AIH- Silver Raid to Continue?

Don Harrold brought me on as a guest to his channel (

We discuss how silver prices are likely to head lower and how there may be a crash in the silver market (which will force weak hands out of the market). But we both feel that at that moment, silver will be a screaming buy.

We also discuss what if the Fed raises rates.

9 comments to AIH- Silver Raid to Continue?

  • James Tetreault

    Good luck finding anyone to sell silver to you at the phony paper price if it’s crashed downward from here.

  • James Woroble Jr

    The silver and gold raid will continue to the point that the bankster[Z] have procured every last possible ounce of physical at the lowest price possible and as well cover their paper ‘shorts’ to the same degree (though not all). Then they will go ‘long’ into the future as they have been ‘short’ in the past.

  • T

    I hope your dreams come true fellas. I like to live so I’ve invested in things that aren’t fantasies. I make money. I had a 1,000 ounces physical silver. I have 0 now didn’t sell one under 30 bucks. I win! Let the fairy tale die, stop embarrasing yourselves. You look like fools but it’s the same thing as telling an alcoholic they have a problem. It’s not them. When I looked in the mirror it didn’t take long to part with the silver. 5 years I trudged along numb, listening to paid activists, believing and stacking, stacking and believing. Enough! I trade with brokerage accounts money and mine. Put 2 grand into egle at 2 bucks 2 months ago today it’s at 5.20. We’re smart people, don’t be dumb cuz of a belief. Unless you knowingly do so. If you want to give the system the finger theres other ways, joining em at there game you can do it to.

    • David Richardson

      Would be a good price to buy some as part of a balance portfolio. Even the most conservative Edward Jones stockbroker I know [who only make commission when clients buy equities] advocates 10% of savings in monetary metals.

      Right now is a good time to be in stocks & equities. There will be stock market corrections of 20% or more. I’d be very surprised if we don’t see the same % drop [or more] we had in 2008 before this decade is out.

  • Mayer

    T- your a shill or a very stupid man. Why do u think the mercantile exchange in asia just shut???
    No physical for delivery. The only thing worse then not being right is being right and NOT sitting tight!

  • silver eagle

    I’ll buy all the way down the slide, if short term gains are your investing plans then trade paper. But there is more than one way to invest and grow in PMs and that’s trading on the ratio. Right now at 60:1, Silver is the buy. If you have gold sell and transfer to silver. Math looks like this: 10 0z Gold sold and exchanged for 600 Oz of silver. Hold the silver until the ratio drops to the 35-45:1 range. Then trade back to gold. 600 Oz Silver sold and exchanged for 13 ounces of Gold. When the ratio goes back to 55-60:1 sell the 13 Oz of Gold for 715 Oz of Silver. My silver position has increased with nothing more than trading the ratio, but my initial investment is still 600 ounces

  • Those who didn’t listen to what “T” said above should understand the underlying reasons that he decided to get into the paper markets.

    People don’t seem to understand that pieces of paper with ink on them and digital zeroes and ones are “real”, and anything tangible that you can hold in your hands and prove exists are “without value.”

    This is why paper investment specialists steer so many people towards mutual funds. These people understand that they give their advisor money, and in return, they receive a piece of paper from the mutual fund which represents a small share in pieces of paper that a number of different corporations have given them, which represent an infinitesimally tiny fraction of the company itself, which has value…today.

    Of course, if the companies go under, their pieces of paper are then just more “junk without value”, which then means that the mutual funds are holding junk without value, and this relates to you because the pieces of paper which represent “your holdings in the mutual fund” are then equally worthless.

    But at least those pieces of paper will work well to start a fire. And you can’t say THAT about silver or gold, now can you?

    I was told a few months back by someone “who knows better than I” that fiat currency has value, but silver and gold don’t, so I challenged him right then and there to put his “money” where his mouth was, and with a very simple experiment, I could PROVE that I had “more money than he did.” In front of a few dozen people, he accepted.

    I told him to put his “paper fiat” down on the ground, and that I’d place an ounce of copper and a couple ounces of silver on top of it. Everyone KNEW that I was going to lose, because they “knew” that he had a couple hundred dollars, as they could see a couple of fifties and a hundred, but I only had one ounce of copper and two ounces of silver in the pile.

    As everyone knew he was going to win, they still couldn’t see my point…until I brought out my lighter.

    He IMMEDIATELY snatched up his pieces of paper “that have real value”, and my copper and silver fell to the ground, while he said “Are you insane?” to which I simply replied, “Not at all. You are. Even though you KNOW that a few seconds worth of fire will completely destroy your ‘money’ and leaving you with NOTHING, you snapped it up before they could be lit…but I knew that my “valueless junk” would easily survive a few seconds of fire, and I would keep every penny of value once the flames went out.

    One of the capsules got chipped when it hit the ground, so the “experiment” cost me a half a buck to replace it, but afterwards, there was NOBODY THERE who didn’t understand what I meant, or which of the two held REAL value.

    So for those who subscribe to “T” and his way of thinking that “paper is real” and than “anything other than paper is worthless”, think again.

    When the REAL crash hits, seeds will be even more valuable. And if you’ve got land to grow them on, they’ll be even more valuable than that!

  • David Richardson

    T has a valid point in that people need fiat income as fiat currency [or digital representations thereof] pays the bills. Of course all profits of stocks/equities etc. generate capital gains taxes due, and are easily tracked by increasingly insolvent, desperate, incompetent, serve-their-financial-masters governments. Increased taxation and confiscation are tools of desperate to stay in power governments.

    The insiders will make money on stocks, bonds, and equities and get out before major downturns. For the rest it is risky to be “all in” with paper/electronic investments. Does anyone think this will have a happy ending, or give people time to reconsider the path they are on before relatively or very sudden downturns?–510/

  • David Richardson

    Or along the same lines, who thinks people holding dollars or dollar denominated investments will come out well in the long run considering this?

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