Silver Shield Report #75- Listen To All… Trust None.

When I first started down the path to awareness, I noticed that all of the information was disjointed and there was no clear path to waking up.  At first I wrote it off as inefficiency in the market place or that the experts were so focused on their little aspect that they never saw the bigger conspiracy.  Then there were those that saw conspiracy in everything and chased ghosts.  Then I saw that even the undeniable truth did not matter to most, simply because they did not want to even look at the elephant in the room.  Or the ones that did wake up ended up following someone else and never really thinking for themselves.  Or that just about everyone focused so much on the outside problems and NEVER on the solutions inside of ourselves.

I finally took it upon myself to create the Sons of Liberty Academy and provide a clear path for people to quickly go through the 5 Stages of the Awakening.  I then set about blogging on Dont-Tread-On.Me and created The Greatest Truth Never Told on YouTube.  I have had a clear message that our solutions must come from the opposite consciousness, NOT a different flavor of the same sin.   This makes it very difficult for some to swallow since people are more or less financially or mentally invested in their paradigm.  Walking away, or even expressing how to walk away, is difficult to actually do.

The further I got involved in expressing my conscious evolution the more I ran counter to the controlled revolution that was already set in motion.  I started big picture but soon saw that literally ever aspect that looked like an out, had some fatal flaw that would kill the evolution and keep those in power, in power.   I started blogging about how the Tea Party would fail simply because it was a collective effort against a collective problem, and that it would be infiltrated, subverted and destroyed.   I warned against the Neo Cons like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck appealing to Tea Party with the facade of the founding, but were just warmongers in the wings.   I warned people about the Fear Loop of Alex Jones and the Hope Loop of Ron Paul.  I warned against the Bitcoin being a further detachment from the REAL wealth that you will need when this paradigm collapses.  On and on, warning people that simply wanted to believe the lies in front of their eyes.

The simple reality is that 99% of humanity will not do anything until their reality changes, and by then it will be way too late Only the 1 offs of the INTJ personality would even consider a different reality, much less actively take positive productive action.  And then of those, only a smaller few will be successful in extracting themselves off of the Matrix.  If we are truly at the tipping point  it is far better to get real about the assets, skills and friends that best serve you.

This week in the Silver Shield Report I will be discussing the importance of independent, logical, resonating thought as we go through the Anger Phase of Humanity.

  • I will start with a silver market update from the refiner, minting, and retail level and more good news on the next Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.
  • How to positively filter information.
  • How the good guys are not coming to save you and that they are the ones you really need to watch, not the devils we know.
  • The intellectual dishonesty of many of the most popular movements in the alternative media.
  • How Jim Rogers recently tipped his hand as a front man for the cartel.
  • How the Chinese changed their entire foreign and economic policy off of a little known Chinese book.
  • How Jim Rickard’s Currency War book is a slick Anglo American response to that little known Chinese book.
  • How “Mr. Gold” Jim Sinclair should not be trusted as his real family was known as the “American Rothschilds”
  • How to watch out for the paper hypocrites that attack the Fed and the dollar, but make their money off of selling paper assets.
  • Why Deflationists are horribly  ignorant how our debt based paradigm works.
  • Why cold, hard cash is the only asset to own in either a deflation or hyperinflation.
  • Why the ex-Patriot crowd is exposing themselves to cultural counter party risk that will be far more dangerous than the political and financial counter party risk we all face.
  • How “ex-Patrioting” to rural areas in the US is much smarter both financially and culturally.
  • Why Anarchy only benefits the most cunning and aggressive in our society and is not a permanent way of life.
  • What to do when face a far greater shock that the Anachro Capitalism that reared its ugly face in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the Rothschild Oligarchs.
  • How to stay focused on what matters when the world is insane.
  • Finding the deeper purpose to life and resonating and expanding energy in that life.

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7 comments to Silver Shield Report #75- Listen To All… Trust None.

  • Bob

    Over the years I’ve listened and read works from Stefan Molyneux. He has some deep feelings for mankind and our future together. I hope he gets well. We need him—

  • LW

    If Ron Paul is giving false hope in this conscienceness, so are you in the opposite conscienceness.

  • LW

    Oh yeah, isn’t kind of an oxymoron to say that you are going to form a “group” of independent thinkers?

  • James B - Canada

    100% right re: Jim Sinclair.

    Either ashamed or wants to hid his dad’s name: Seligman. But more than that is part of the Pilgrim Society.

    When I asked him why not buy silver ( 61 times less than gold ). He replied:

    Silver is not monetized. Central Banks are not buying silver. What a liar. Another fraud too afraid to say the truth.

  • Nick

    Jim Rogers tipped his hand ? Where did he do this ? I’m a little skeptical.

  • Joshua Stewart

    That was a fantastic SSR I very much enjoyed it! Great work Chris! Keep stacking its on sale!

  • johnny shido


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