PHYSICAL SILVER PRICE to GO PARABOLIC – Elijah Johnson Interviewed by Ryan Brooks

9 comments to PHYSICAL SILVER PRICE to GO PARABOLIC – Elijah Johnson Interviewed by Ryan Brooks

  • bill

    Hey i like your videos but when listening on my phone at work video connnection always lagy. The Podcast format works a lot better then video format and doesnt lag for phone listeners. Thanks for reading hope you can address this in the future.

  • mike

    Who are these Kids?…Like the site but this is really silly.

    • Ant

      Mike, why is this silly?

      • mike

        My point is “Who are these kids”, and why does their opinion matter? That’s all. From my experience kids especially teens have no clue about anything at all…When I was 18 I voted for Clinton against the advice of my boss but I knew it all, so I thought. Hearing kids advocate for PMs make me seriously wonder whether or not I made a huge mistake by buying physical?

        • Kim

          Hey Mike, rejoice in knowing that their are young people who are obviously more switched on than you were when you voted for slick willie.
          Give your head a shake, how could you possibly second guess yourself with your physical?

  • @Mike

    You haven’t heard this “kid” ‘s radio show have you?

    Check it out Monday through Friday The Sound of Freedom at

    Kindest Regards,

    Ryan Brooks

    “Scouts Out”

  • Mike, the point is these “kids” aren’t buying into the same lies you did when you were their age… Elijah is 17 and can see the writing on the wall. It took me a year in Afghanistan to figure out how wrong I was about the world, wish I could of woke up before then, but some people learn the hard way. If this makes you question what you are doing… maybe you should take the sons of liberty academy again, then the entire silver bullet silver shield series again, and then tune in to my show to see if you are still feeling that way.


    Ryan Brooks

    • mike

      We didnt have the interwebs like you do now..I remember actually having to look things up at the library..What a pain, Dewey decimal system etc! That is certainly an advantage you have…Human nature always remains the same no matter the environment. You take in information available and form an opinion. The problem persist still that there are too many opinions/hypothesis based on still loose facts and even more opinions. Even with all the information available at your finger tips the problem of information still presents itself. We are still just as in the dark about the monetary system as we were when I was a kid.Everything as far as the monetary system and PMs goes has run 100% counterintuitive to the popular opinions of the Pm and momentary Gurus. I just say a little less opinion and more digging for the truth.

  • Making comparison of bullion prices at auction to determine a purely physical spot price for silver

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