’s coming,however the Bible says”safety is of the Lord”. Ultimately we trust Jesus Christ for safety. If you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your Saviour from Hell,please know that he died for your sin debt on the cross at Calvary as he did mine. He is alive and well today victorious over death. Besides thus he is coming soon to take over this world and make it new…something we as mere men cannot do.Even though I have never met you,I feel like you ate a friend.
    Yout friend

    • mong00se

      but hopefully u wont eat anymore friends cuz that could cause trust issues tho i can understand if u have candida or something

  • joe g

    just got my coins: slave Queens and Freedom Girls. This was an order placed
    14 feb 2013. Coins look great and i like the designs very much. I look forward
    to the new designe when they come out , but will order from dealers only
    as they are much faster on delivery. thanks and good luck

  • Paul Evans


    I am sorry for what you are going through. However, I am
    with you all the way and you are one of my mentors. Thanks
    to you I am aware and have prepared and I am glad you
    see that people have heard of what is to come and are either
    on board or not.

    I can not thank you enough for all of your work and enlightenment.



  • Randy Fortunato

    Good for you Chris I’m glad you decided to move on and continue your quest w SBSS. I think 6 months from now you’ll look back and realize things are a lot better than before. If you need any help w anything I’m always here for you, just ask.

  • Tom

    That is great news chris! Glad to see everything is moving forward. Your medallions got some good press in RT’s new doco “the republic of texas”. Best wishes for your wife and unborn.

    Kind regards,

  • Rick

    I followed you on YouTube as rjtrezise1983, and I will follow you wherever else you go Chris. You always inspired me.

  • Ron Trickel

    Hi Chris & everyone out there;

    Chris, I also thank you for opening my eyes. Actually, I was onto it and trying to get my wife on board with me. Then she discovered your site and turned me onto it. It has changed both of our lives forever. For one thing it got her to accept what I had been trying to get her to see for years. She had a real bad case of normalcy bias. She’s had a nice life up to now and just couldn’t see it changing. She also grew up believing our government was honest and good and there to protect us. I was always suspiceous and mistrusting of them but not like I am now.

    We’ve recently discovered Pastor Lindsey Williams ( who has some very insightful DVD’s into the elite/globalists who have us in their grip.
    He has an inside source who is feeding him information that he is passing along.
    It’s real mind blowing stuff. Our constitution will be completly dismantled before the Obama presidency is over ! Check him out !

    We must get ready. I was telling my wife this week before reading Chris’s column today that the panic was getting underway just like Chris says. The gun thing has been going that I have experience first hand. And now metal is heating up.
    Obama is applying all the pressure he can to get our guns. Those are all sure signs that we are close (in my humble opinion).

    Ron Trickel

  • Hi Chris,
    I think it is great that you are going to live life to its fullest and be there for your child. Just do what you need to do to protect, you, and yours. :)

    P.S. I am an ENTJ :)

  • roberto garza

    Chris’s, you have helped me and my family so much!!..

    Allow me to help you! Please email me…we need to speak. Thanks and stay balanced

    Bob garza

  • Chad

    Thank you for the reports. I am an INTJ, the ultimate exit strategy sounds great but my personality is such that whilst I would LOVE to contribute a positive outcome to a group and do something original, deep down I would always wonder if it is some type of con or set up. A communal effort to create a fairer world sounds awsome but could it develop into some sort of cult, taking on the personality of the most dominant individual with the most magnetism ? I dunno ? I would actually like to believe you can find kind, fair and honest people and have them work together to do common good both for themselves, and for others. But I find it hard to believe we could create that kinda thing even with the best intentions. Now aside from that statement I wish Chris Duane well and sorry you got screwed by Mulligan Mint

    • johnny

      I do not think we should come together in small commmunity but be the guiding light in the darkness and let us be spread out like the stars for the masses to be enlightened by our wisdom and kindness. As much as leaving the dogs to each other sounds easy…you cannot forget where you came from..i was once a dog and i just didnt know anybetter and everybody deserve a chance to change for the better.

  • Morgan

    My score was
    Introvert(100%) iNtuitive(38%) iNtuitive Thinking(100%) Judging(1%)
    I wonder why such an odd ball personality is so common on this site.

  • Pup

    INTJ’s of the world unite! Chris, thanks for all you have done. You got me thinking about stuff that has made a difference in my life. Chris Martensen was the one that woke me up, but you and Ron Paul and even Adam Kokesh have helped to motivate me to action.

  • I really do not know what we are headed for but this i do know America is in big trouble. My friends say the dollar is strong and will always be strong.They think we are all crazy for buying silver.And they love Obama he can do no wrong. Mary

    • johnny

      The dollar is strong but it doesnt mean its going to last forever =) Your not crazy for buying silver…its sad your friend said that. Is it crazy to buy something you believe in? Like art? I spend thousand on art..i know people say thats alot of money..but art is sooo important so is silver..its always been and always will be…Its amazing what people will say without thinking if its out of the normal =)
      How can he judge you for what you spend your hard earned money on? I buy my little neice stickers and crayons because she loves them . is that crazy? honestly if you think about it. its ridiculous…right? or wrong? my point is no one can tell you what crazy is. do what sounds good to you

  • David Richardson


    At the beginning of you post you say this [quote]: I think we are at the tipping point from Denial Phase into Anger Phase of Humanity.

    I think the majority of Americans are so busy in their lives, and busy in their “down time” [even if it is with reality TV or other trivial pursuits], that they are not to the point of denial or denying anything. All they may know or realize about the economy is they notice it costs more dollars to do their grocery shopping, when gasoline goes up, or that their home energy bill is higher than it used to be. Therefore rather than being in denial they may be better described as oblivious. Perhaps that is another form of denial. The more oblivious they are to what is going on behind the mainstream media version of reality, it is possible their anger phase may be more intense.

    • johnny

      I doubt the anger phase will be that bad. However am a good guy so i look through the world through a positive light. I was not in denial..i just didnt know anybetter.. I was happy and as i grew up i started to educate myself and found all these things out and i was at first shocked and not angered but rather my curiousity sparked and i looked and looked and deeper and deeper i went into the rabbit hole and i was mad for a little bit however i knew what i had to do so i started doing it and now am happy again


    Just wish to say thanks for all Chris. Times come around and give you a reason to “believe” and you take that time in whatever stride you are able to do.

    “Ain’t the end of the world” and that’s the good part to it all.

    You more awakened me with your videos and the set I bought.

    I’m looking forward to being able to purchase more of your concept silver as I’ve become a believer (though I was before); just a stronger one mainly thanks to your great work and insight.

    Keep up the fight and keep the peace within so you may share with all who wish to drop the scales from thier eyes…

  • Action

    INFP here! close! I work very well with INTJ’s unless they have OCD :)

    • johnny

      awesome i am intj am not 100 percent sure what that means but yes ocd i do have but i manage it well. mind over mind bro =)

  • silverseeker123

    All that you have published and conveyed will stand, and become ever more relevent while you do your level best to enjoy some family time. I thank you Sir for all of it, and look forward to the resumption of the sbss series at a time of your choosing. I am very happy to hear Heidi will continue to add her expertise. I still hope one of your coin releases will touch a nerve and ‘go Gangam Style’. Your work deserves to be seen and considered by many more millions and may history show the’ tipping point’ of this paradigm is one that you uniquely facilitated. During your very first interview with Heidi, she commented on the historical nature of minting your SBSS message into a silver medallion, immortalized by killing the old with truth. Peace Brother.

  • Jon

    How did selling ur car to buy more silver two years ago work out for u, u dumb naive pos?!

  • DBSH

    Tests are horrible at determining one’s MBTI, but that test is particularly more horrible than the rest, it’s structured in such a way that just about anyone who takes that test is going to turn out INTJ or some variation thereof.

    Focus on the Jungian functions people, not bullshit tests.

  • johnny

    You guys argue too much.And honestly It disturbs me.Be the solution not the problem. One posting caught my eye and all I can say is we all have different range of intelligence but if you really think about it. The higher the knowledge the less options you see fitting to a solution and yet everybody has a voice. Its very complex problem i see that divides men is well yes of course psycho path and sociopaths yada yada…however its far more than that. Its because its hard to come under one banner…thats why chris has one statement he constantly makes…listen to all follow none…how else could this possibly work? Do you know what the biggest di*k contest is? Dont do that. And yes groups can be taken over by pyscho paths who thrive in this opening..because we open this rift…I rather be in a group of 300 spartan men…because your only as strong as your weakest link. I do not need a reply from none of you. or counter argument or whatever…if you cannot understand what am talking about than its obvious you have no room to speak…If you do understand but have a different point of view than great i like to hear it.but i do not need some one to tell me what i know is true about them apples =)

  • […] smaller few will be successful in extracting themselves off of the Matrix.  If we are truly at the tipping point  it is far better to get real about the assets, skills and friends that best serve […]

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