The Fastest, Educational Nutrition Lesson You’ll Ever Get

I can eat organic for $25 per week because I buy bulk, eat a bare bones but nutrient dense diet that covers all my bases and I supplement with omega-3 oils (krill oil), whey protein and whole-food multi-vitamins.

Most multi-vitamins are just rocks. If they’re made out of synthetic (man-made) materials, it’s not real iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc, etc. Your body can only consume foods in their natural state or that are bio-available. Giving your body mult-vitamins that are NOT made by whole-food ingredients is the same as picking up a piece of ore and eating it… it does you no good.

My actual diet (meal) for those that are curious is:

Three poached eggs, serving of white rice made w/ organic coconut oil, herb salt, & turmeric, & some green veggies (like, fermented cabbage, or a whole avocado).

Due to depleted soil minerals, modern farming techniques, and a reduction of quality top-soil on the Earth, most food produced today is less nutrient dense than it was decades ago. Add to this the fact that many will over-cook or heat their food with unconventional methods (microwave) and you’re essentially just eating cardboard with a few bits of real nutrition…

Even if you eat a good diet and close to eating raw as possible, supplementing with high-quality multi-vitamins and omega-3 oils is a must. I do all this and go the extra mile by exercising and using high-quality whey protein mixed with chia seeds to keep my brain, body, soul, and emotional health in top performance.

My goal is not live up to 100 yrs, it’s to live a pain-free, happy, and fulfilling life. Without health… wealth is meaningless. True wealth is optimal health.

P.S. I can also eat so cheap because I employ a tactic that I noticed only the “initiated” do… fasting. I do a type of fasting that is proven to work, and as a personal applicant of this method, I can tell you it does “work” in the sense that you have more energy levels and your meals are more satisfying. The type of fasting I do in a nutshell is… I eat once a day, and only once a day; during the same time everyday — 6 to 7pm.

Some will think such mentality is extreme. To which I say… look at human history. Compare and contrast — fast food, preservatives, convenient plastic (BPA) packaging, homogenization, genetically engineered food, pasteurization, factory caged farm animals, long product shelf lives due to chemical and genetic manipulation, and all forms of harmful man-made synthetic sugars has only been around for the last few 50 yrs or so.

Compare that to our thousands of years of existence, trying to survive, live day by day, as hunters and gatherers. Our ancestors ate “organic”, nutrient-dense, whole foods and only once a day. All major religions at one point didn’t even mention breakfast or lunch. Contrary to what major industry food-marketers want you to believe, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.

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16 comments to The Fastest, Educational Nutrition Lesson You’ll Ever Get

  • Jeff Alan

    Great post Irving and could not agree with you more about making intelligent food choices. What was new to me was the idea of a daily fast. Can you share your sources that recommend skipping breakfast and lunch?

  • I had to drop a comment here for the writer because I do the exact same thing. I’m VASTLY more comfortable eating once a day, or during 2 hours per 24 hr period, than I am eating 3-5 times a day. In the book “Conscious Eating” by Gabriel Cousins, he points out that following this ‘schedule’ is ideal because you get the most digestion and thus the most nutrition from the foo you eat; compound this with nutrient dense foods with say: Dandelion greens, lambs quarters, even wild mushrooms, with quality fats such as Avacado, Eggs (organic and pastured for me), and butter from raw milk I get from a herdshare from pastured non-gmo fed cows, you simply cant ask for anything more…. except more yogurt bowls! I make ’em with yogurt, chopped up bananas/apples, & peanut butter; I call it my nightly sleeping pill if I need one. The natural sugars provoke enough insulin response to make me tired :), a.k.a. the sugar crash, it’s good because wheres the processed/refined sugars?

    Lately however, although I’ve been eager for my summer meals of Quarters ‘n Eggs (Lambs Quarters) I’ve noticed I’m simply not hungry. I’m on my 2nd non-consecutive day of 24+ hours with no food. I had stir-fry w/the ever so awesome peanut sauce (made it myself of course) last night to Break-fast (hence the term’s origin), before then it was about 2 days consecutive no food and prior my regular schedule once a day meals in evening… I’m just not hungry, I dont get it. I’m not wasting away, have plenty of bod fat, energy… just not hungry.

    I had to drop a post because this resonates with me to the core. For others here, It’s not something I try to do, or ‘disciplined’ enough to do, I’m comfortable and simply prefer it. Less stress too by not worrying where/what I’ll eat in the next 2-4 hours because I ‘have’ to. **Also** It should be mentioned that prolonged fasting (16+ hours) allows the body to enter in ‘repair-mode’, conserving energy by repairing cells (uses less resources to do) & tissue rather creating new ones (more resources).

    TLDR The Author of the article is right, it’s a very comfortable eating “scheule”, very healthy for you, and sorry for the wall of text.

    • If the admin/moderator could change the link in my Hyper-linked name in the above post it’d be much appreciated. My website is if anyone cares to read but dont think many do and I’m not too active with it.

    • Irving14941

      Thanks for reading 😀

    • Wolke

      Maybe your experience with fasting comes close to the “Living on Ligt” concept by the Australian author Jasmuheen?

  • Alvin

    I really never comment , but this was a good article. irving i have 2 growing boys age 7 and 5 yrs old what would you say about me following this eating plan for them. because these boys could eat . fortunate and blessed i am that i can support their eating habits . we do the cold press protiens and fish oils and avacado which they love . but they do run around like they are suppose to. do you think that i could get them to eat once a day as well. any books or websites. buy the way we are spanish decent which means we love our rice and beans with all kinds of meats yes grass fed cage free when possible.

    thank you for your time and really good article.


    • Jordan

      I would not recommend interval fasting for growing kids. It’s great for adults, but kids have different needs.

    • Irving14941

      Good to hear from you Alvin 😀

      I’m also from spanish decent. As far as the practice of fasting for children, I’m not sure how to answer this. I’m glad you asked it, though.

      I would do some due diligence on the topic. My reasoning, without any further research, tells me that fasting for children may not be a good idea considering them being youngin’s that are still growing and developing.

      I appreciate you taking the time out to read and enjoying my blog post, though. It’s encouraging to me.

  • Graig

    I’m no doctor but I made my fair amount of research.
    I find everything in this article to be really accurate.
    Remember even a little change towards a better lifestyle can take you a long way !

  • Lance the Permie


    The only thing I ponder is why…white rice? I only eat once a day and it is very similar to your plan though we vary a wee bit. I prefer quinoa to white rice (I can actually use the quinoa seeds to grow future quinoa with, and have)and prefer bison or grass fed beef over eggs…ummm…not ‘over eggs’ but you know what I mean. I have my own hens as well but.. I’m curious as to your very general locale? I grow potatoes, I have grown both amaranth (just bought seeds for next year) and quinoa (again, bought seeds for next year as I have ‘bugged out’ just recently). All three of these are more nutritious then white rice? As a permaculture designer, if I need to eat during the day I ‘graze’, as does my healthy 18 year old daughter and my 12 year old son.

    For those interested ‘landed’ people, I suggest looking into Maynard Murray and ‘Sea Energy Agriculture’ to boost the micro-nutrient levels of their soils to optimal balances. Cheap and efficient. Anyhow. Nice summation. And cheers.

    • Irving14941

      There are many healthy carbs that can be eaten; white rice is just one of many you can eat. I enjoy white rice very much, but, potatoes, avocados, yucca, and others are worth looking into, for sure — as well as other varieties of rice.

  • James Tetreault

    Irv, how do you know that people only ate once a day? My initial reaction is that they probably ate when they could. If they caught say a bird in the morning did they really hold off to cook and eat it till 7 p.m.? That seems unlikely.

    • Irving14941

      There’s a lot of emerging researching suggesting that this is how we evolved as a human species; eating only once a day. Perhaps not all of us ate at exactly 7 p.m., but I truly believe that most of our ancestors only ate once a day.

      And it’s true that our ancestors ate little bits and bites of stuff they found out in the wild, but for the most part, their MAIN MEAL was something that occurred once a day.

      They didn’t have the exorbitant breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine like modern humans do today.

  • annie wade

    According to (Oredon Institute of Science and Medicine – probably one of the only scientific researchers that doesn’t take “government” funds), if an individual thinks he is getting Alzheimer’s, a short 3-5 day water only fast will eat up the loose bits of protein in the brain and clear up the condition. It must be done ASAP – doesn’t work with long-term condition. BTW, the only other method of countering Alzheimer’s is with niacinimide.

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