2 comments to Shortages!

  • ubear

    1st video OK.

    2nd video, “Spiritual Prepping” is harmful BS!
    Spirituality is just deceptive code for Religion. Religion is only an interlocking set of mental traps designed by various con artists to trick people into being stupidly compliant, and really just a deceptively nicer word for cult! I suggest you believe in yourself, and those you choose to support, based on conscious rationality and verified aspects of your sub-conscious/instincts, and live and act on this, not on deceptive life wasting fantasy. Government politics could be classified as religion or cult, because it seems to share a number of the same delusions!

    • Bigdad06

      The term “spirituality” is derived from the Latin spiritualitas and the Biblical “roeach/pneuma”. It means to be put in motion, to be a living person, and being driven. In a Bibilical context it means being animated by God. Religion on the other hand means an organized collection of belief systems and cultural systems. You are entitled to your opinion but I don’t see spirituality as a code, just Love. I don’t see religion as a cult, just a coping mechanism for people who choose not to take responsibility for their actions. Thanks for watching!

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