Why Silver Willie Quit The Mulligan Mint: Update 4

First the Sales Director of the Mulligan Mint, Gus Demos leaves, then me, then Director of Customer Service, Laura Curry, now Silver Willie himself leaves…

Hear Will Lehr’s behind the scenes look at the drama with Silver Bullet Silver Shield and the Mulligan Mint and why he quit last Wednesday.

I will be relaunching the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield with Warbird and Love later this month with select SBSS Authorized Retailers.  This will include the final art of AG 47 and Cannabis that Rob did not steal.

Update 1: As of this Monday, the Marketing Director Trey Stinnett has also left.  I have yet to speak to Trey, but I heard it was because Rob was trying to sell Coins For The Cause….  Anyone good still there is looking for an out before the entire ship comes down.

Update 2: I wonder how long Rob’s recently hired lawyer ( “Tweedle Dee” he is called by the staff) is going to stay?  He should know that Rob included his last lawyer who defended him against his investor lawsuit in Philadelphia, was included in his bankruptcy.  I am sure a quick phone call should clear that up, (610) 275-0700. 

I also hope his accountant starts asking questions about Free Lakota Bank…

Case Number 2004-04087
Commencement Date 3/9/2004
PFA Number
40 E Airy St Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 275-0700
Caption Defendant GRAY, ROBERT
Lis Pendens Indicator No
Status 1 – OPEN
Parcel Number
Remarks $7,545.83

Update 3: Jack Spirko sounds pretty grumpy lately.  (See his comment below to me about this…) I wonder if it is because rumor has it that even he has not been paid the estimated 1,200 ounces for the two coins he sold through Rob. Gee maybe I was right all along. The good news is that all of my customers have been delivered thanks to the greater fools that did not heed my warnings.

Update 4:  Now that Will Lehr has quit we have our first winner in the demise of the Mulligan Mint Contest. 

4. Whoever guesses the day that Will Lehr quits/fired from the Mulligan Mint, will receive 2 1oz. Proof Ludwig von Mises rounds with the words “Tu Ne Cede Malis” or do not give in to evil.

The official quit date of Will is June 5th. So the winner of the two Mises silver coins is….


4. 6/6/2013

50 comments to Why Silver Willie Quit The Mulligan Mint: Update 4

  • Glad to see everything worked out. Listen to all, trust none. Keep the coins coming!

  • Cliff

    Woohoo! Thanks Chris!

  • MATT

    nice to see things progressing as they should. Look forward to the new release!

  • marz

    The audio is not working.

  • Brent Eamer

    I’ve been following this since your first post Chris. I am an avid listener to TheSurvivalPodcast and a MSB supporter of Jack Spirko. I just don’t know what to make of this. I’m on the fence. I’ve read all your updates, listened to Jack’s response and I must say, Jack has been getting crankier and crankier with his listeners. I responded to some feedback on a show about Natural Gas and he gently ripped me a new one in a polite way. Now, since I am Canadian, and none of his MSB discounts apply to Canadians, I support the show strictly on my own. But if the feedback to one of my comments is in that tone. I may reconsider my future support of his podcast. Good video Chris, it’s nice to see you on the higher ground on this one. I don’t know what to make of Rob. Im 50, and I go alot on personal look and he does have a creepy look about him and an uneasiness.

    Anyway, best of luck in the future and I will be looking more at your Youtube video channels

    • Silver Shield

      Rumor has it he has not been paid the estimated 1,200 ounces he is owed for selling the two coins.

      He probably realizes I was right all along and that he thought if he defended Rob he would get his.

      Poor Jack did not listen to me…

      Let’s see if his customers get delivered.
      I am glad mine did get delivered with greater fools…

      • tyronedeblanco

        @Brent / Chris, My two different orders came in hand in about 3 weeks and two days. They look great, and im happy with the results. Ive see many others on TSP say they got theirs and if you check out EBAY, they are all over. Im not sure on Rob, but Jack’s promises have been delievred to his customers.

        The people complaining about Jack’s crankiness must have thin skin. It’s a forum / response board. go fill out a “hurt feelings report” if you don’t like someones tone. The man is a human after all. Ppl get stressed out all the time and get irritable. Id rather deal with someone who more grounded / real than some other phony “every thing is peachy” how can i kiss your butt robot. Tea cup nation is killing our country, maybe it’s different in Canada though. I prefer the real deal.

    • Rottenclam

      @Brent – I’m not from Canada, but I hear your concerns with Jack. Even if somebody is extremely polite when they express a criticism on his blog, Jack chooses to say some pretty lame stuff to them. Calling them names, etc.

      I love that show, and I have a lot of respect for Jack. Indeed, I am indebted to Jack for a lot of lessons he has taught me, but in that same breadth, I think it is pretty lame how he mistreats people on his blog that raise valid counterpoints. I’ve been on the receiving end of that too (even getting one of my comments removed at one point, solely because it offered a criticism…even though I was very polite and deferential in my comment)

      In regards to the mulligan mint and the flaming pinto known as AOCS, I think Chris has lobbed some seriously derogatory grenades towards rob (which I thought was a bit immature…but hey, I’m not in Chris’ shoes and I imagine I’d be enraged too). However, the bigger point is that Chris is totally in the right on this one (from what I can tell). rob and AOCS have struck a serious blow to what Chris built, and although Chris was very patient (and also very transparent with the audience while there were lots of problems), there comes a point where you just have to put your foot down and dissolve the partnership.

      Jack and rob go back a ways (I remember rob as an early guest on Jack’s show), and I understand Jack wanting to have rob’s back, but I think Jack should have stayed out of this one. Jack had Dave Canterbury’s back too even though Dave openly admitted to fibbing to the Dual Survival Production team. Jack may be wrong to back these guys…but hey, at least he has friends back’s (which is admirable).

      But aside from all of that, I do think Chris will be proven right when rob ends up not giving Jack what he is anticipating (but that is just my prediction).

      All in all, this has been very terrible for Chris, and it will probably get rough for Jack too (I hope it doesnt). As for rob, that guy can suck an egg.

  • MATT

    ok..so as expected negativity is destroying itself..So let’s move forward and not gloat about being right

    AND bring on the the new series ;)) Haven’t been this excited since the days of waiting for the latest MAD magazine to come out..oh they were the days! 😉

  • Don

    Time tells all and I would say the time grows short for the MM. I’m happy I was able to purchase the coins I did as I truly believe in the concept. Guess I’m fortunate that I received all that I ordered (though it was a month plus on the last orders). I began withdrawing from all that was after the first delay in ordering. Something felt “wrong” and while I did not believe it was your doing Chris; I also took wonderment as to how you were drawn into business with someone who obviously was not on the up and up.

    Anyway, glad to hear the road ahead is “becoming”. Perhaps I will deal with your new organization. Time will tell I suppose.

  • Jack Spirko

    Well you sorry excuse for skin, I have been paid, will your cowardly little ass allow this comment, I think not. No worries I will just go public with your sorry ass lie tomorrow.

    So funny, Rob just dropped off 500ozs personally, you are such a tool! He was on the bike you claim he bought because you made him so much money, same bike he had in 2010 by the way so I guess you now have the power of time travel?

    Frankly the plans Rob and I have will make you nothing but a bad dream to both of us in no time at all. We are cleaning our hands of you. Rob is doing the last he committed to with SBSS, shutting it down for good on July 4th and after that you are nothing but a shit stain in a review mirror.

    The biggest mistake of my life was letting you onto my show. The second biggest was introducing you to Rob. You are nothing but a shit stain on the underpants of alternative media.

    Even if you were 100% accurate in your claims (and you are not) the lack of judgement in how you handled this is unbelievable. You are now known as a professional liability and that is why you plan to now release a coin with the bottom tier mint in the nation. One that needs your business vs. wants it.

    Good luck man, and stop doing updates to something anyone with a brain would have deleted as a drunken mistake on day two. On second thought don’t I enjoy watching you implode. So sad that you have destroyed so much so fast. Now delete my comment coward.

    • Silver Shield

      I am so glad you got paid, because multiple sources said that you weren’t.

      I hope your customers get fulfilled and you do wonderful things with your new partner.

      I will need much more cash to sue to try to regain what was stolen from me.

    • Howard

      I’m one to believe there’s always two sides to each story, this is why we should “listen to all” and make up ur own judgement. Chris wants to drag this out for some reason so lets hear it all I say

    • MATT

      the tone of your post pretty much confirms what Chris has been saying. You sound like a real asshole!

    • A reply like that is pretty much an admission of everything we have believed was/is wrong with the lot of you. My instincts are usually pretty good and they have certainly proven correct this time.

      Since I am not a nice guy and make no claims to be, I hope you fail in a spectacular fashion so we can get even more laughs at your dubious expense.

    • Francisco Scaramanga

      The spirko doth protest too much, methinks! I find it amusing how he has repeatedly criticised the professionalism of Chris, while launching into rabid, ad hominem, ranting, attacks such as above, while failing to notice the shear and utter hypocrisy of it. Spirko’s starting to look like another psycho or delusional at the very least.

      • MATT

        Francisco…That’s part and parcel of being delusional I would think. I’ve heard and seen a little of his ‘work’ on the net (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OrDW-AXkuc) and it resembles the mentality of a 10yr old to be honest and looking at the coin he has designed it pretty much proves my point..Looks like someone inspired by a Hollywood movie or xbox game( I have never played one but I assume it is) And just to add, he is defending this buffoon Rob together with Adam (look at me look at me) Kokesh..So need we say more?

        Onwards and upwards..

        How about a peek at the new design Chris? 😉

        • Francisco Scaramanga

          Spirko’s entire value system and intuition is collapsing round about him with every new update to “I Have Severed ALL Ties With Rob Gray and Mulligan Mint”. He’s like someone trapped in a burning building with flaming timber crashing all around him. I would have some empathy for him, were it not for his nature as illustrated in the above post. So I’ll leave you with this little gem spoken by Spirko himself.

          “I am a good judge of a man, my track record in business with others shows that. I have shaken Rob’s hand more then a few times, looked him the eye every single time and I know exactly what I am dealing with. A damn solid human being who never once failed to fix a problem he created for me. I have been harsh on him about these problems, his response was humble and simple, “I’ll fix it Jack”, and he did so. I choose my friends carefully, Rob is one such person.”:

    • john


      Dear God, enough. I am a long time listener and genuinely a true fan of the show. Each time there is an update from Chris, I hear from you that this “is the last word on the matter”. Yet, here we are again, with a post that is just as child-ish as you criticize Chris for making.

      I still dont understand your involvement in the relaunch of SBSS. I understand you donated your commission to artist whom sculpted the coins, but it still didnt make sense. Why you decided to get involved in that is still a mystery to me…one of the few poor judgement calls on you.

      I dont know who is right and who is wrong in this mess….one thing is for sure, I will be buying Chinese Pandas or other major mint coins until this soap opera gets sorted out…. (I would prefer to buy coins from either Chris or Jack, but will patiently wait on the sidelines to watch the drama unfold)

    • SteveP

      Does anyone even listen to this fat bearded tub of lard who looks Alan from the movie The Hangover? Ant coins? LOL….what a joke

    • Plataschild


      “anyone with a brain would have deleted as a drunken mistake”

      You do that a lot, don’t you?

      When ever you don’t have a good come back, you seem to like to start calling people names and belittling them. Then after the “drunken mistake” you come back and start deleting your mistakes to cover it up. Not to mention blocking people from posting to your youtube channel. And for what, asking tough questions?

      Example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33221384/jackremovingcomments.jpg

      Why are you covering your tracks, Jack?

    • Hrm, how do we even know this is Jack Spirko replying? Last I heard from Jack in his youtube response he didn’t give a damn what Chris said or did after. So, could it be someone impersonating him?

      I say Chris if you have anything, anything at all. Take it to court and stop these updates. The updates are only a smear campaign if you have nothing legally.

    • Which it does not seem to be Jack. Because the image comes from 1.gravar.com instead of from thesurvivalpodcast.com where all his other graphics come from. Jack will have to speak for himself if he wants too, but it appears to be someone impersonating him.

      • Francisco Scaramanga

        And yet the location Spirko’s avatar is at 1.gravatar.com. Just go to his website and right click the avatar beside his comments, view image.

    • tyronedeblanco

      I got my coins faster than I thought, 3 weeks and 2 days, both orders. Was I nervous? YES!!! They look great and Jack’s word came through for me. Look at Ebay, the coins are out there, so someone is getting them besides me.

  • MATT

    OH..Just realized who Jack is..The Michael Moore look alike..

    Learn how to feed yourself responsibly first before lecturing people..But I guess you put shit in, you get shit out like your post displays..

    second..My 7 yr old could do better than those ‘medallions’ you put out.

    Burger and fries time ???

  • Cliff hanger

    Chris has not deleted anything
    Jack !Unlike your sorry ass
    You are unfortunately the most potty mouthed of bloggers
    And should be ashamed of yourself for needing to control so much that you have no faith in the public square among your listeners
    You backed quite a few losers and won’t admit it
    Your blog is dying because good people can’t dialogue
    You are no leader
    Knowledge doesn’t make you less of a criminal and
    Birds of a feather flock together
    Rob is a known liar and criminal
    Why would anyone want to have you brush off on them what has brushed off from rob
    If you persist there should be an internet investigation into your connection aiding and abetting a ponzi is a felony bud!

  • will


    What happened to informing the public? Now you’re looking to profit? You used to make vids crcriticizing those who made profits the likes of Maloney & Alex Jones.
    Now look at ya. Since the whole mulligan mint fiasco all your videos have been regarding that bs.

    I liked the Old Duane Informative Vids!

    I wish you the best of luck getting your situation sorted out with the mulligan mint.

    I can’t keep watching the bitterman party of one vids anymore.

    Sorry to put it like that, but I want to learn & stay informed on what’s going regarding the gold and silver market and take in your valuable perspective on the matter.


    • Silver Shield

      I have been a little distracted by this drama but it is rapidly coming to an end.
      I will be back in the groove sooner than you think.

  • Andy

    Good to see you back, Chris. I really wanted to get some Freedom Girls but refused to buy them from the Mulligan Mint after what happened; I simply deleted all their promotional emails. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Michael

    Spirko’s above vitriol is an excellent warning siren so people can know to completely avoid him. He is aligning himself with the unalignable – a sociopath – so we will get to watch their world implode as there is no honour amongst thieves. The fact that Chris wants to continually highlight this is a great education for the rest of us. His integrity is obvious as he is totally open to public debate on this issue. I do not see it as a distraction but as something that can happen to anyone of us.

  • will


    I’m truly happy to hear that!

    I know I miss the work you used to put out, along with thousands if not millions of others as well.

    Best of luck to you mate!


  • tom

    Ye Ol Cap’n jack…….. going down with the ship…..robs in the last lifeboat with an AK spraying the poor customers that will wait to long for delivery.

    I feel really sorry for you jack. Your greed is clouding your judgement….and it may cost you everything.

    Chris, lets hope this new mint is at a better standard than robs chop shop.

  • Taylor

    Hippie with a Shotgun
    “Let’s get down to business, but first thing’s first… WHERE’S MY SCOTCH??? Ah, there we go. Alright, now we got some WHALES and these whales need CHEDDAR! HEY! Spicy Curry – gather the Angels and let’s get in the War Room… We’re on a mission. A mission to deliver silver into the hands of the people… SILVER WITH A STORY.”

    While I was watching this, I couldn’t help but feel that same little spark of electricity like I would always get when listening to Will talk about the ways of the world, the people, the ideas, the possibilities… His untamed, uncensored, “Don’t you dare tread on me! Come and take it? You’ll have to pry this sniper rifle from my dead, lifeless fingers!” attitude toward rallying the like-minded and enlightening the uninformed. It is so rare these days, even more so than I had already thought, to see someone like Will. Traveling down his journey, fueled by a genuine passion, sharing the honest tales of the “good” that really isn’t and the “bad” that might just really be misunderstood.

    Chris – I had just met you and spoke with you for MAYBE 45 seconds the day you came to Dallas. I most definitely did not understand or acknowledge the reality of the situation for this to have happened sooner, so it must be now that I also send you words of my respect.

    “It is said that men go mad in herds, and only come to their senses slowly and one by one.”
    Amen, brotha.

  • Bob Tironsky

    Isn’t this guy Jack the guy that sold all the ant coins as a result of Chris’s free D&D copper round with the purchase of 5 ants? And this is how you treat Chris?

  • Taylor

    Indeed, I was one of the first in line to go and yes, I parted ways with a pocket full of stories to add to my collection.

    The comment box wizards suggest from me an email address… I see that it is not actually published here but I’m guessing you are able to see it. Feel free to put it to use. I think I m

  • Taylor

    Indeed, I was one of the first in line to go and yes, I parted ways with a pocket full of stories to add to my collection.

    The comment box wizards suggest from me an email address… I see that it is not actually published here but I’m guessing you are able to see it. Feel free to put it to use. I believe I can shed more light than you might think.

  • GrandsonofKong

    Jack Spirko is always a class act with anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest way. Never blockes or bans anyone..HA!
    He really reminds me of the Black Knight in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” who after having one arm hacked off, denied it and offered to continue to fight, lost the other arm and then both legs and then said “Get back here and I’ll bite your kneecaps off!”

    I love going on his YouTube Channel and “thumbs up” people who disagree with him.

    • Rottenclam

      @GrandsonofKong – that Black Knight from the Holy Grail movie reference comparison really has had me laughing all day.

      Candidly, I’ve got a lot of love for Jack, but his outbursts and written critiques of people are really bad. He is, IMO, a pretty smart guy, but his insults and outbursts are comparable to my old teenage rants that emanated only after smoking a bunch of weed and eating a giant bag of skittles.

      @Taylor – Get with Chris so you can spin a few yarns for the rest of us on DTOM.

      • GrandsonofKong

        @Rottenclam – I started listening to Jack because of his clear grasp of topics and would certainly agree with you that he is indeed, a pretty smart guy. I still do listen to him but only on selected topics now.

        What has put me off is his “How dare you question me!” and profane laced dismissals (or bans or both) of anyone that questions his point of view, when clearly it is just that a “point of view”. I’ve seen this more and more now with Jack, perhaps his growing “fame” (podcast,blogosphere and YT related as it is) has him believing his own press, who knows.

        I worked in hi-tech for decades and worked with some brillant designers. Some had huge Jack-type egos that refused to even consider they could be wrong or questionsed. Others (just as smart) were open to discussion, and persepective and even they could have missed something and just nice guys.

        Boils down to ego and pride and I’m a firm beleiver in “pride cometh before the fall” and guys like Jack refuse to accept or see it and never ends well.

        • Brent Eamer

          Well said GrandsonofKong.

          I didn’t mean to start a shit storm here but Jack reminds me of a friend I went to college with here in Canada, who now lives in Santa Clara CA. He was fine if you agreed with him but the lashing you would take if you disagreed. It is unfortunate but he has changed since moving back from Arkansas. I discovered him in 2009 while recovering from a knee injury and I really latched on to his train of thought, but sadly he is pedantic about some things and really shuts you down if you deviate from his belief system. Now as far as being thin skinned; Yes maybe I am. But I would have not problem if I were a casual listener. But as a paying MSB member, (albiet $50 a year), I think I am entitled to some leeway in expressing my opinions without being told “Stop taking the pablum”. I mean I can get that for free and save the $50 for seeds :)

  • will

    No sniper rifle here. Just me bollocks in me hand.

    keyboard tuff guy, put the dewars away and pick up a bottle of Macallan 18 year old maybe then you will come up with better material. But then again you can’t buy class let alone personality. As they say, some people have it, some people don’t, some of us will, and some of us won’t.

    So get fucked you wanker!

  • chad

    What happened with the July 4th release though the new mint?

  • k caven

    i sure like these new coins but am scared to death to buy any due to the bankruptcy-any thoughts?

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