Silver Shield Report #77- The Silver Rule

The Golden Rule is foundation of the vast majority of religions in the world today.  What if that is the reason why evil persists?   The simple idea that one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself, is the guiding forces of emotionally healthy people.  It is the idea that the world is connected and that one should empathize with one another.  The Golden Rule is key to a civil and peaceful society.  This is all fine and dandy, until the psychopath is introduced into the mix.

In the Sons of Liberty Academy I showed how John Nash’s game theory of a Beautiful Mind was the basis of Mutually Assured Destruction. This game theory was the breakthrough that brought peace to psychopaths with nuclear weapons. What is not well known and much more important, is how this same game theory is used for the psychopath to dominate the rest of humanity.

I was once asked in an interview if I was God for a day and could do one thing, what would it be?  I had never been asked that question before in an interview and yet my answer flowed out of my mouth. “I would have it so that every person in the world could see the psychopaths in their lives and shun them.”  Regardless of whatever financial, technological or political evolution we make as a humanity, the simple fact is that until we solve the problem of the psychopath, we will continue to fail as a humanity.

In the Silver Shield Report I have been working on establishing the intellectual foundation of a new society.  What once started out as an exploration of what solutions we can provide with the Ultimate Exit Strategy was extremely exciting.  After all, a group of intuitive problem solvers with a nearly unlimited capital and a clean slate, can certainly do incredible things.  The further we progressed, the more we saw that unless we had the right social structure, all of the solutions would be for nothing.

In this week’s Silver Shield Report I combine all four of these threads with my guest Marvin Motsenbocker and his “Silver Rule”.  This could be the conscious breakthrough that would allow humanity to end the psychopathic Debt and Death revolution, permanently.

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4 comments to Silver Shield Report #77- The Silver Rule

  • justin

    I am a big fan of you my friend. I am sure you are going through a difficult time right now, but I assure you I will continue purchasing from you in the future. You taught me about silver initially…then Ron Paul and Max Keiser.

    I can tell a SIGNIFICANT difference in quality from when you were just a small operation (your first pieces) and when you signed on with Mulligan Mint. I can feel the guy’s …well lets just call it sad lack of will and morale compass. He would be a great politician.

    Well not to besmirch, I just wanted to let you know man…there are many people who are watching and moving forward with investing in alternative assets to the dollar. You have woken many people. Please continue to do so.

  • Barbara

    You have written: Members can log into the new Member’s Site and Forum here to see this latest SSR.

    I have logged in; but, I can’t find the download link. There are plenty of comments; but, I see no link. What to do? I do want to here this report.

  • There is a native society that has a different way of dealing with psychopaths. When someone does something wrong, everyone gathers around this person in a circle and tells him/her everything that is good about them. And this method rehabilitates the psychopaths back to normalicy.

  • […] is the foundation of all major religions and is a guiding principle of most peoples lives.  In Silver Shield Report #77 we broke down that idea and why it is used and abused by psychopaths to control all of humanity.  […]

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