SILVER BOTTOM! GET PHYSICAL WHILE YOU STILL CAN! – Greg Mannarino, BrotherJohnF, SilverDoctors

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  • “No one seems to want the metal” (silver), Business Week Magazine, July 23, 1955, page 54.

    “We do not know what the price of silver would be in a free market”—retired Admiral Donald Ramsey, legislative counsel to the Silver Users Association, quoted in the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, August 30, 1962, page 909.

    In “The $150 Cufflinks” (Archives of Silver Investor) I described the vicious, arrogant clip-joint, Tiffany & Company—a Silver Users Association member. Tiffany has long had contracts for silver with the Kennecott owned Utah mine.

    Bart Chilton is again under fire for ignoring silver shorts. Hasn’t anyone else noticed? Not only was Bart born in Wilmington, Delaware (a Du Pont controlled state!) but additionally, his grandfather had a chemical laboratory named for him in the Du Pont organization! This is all at Wikipedia. Very shamefully, Bart is just another crony. The Du Ponts were involved with the second United States Bank same as the silver suppressing Astors and the London Rothschilds, also silver suppressors; the Du Ponts have been silver suppressors for generations; and are a key family group represented in the top elite organization in the U.S.—“The Pilgrims Society” which beyond question is the single apex source of PM suppression! Du Pont has to have silver for more than 300 chemical catalytic processes and was beneficiary of countless tons of melted 90% coin silver raked in by the Federal Reserve branch banks and Du Pont was the biggest hog at the feeding trough in the silver “auctions” held by the General Services Administration, 1967 through fall 1970 (see “The Silver Raiders” in Archives of Silver Investor). About Bart, a line comes to mind from Alan Ladd’s 1960 film “One Foot In Hell,” in which he played a bad guy, and a shocked person asks him—“With YOU leading the posse?” With a devilish grin and a nod of the head he retorted—“With ME leading the posse!”

  • David Richardson

    SilverDoctors stated [May 9th] if the spot price goes lower the physical probably won’t, due to premiums and future inventory already being sold or contracted for. He was apparently referring mainly to Silver Eagles. But a week later they have, and generic has also, with premiums reduced in the last week. And this is even on very small purchases. I think it best to stay away from all short term predictions, and no quantification predictions in the future. I think it is safe to say before the end of this decade it will cost more dollars to buy an ounce of silver; maybe a lot more. But with ever more sophisticated and complicit manipulation not much more can be said.

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