JP Morgan vs Silver Stackers

I discuss why simply stacking silver will do NOTHING to JP Morgan (contrary to what the alternative media says).

6 comments to JP Morgan vs Silver Stackers

  • Farmer

    I though the US government was the people?
    JP Morgan deals in paper promises. Promises are only good when you can trust the people making the promises. All fiat currencies die. All of them.
    Would you rather have stock in JP Morgan or farmland and metals?
    What value do these firms bring to the people? American’s trusted these firms and their government during the periods you were talking about. Not now. How can the untrustworthy maintain their business in the long run? Especially when masses see the lies.

  • po rich

    JP Morgan, the Fed and the other banks are the US Government, and it’s 3 branches and other entitities are their enablers. Some say that’s so with most of the world.

  • Ape Mae

    I do not believe that the silver stacker community could even put a dent into the JP Morgan.

    Whether these things are conspiracies or not, I believe that each person should focus on themselves and work on their own finances. Whether or not Silver goes to the moon now, that is not my specific objective. I am 27 I will stack til I am 60. I will buy on the dips and continue this model. No telling what will happen to technology and our future so for now, this to me is the best insurance that you can have, that you can control.

    Thats my thought

  • Ape Man

    I enjoy the video and the responses. I like it when someone like your self does the research.

    I would like to know where you go to find the research, I know that is a broad question. I am 27 and started waking up a couple years ago, and I have been doing a lot of my own research.

    Thanks my man.

  • mac

    the World is not in the usa!!!

    Most of the consumers live in Asia, from China thru India and down thru Malaysia and Indonesia. The consumers in usa are not wealthy anymore.
    China and India and Russia are all sick of the usd bs, and want silver and gold. The western mafia banksters can fiddle illegally with price, but when Rome is burning many will be loaded with gold and silver, do not doubt it.

  • bobteacher

    Interesting. I didn’t know the hist. between JPM and USA
    Question: Then if JPM will continue to short silver forever, what will cause the price of PM’s to ever reach a high point?

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