Triple Lutz Report–Twinkies Are Back-Life Imitating FSN And SouthPark–Episode 264 presents

Sorry we haven’t been able to do a Triple Lutz Report recently. Alot has been happening. I discuss the return of the dreaded Twinkie. Much to the chagrin of healthy eating advocates around the country, it’s coming back. But it is a more competitive leaner and healthier Twinkie, now that its bucked its union shackles. Next, I discussed the use of disabled children to help the wealthy avoid the lines at Disney World. If this sounds like something out of SouthPark, that’s because it is. Cartman faked being disabled so he could join the Special Olympics and win all the all the metals. Then it was on to the Robin Hoods of Keene New Hampshire and their never-ending quest to save you from getting another parking ticket. So far they’ve helped motorists avoid over 4,000 tickets. The city is now suing them because the meter maids feel threatened. Finally, we discussed The Great Gatsby movie remake and why Prohibition made it all possible.


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