Silver Shield Report #80-The Most Influential Book This Century

200px-貨幣戰爭_smallCurrency Wars is going to be seen as the most influential book this century.  No, NOT Jim Rickard’s CIA, Full Spectrum Dominance, wet dream book purposely called Currency Wars.  This Currency War book was written by Song Hongbing in 2007 and has NEVER even translated into English.  If this century is going to be the “Century of China”, I believe it will be a direct result of this book.

Today we will be reviewing some of the incredible topics of this most interesting book.  It’s unlikely beginnings, incredible predictions, and real world policy changes that have the Angle American Criminal Elite in a complete stupor.

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9 comments to Silver Shield Report #80-The Most Influential Book This Century

  • vincent formoso

    Isn’t there for hire translators? Someone I’m sure would do it for relatively cheap. Isn’t there a website out there? Someone in Taiwan or some poor country that speaks Chinese and English?

  • Howard

    I thought Jim Richards book was pretty good, not sure why it is Chris needs to put other authors down by calling he’s book “a wet dream”…. Kinda immature for mr “big thinker” ..

    • Silver Shield

      When you see the whole picture, you tend not to have to much leniency on double agents out to be your friend.

  • Maxwell Smart

    Rickards’ book is the most overhyped, boring interpretation of currency wars that I’ve read. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I only got half-way through it before consigning it to the dustbin. I’ve also heard others say Rickards has an iffy background (Long Term Capital Management fiasco I think) though I cannot verify this. I would appreciate some detail as to why he is conceived of in this way. In any event, I would definitely not recommend his book.

    • Silver Shield

      How about his involvement in the Iranian Hostage crisis and yes he was in on the LTCM deal. And for the past decade a hired gun for the Military Industrial Complex specifically focusing on money matters. I would bet he was also involved in the CIA breaking the Swiss Banking Secrets. And here he comes off as a friend for trashing Bernanke once in awhile. This guy is a snake and I am sure will be used to justify and usher in a new Bankster controlled digital gold fraud to enslave humanity with more debt and death.

  • Howard

    That’s all it takes to make a man guilty ? A bit on the paranoia side arnt we ?

  • Warlord

    Hi, I am from Singapore and I have read the original Chinese version. Song wrote extensive on the “conspiracy side” of the history featuring powerful familes like Rothchilds. But he doesn’t give up the national narratives that countries seek to promote their national interest through setting up the accepted standard in the international monatary system.

    He does suggest China to assert its influnece and interest through creating an Asian currency union. He never explicitly suggest China to accumulate gold, but very logic of his book implicitly says so. He openly thrash T bills and promote silver as a once in a life time investment for the common folks. Hope I can help if you guys have related questions on how people in the East perceive the ongoing currency war.

  • Warlord

    I have a copy of Jim Rickards’s version too. There are always brilliant minds who can articulate the ongoing crisis well, but keep their mouth shut or simply deny/ignore when it comes to more “sensitive” issues such as Fort Knox gold and paper price manipulation. Jim Rogers is one of such guys who recent years migrated to Singapore.

    My guess is that for people like Rickards and Rogers who are Wall-street groomed it is hard to openly criticise their former colleagues and current friends as outright criminals on national TV. They try to contain it as a welfare state, money printing, obsolete and harmful keynesian ideology problem, which is half of the truth but it is interesting how they fail to mention the corporate-facist model of American political Economy with its wall-street Washington symbiotic relationship.

    Jim Rickards is an outright apologist when it comes to maintaining the power of the status quo by proposing some form of gold standard without a full backing. He is really another faction of the current ruling elite who is shouting at helicopter Ben faction,”Stop the madness, quit this and accept some cut loss measures so that we can still retain some power”

  • Mike Powell

    China got it’s history of respect golds and silvers or even barter trades as money, NOT commodities. Even the old currency of the former Republic of China, was backed by silver. And even the Renminbi after the 1949 takeover, the currency itself was backed by COMMODITIES and national productivity since once, they’re not a major miner of golds and silvers.

    Even by central bankers’ point of view, at least the central banks in the east has warned about inflation, debts and currency war.

    I pray COMEX own safety should there’s any run on USD and golds and silvers demand skyrocketing. Really, just imagine the damage that shall appear should COMEX default become a reality.

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