Silver Shield Report #79- Overcoming The Greatest Problem In Humanity- The Psychopath

mask-of-sanityIt does not matter what political, financial, social, or spiritual innovations will be made, nothing will improve on earth, until humanity comes face-to-face and deal with the psychopath.  History has shown us that everything eventually gets infiltrated, subverted and destroyed by these parasites.  All technology, no matter how wonderful, will either be used for evil purposes or suppressed.  All political movements, no matter how well meaning, will be subverted.  All monetary systems, no matter how honest, will be dishonored.  They are the cancer that rots everything and they must be identified and cast out of our society.

There are two types of people in this world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.  This is just a clever way of saying that there are those that have a live and let live mentality and those that are obsessed with controlling others.  It is estimated that up to 10% of humanity has the traits of the psychopath.  These people are the ones that when they call you, your heart jumps in your throat.  They are the ones that you need to gauge if they are in a good mood or a bad mood before you even talk to them.  They are the ones that are the life of the party in public, but toxic in their own personal life.  They are the ones that steal other people’s ideas, wealth or relationships.  They are the ones that can never keep a job or a relationship too long because, inevitably no matter how clever they are, they cannot hide who they really are for too long.

Hurt people; hurt people.  At the beginning of these predator’s lifestyle is most likely a very abusive or painful upbringing.  This closes off the psychopath from their emotional, empathetic senses that make us uniquely human.  They do this so that they do not expose themselves to get hurt again.  This lack of empathy allows them to be more cunning and aggressive than their counterparts and allows them to excel to positions of power over others.  They prey on the fact that good people will turn the other cheek to their transgressions.  This quest for power over others is done as a false hope that that power can fill a hole in their soul.  Or so that they never get hurt again or that people will actually need them.  Whatever is the motivation for these parasites, the path of destruction they leave behind is measured in losses in dollars and blood.

Please join us in this week’s in the Silver Shield Report as we will continue to look for solutions for the next paradigm to have a truly free and fair society.  For almost two years now we have been working on the intellectual foundation of a better way of life.  I relate this to the Committee of Correspondence the Founding Fathers had a decade before the Revolutionary War.   Instead of talking about why man should be free, we are talking about how man can be free.  Despite our discussions on alternative energy, aquaponics, better mentoring, competitive currencies and societal operating systems, nothing is more important than dealing with the psychopath that would ruin even the best laid plans.

Today, we discuss the individual decisions and societal structures that would repel and expel any psychopaths from our lives. 

This is a fascinating discussion that no one dares to discuss and yet will be our greatest advantage before and after the collapse.

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10 comments to Silver Shield Report #79- Overcoming The Greatest Problem In Humanity- The Psychopath

  • LW

    I think your “Hurt people, hurt people” philosophy is only going to get you hurt. This because I don’t think that there is actually a preponderance of evidence out there that this statement is “most likely” true. And there are also a lot of people to look at that were extremely hurt by psychopaths that didn’t turn into them. Psychopaths are not vampires, even though they can be emotionally. I believe when a psychopath is a victim of a psychopath you just have two psychopaths, one just more efficient than the other or in position of power to win out. And when the lesser psychopath gets his chance he will do the same. It’s almost like a family moving out to get away from the gang violence only to bring it with them themselves to where they move to. I believe these psychopaths are born and are not going to change either, unless they’re just polishing up their acts. You have to confront them or avoid them. I believe you have said that before, but giving these people any benefit of the doubt that they are just hurt people is outright dangerous. I’m glad I started reading about these people, but it is just as hard to inform the sheep of the wolves in their personal lives as it is in their political lives. I think most people been glamoured already. That’s it, I have nothing more to say about pieces of work.

  • I generally agree with LW. It stereotypes abused children as abusive adults, but most abused children do not grow up to be abusive adults. To the contrary, most grow up to be overly cautious of being hurtful, others grow up to be leery of relationships, and while most could be described as neurotic, only a few are or become psychotic. I know psychopaths who were neither abused nor hurt very much, either as children or later in life. I also know people who, emotionally, are not psychopaths, but who behave like psychopaths because they practice The 48 Laws of Power. Just because a person was hurt doesn’t mean they will hurt others. Some do. Many do not. It’s a false stereotype. This single issue aside, Chris, I am impressed by and respect your work.

  • And some of us know just who these psychopaths are. The Hebrew jews have a long history of psychopathy. Several thousand years worth.

    • MATT

      why does it always have to become a racial thing? Psychopaths are in ALL cultures..It’s a human condition problem..A bit like racial prejudice.

  • Marvin

    I agree with you regarding how difficult it is to get this right.

    My overall view: a. in the old days of community living, before the industrial revolution and big city development, information about each person’s personality and strong/weak points was well known among all the people of the community. We encouraged each others strong points and shunned the weak points. (we do this now in well managed small businesses)
    In the new post industrial paradigm we are entering, we hope to achieve the same result using the internet and private data bases to similarly keep track of experiences: each person can report the strong and weak points to help the community carry out this task,(big city and modern living provided anonyminity and allow psychopath growth) . In this regard: 1. please debate this and all other points and explain how it is wrong or can be improved and 2. please create a possible system for others to use and test. This twilight period before TSHTF is a nice quiescent period-opportunity where we are free to review and build and test new systems.

  • David Richardson

    In the traditional sayings “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, “as you sow so shall you reap”, and other similar philosophies, there is much truth. At least until a psychopath is in the chain. Then Chris’s first paragraph above rings true to me.

    Yesterday I has a conversation with my 84 year old mother. I think she and perhaps most people that age or older mainly want to be at peace. No confrontation. She has a growing spiritual belief that God has a master plan and who knows what a person has to go through in their life for the development of their immortal soul. It helps her make sense of what she hears and has observed about the world. Of course there are psychopathic individuals that prey on the kind, trusting, or peaceful nature of the elderly. In my opinion those that prey of the elderly and children [even if it is just verbal abuse] are among the most despicable.

  • Sam Adams

    I think the best that can be done to combat the psychopath/sociopaths is to point out their characteristics. Unfortunately, they often have social skills that make them charismatic. So, they are able to lead others down an evil path. Countless young men have given their lives to defend the emotion provoking notions of psychopaths/sociopaths. In addition to recognzing these evil people, we need to learn the tools of logical thinking and clear argument. These skills are required to see through their lies and manipulation.

  • David Richardson

    For those that haven’t heard this I think it is worth the listen. The narration is the essence; video is largely filler in my opinion.

    There are several personality or mental disorders that the author identifies as a psychopath, and there may be some disagreement on that among mental health professionals. For example is a narcissist [that does no harm to others] truly a psychopath? I’ll let the mental health experts debate that. But the awareness this raises is good.

  • Justin DeArmond

    Chris what should we do to avoid or deal with the people that are not full blown psychopaths but have many or just some but very evolved psychopathic tendancies and moreover what should you do when one of those people is your own mother/father/sister/brother? in some peoples hearts they are basically good but the society that we live in makes the latent psychopathic tendancies come out or makes them behave in psychopathic ways that they otherwise wouldn’t do, how should we dealt with them? I suppose the term bi-polar would be the medical diagnosis but I take little stock in what the medical/psychiatric fields have to say, its all bullshit to me to drug people and make loads of cash off of them, while destroying the social fabric of their lives. I suppose those “good” people with those tendancies only need see what they are really doing or how they are really acting, this goes to awakening people and that whole argument of weather or not to help them or to just walk away from them

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