Silver Shield Report #78- The Other Silver Rule

When one wakes up to the lies that they once lived, one cannot help but to question everything that they once held true. My journey is well documented in the Sons of Liberty Academy and it has helped thousands to efficiently go through the 5 Stages of the Awakening.  The Silver Shield Report is for those that are ready in the Acceptance Stage and are ready to start taking positive productive action.

Last week, we critically looked at the Golden Rule of doing unto others as they would like to be done to themselves.  This is the foundation of all major religions and is a guiding principle of most peoples lives.  In Silver Shield Report #77 we broke down that idea and why it is used and abused by psychopaths to control all of humanity.  We also showed how the “Silver Rule” is a better way to deal with this reality.

This week we will look at how the Criminal Elite have used and abused the other Golden Rule of, “He who has the gold, makes the rules.”  Gold is the basis of the entire criminal banking system.  They use it as the basis for all of the fiat criminality we are swimming in.  I will make the case that the opposite consciousness of the other Silver Rule will be the solution to this problem of humanity.

I will also be answering the most often asked question of, “WTF is going on with silver right now?!”

I will give my case for…

  • Why the paper price collapse is happening.
  • How and when it will end.
  • How the 2008 price collapse prepared me for what is happening.
  • Why this time it is very different and extremely bullish.
  • Why we are in the explosive “green zone”.
  • The undeniable reality that breaks through perceived reality.
  • What is going on at the refiner level with silver.
  • What is really going on in the miners.
  • What the rest of the world is doing with this price manipulation.
  • Why I think we will not have a normal bull market going forward in silver.

I will also share the first details of the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.
I will answer the question, when is the real Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield series coming back?  I will give a first look at the new art Silver Bullet Silver Shield coming out.  And exciting details on the new mint, Heidi Wastweet and structure of the launch in June.

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  • Administrator: Any reason I am being denied access to all information on the website AFTER logging in?

    john barker

  • Joshua stewart

    Wondering how to log into the new report site my password won’t work.?

  • Steve Canuck

    Hey John & Joshua, please check SSR report #64 comments for help on logging into the Silver Shield Group site.

    Check here

    And probably just need a password reset.
    Use this URL and enter your email address used with your Silver Shield Report account.

    I’ll check here again later, please post again on your progress.


  • admin

    John & Joshua,

    I do not see an account for you two by your last names. If you can, email me at with the email address you signed up with and we can get you squared away!


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