The Rise of the Anti Hegemon

“The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.”

Iran is creating an alliance with non Anglo-American powers, Venezuela, Russia and China. When I put together the Sons of Liberty Academy 3 years ago, one of the signs I told people to look for was the rise of the anti-Hegemon. The combined power of states that that have historically been divided and conquered by the Anglo American Empire, will unite around the single cause of chopping down the Hyper Power. I even brought this up again in my article, The 3 Coming False Flags. These nations can topple the Anglo-American empire without firing a single shot. They don’t want to confront America’s military, but they will confront us every other way.

The Petro Dollar is the basis for our entire way of life. Our whole economy is derived around the ability for almost all of the world’s oil being sold in our currency. This is done because our Military Industrial Complex controls, overtly or covertly, all of the major oil producing nations. And the areas we do not control, we control the seas that transport that oil. This economic trade is funneled through the Anglo-American financial centers of New York and London. The increased need for these dollars allows the United States the privilege to print the world’s reserve currency. This allows us fund the further domination of the world through our corporations and military. We have not been good stewards of our power and have committed crimes against humanity. While we are fed at home a constant diet of flag waving propaganda, the rest of the world get death and debt. (Read Remember This…)

The Petro Dollar is coming to a mathematical and inevitable end. On one side, there is peak oil, which is the very noticeable end to cheap abundant oil. The other side is the our debt based monetary system’s need for constant expansion of debt in order to function. Exponential money hits a finite world. We are at the nexus of these two events and the collapse is inevitable. Instead of realizing this inevitability and preparing for a more sustainable way of life starting with our money, the Anglo American elite set forth to conquer the world.

“Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people.” Henry Kissinger

The first attempt to correct this inevitable end was the Bilderberg concocted, Henry Kissinger led, oil shocks of the 70’s. After the United States defaulted on the dollar and closed the gold window in 1971, the Anglo American Elite had Henry Kissinger establish the Petro Dollar by creating an “oil shock” in 1973. The idea was to have the Arabs raise the price of oil 400% and then recirculate that money back into the Anglo-American banking system to reinvest in stocks and bonds. (Didn’t it always seem a little odd that that Arabs were punishing the great Satan but then investing all of their money with us?) For his action, Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace prize.

The second attempt to correct this inevitability was the “New Pearl Harbor” pulled off by the Neo Cons on 9/11. The Project for a New American Century sought Anglo American Full Spectrum Dominance. These Neo Cons laid out a big plan to keep the grip on power, but all of their grand plans rested on the necessity of a crisis to force change on the system  They said they needed a “new Pearl Harbor.” One year later they got it with 9/11. The war on terror had two motives control foreign oil and control us.

“The American way of life is not negotiable.” Dick Cheney

One of the first acts of the Bush Administration was to have a National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG) which was a secretive meeting of the country’s leading energy companies. The Energy Task Force that came out of that meeting had a sole purpose to get control of the world’s energy.  “America faces a major energy supply crisis over the next two decades. The failure to meet this challenge will threaten our nation’s economic prosperity, compromise our national security, and literally alter the way we lead our lives.” Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham (PNAC Member) National Energy Summit on March 19, 2001. Our Elite know full well that if we do not control the oil our dollar and our way of life would end as we know it.

“China must pursue two geo-strategies, First, to oppose hegemonism and power politics and safe guard world peace; second, to build up a new international political and economic order.” Deng Xiaoping

I believe that this anti-Hegemon will not commit any overt aggressive actions against the Anglo American empire. They seem content in letting the wounded bull thrash about while they sharpen their knives to carve up the spoils. They know that it is only a matter of time before we exhaust our wealth, military, media, politicians, and people. The Chinese are especially patient. I do believe that the Anglo-American Elite know this and they are itching for a fight. What do you do if you are losing a big poker match? You flip the table, shut of the lights and start a fight. That is the future we face. The forces lining up against us have the winning hand with a united front of the anti-Hegemon. They have our debt, our manufacturing, and soon control of the grand chess board. We will force the issue with the anti-Hegemon with potentially 3 False Flags.

This anti-Hegemon could be strengthened by others like France, Germany, India, South Africa and Japan. These current allies have been beaten into submission by the Anglo-American empire. They may also see this collapse of Anglo-American power as an opportunity to get out from underneath their current masters. They don’t even have to be outright antagonists, by simply being indecisive in a time of need, they can weaken the Hegemon. They do not necessarily have a great stake in the current order. Germany and Japan have been occupied by our military for 60+ years. The current Euro crisis I believe is another example of the Anglo American empire meddling in the affairs of others. Most people forget Greece got in trouble when Goldman Sachs hid billions of debt form the EU. Since the Euro is 56% of the dollar index, any weakness in the Euro gives strength to the dollar. This time around, any strength of the dollar will be met with huge increase of gold and silver as investors get out of paper money.

Last week I put forth a very forward thinking article called, The Game Changer: Unite or Die. In it I discuss the idea of uniting the top 50 bloggers into a major new site that would create a major platform for the Freedom Movement. The idea is simple and yet I thought a little too ahead of its time. The Unite or Die strategy is simply a smaller version of what the anti-Hegemon is doing on a global scale. There is strength in numbers and united in focus. The anti-Hegemon is not united by a race, ideology, or even continents. Their sole purpose is to break up the Anglo American Empire so that these regional powers can establish local hegemony in their regions.They want to end the war and debt cycle of the Anglo-American Empire. (They might then start their own war and debt cycle?) Many of the people in the freedom/truth movement want to also end this war and debt cycle. That does not mean that Russians and Chinese Communists are the allies of the Freedom Movement, we only have much to gain as the Anglo American Empire fails epically. Humanity does not need wars and debts. Psychopaths do to control others to do their bidding. My hope is that we can educate enough people to make real change when the system is in flux.

Those that did not see this coming should have NO say in where we go after it gets here.



We have oil here

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