Jon C. Frank–Buy Only Nutritionally Dense Produce 13.May.13 presents

If you’ve noticed that food just doesn’t taste as good as it used to, you’re not alone. Much of the food grown today doesn’t contain the required nutrients that it used to. In addition, lack of trace minerals is a potential health hazard waiting to happen. Therefore, we need to apply pressure to the supermarkets to increase their purchases of nutrionally dense produce. They will respond to consumer demand and provide us with healthy foods. It’s not a question of organic or locally grown. Therefore, we need to look at the actual minerals in the plant that finds it way on to your table.


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2 comments to Jon C. Frank–Buy Only Nutritionally Dense Produce 13.May.13

  • Ray

    Kerry, Jon Frank was not useful when it came to where to find nutrient-dense food. I did not like the interview. Next time please interview Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology. He provides better information about nutrient-dense food

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