Silver Shield Report #76 – Just Be It

These past three weeks have been some of the most drama filled in my life with all of the recent plot twists. I have gone through much worse when I left my toxic family, but nothing like the public drama unfolding here. Throughout this whole distraction there has been a powerful but subtle force summoning my attention and it is the creative and destructive forces all around me.

Today, most of humanity is so detached from reality that we have lost touch with who we are and what is our purpose. We are born pure souls that are joyful, present and creative. Somewhere along that path we are scarred or indoctrinated into a destructive path that does not resonate with us. Our readers know is done by the criminal elite to steal our productive energy for their psychopathic delusions. For most of humanity that are ignorant to this reality. They go through the first half of their lives are blindly chasing the future of false promises and the last half of their lives is spent feeling guilty for the past.

The two most powerful experiences to snap you back to the present reality are life and death. Time actually slows down and you get a chill down your spine when you are experiencing those moments. That is your soul screaming to you that this is what is real and important. These moments provide such clarity and importance that most lives are forever changed by them.

Without these moments in our lives we are tricked into thinking that everything is relative. We live vicariously through a sanitized electronic equivalent given in small doses on TV. We become numb and isolated from the life changing power of the joy and pain associated with life and death. This generational numbness keeps us from living truly powerful and purposeful lives and worse enables the worst of humanity to continue using this paradigm to enslave future generations.

Life is not relative. There is only creative and destructive energy. It is black and white. Only the psychopath lives in the Gray area when they fool people into thinking their destructive energy is creative so that they continue producing more debt and death without that annoying pang of guilt.

Today I would like to share with you some incredible insights that I believe will help you live completely different than what we are indoctrinated into.

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10 comments to Silver Shield Report #76 – Just Be It

  • Roger...

    …God is the meaning of Life… 05-12-2013… Roger

    • Roger...

      …The Present bears witness of the Past, and the Future shall make all things clear…

  • MATT

    this wanker Rob is going hard trying to put out vids in damage control..FLAG IT!

    Comments have been disabled..One only closes his ears when afraid of hearing the truth

  • base1aransas

    I have to point this out.

    When I watched Duane’s posted video above the first time I remembered someone else that used the same body language, particularly with the hands while deceiving people with lies.

    While this youtube is funny and making a firearm point I’m not posting it for the reason it was made, I’m posting it to show Biden’s ‘posture and sales technique’.

    Both show a ‘you need to trust me’ air, and while Biden’s technique has been polished by decades of deception, Rob is showing the same seeds.

    I defended Rob on a forum when people were wailing about their checks being cashed and their product was weeks late, and the wait extended. I just thought it was a start up that ran into problems with supply … but the excuses mounted.

    I feel bad for what you have gone through Chris, but glad you woke up to this crap when you did. And I’m glad you stood for someone you thought was honest, don’t ever lose that. You are certainly a person of action, and there comes a time in a relationship based on trust, folding is the only option.

    God Bless your efforts, I’ve been studying silver for a very long time, and have been trying to wake people up for about 3/4 of that time, your videos have been a godsend.

    My greatest hope is that we can wake enough people to what has caused this as the crash accelerates, and give everyone an opportunity to know what freedom means.

    But this is all a very important message. The Machine of Corruption won’t operate without us being complacent and bowing to the fake need of their control.

    The mask of Tyranny is coming off. They are dying and have no other option.

    Thanks again for your efforts, you are about 10 years behind my awakening that happened when I was on a boat talking to an elderly couple over drinks. They gave me a reading list very similar to yours. They were older than me, and I am older than you and most of your viewers I would guess.

    They only had me to talk to, you are talking to MANY, and you came out of nowhere to do the right thing. You have garnered my faith that Natural Law is still respected and theft done legally though not lawful is absolutely dishonest.

    Thank you Chris,

  • johnny shido

    First off I would like to say chris you are right on and I am there with you brother. As for this guy mentioning god, Why is there always one person who has to bring god into whatever idea is spoken as if saying god is the meaning of life is more than enough to answer for the crimes of enslavement. Let me help you out by saying I do believe in god only because JESUS is the ultimate rebel in my eyes,much like spartacus, and many other rebels in our past. Not to steer away from the original topic however jesus really if you think about it makes sense. And the elite destroyed him and crucified him. His kingdom is not of this world because he is not enslaved by money or material. I could go on but rather this age is age of awareness and chris is being the “tip of the spear” like the true marine. Good job man. The only thing I noticed about chris is you should learn body language and also facial language.I know these are the dark arts and alot of people think am pyschic but by looking at rob for the first time I knew he was fool of shit and would not follow him or even take him seriously . Chris you got the right set of mind but you are gullible too. I bet you must be aquarious or something. Not that it matters. The message you spread now is trust no one. I do not like that at all. I learned I could trust but verify and only with certain limits. I trust a crook to be a crook like rob. So if anything I mean honestly you could call me a psycho path but if you could tap into that power you would be more successful.However it would harm you in the long run. So trusting no one is way better and easier logically unless you know what you are doing. Manipulation and dark arts can lead to blood,betrayal and ulitmately a disservice to mankind and the amount of ego pyscho path’s have they believe they can control that power as if god. Thats why they will always lose in the end. So do not walk down that path its been proven through history that all those will fail. Walk in the light, confident with courage and come out on top believe that! Chris keep doing what you do! Never stop. I do not know this trust no one business. Thats part of the dark arts. And no man is able to NOT be consumed by the dark arts eventually . I trust everybody but i test everybody. And as soon as they fail they are gone in a instant. And the testing never stop. I will test randomly ,every few weeks. Yet I am aware that some people like rob will still pass the test and pretend but thats where reading the face and body and actions tell me everything. Maybe I do have psychic powers..I doubt it. But i always have a uncanny ability to tell who is a bullshitter and who is worthy in mere minutes.

  • Francisco Scaramanga

    Chris, i wholeheartedly agree will the main theme of the above report. Although there are a couple of important points i would like to draw your attention to.

    Psychopaths don’t experience any guilt for their actions, this is what makes them so dangerous. Have you ever wondered how the most bare faced liar politician or slimey CEO of a large bank slept at night? The answer is probably better than you, they have no remorse or guilt to keep them awake.

    It is true the psychopaths live in the grey area, but this is only so that the majority of the populace are not disturbed by the psycho’s actions. Things are black and white, we all know murder is wrong. The psycho will however attempt to justify killing under the guise of keeping us safe. The mainstream media also assists in this deception by not showing the results of the pyscho’s actions. They won’t show U.S troops being blown up or the dead children from drone strikes:

  • Maxwell Smart

    Seems the Silver Futurist has some nasty things to say regarding Chris, courtesy of Rob Gray. Interesting video. The question is, how real is it? Wonder what Chris makes of this.

    • Silver Shield

      He must just be another victim of the spell Rob weaves, since Rob NEVER speaks for himself.

      I seem to only talk to people who have broken that spell and now seen the truth.

      I will have another one very soon that want to come public.

      There is also a huge amount of jealousy that I was able to get 7 million+ views and 35,00+ subscribers in just over a year and a half on YouTube.

      There is at least 7 guys on YouTube making a full time effort to take advantage of this, but people are not stupid and see through the BS.

      I have protected my customers and my name as best as I can to extract myself from this very toxic relationship.

      What no sane person can deny, is that I am the Silver Bullet Silver Shield copyright owner and creative force behind all of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions.

      I have been ROBbed of over $250,000+ profits and now Rob is adding insult to injury by releasing my designs without my permission and diluting the value of the previously released “limited” editions.

      • MATT

        I’m not sure what people are worried about with these ‘Chris Bashers’

        Let’s look at it clearly..\

        1)Adam Kokesh (now public that he is mentally ill)
        2)The Michael Moore look alike who can’t even feed himself responsibly..(crap goes in, crap comes out)
        AND NOW THE SILVER FUTURIST?? ARE YOU KIDDING?? g…g.g.gguy a f.fff..fool!

        On another subject..Chris’s call on BitCON seems to have come to fruition..

        ingnore the trolls posting Chris’s name on their blogs..they have nothing constructive to offer

        Silverfuturist…AAAAH ha ha haaaaaaaa u..uu…uu.uu..uuu.unbelievable!!

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