Crooked Minter Tarnishing Private Silver Reputation?

bernard_silver_summitbBy: Bernard non NotHaus

Admittedly the story of Rob Gray, his brother David, the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and the Mulligan Mint et al the entities is a long, sorry tale. And as it is the duty of all participants in a self regulated industry such as “private minting” to protect their industry from fraud, I sound this alarm and encourage everyone involved with any of the entities listed below to take prudent action to protect their interest and their money:

Free Lakota Bank, AOCS (American Open Currency Standard), Mulligan Mint, SLV Properties (Silver Properties), AG Logistics (Silver Logistics), Coins for the Cause, Silver Bullet Silver Shield (owned by Chris Duane but claimed by Rob Gray), TSP Mint (The Survival Podcast Mint), AOCS Mint, Open Currency, Lakota Exchange, AG Trading post, ICBA: (International Commodity Banking Association) that does not exist. Need another name to keep the ponzi running? Just create another entity or a new organization like the ICBA.

In addition to my own distrust, Rob and David Gray have five principle detractors:

Glenn Tener has known Gray since he was a teenager in Philadelphia when stole his grandmother’s credit card, charged over $35,000 on it and never paid it back. Never had any remorse. The executor of Gray’s grandmother’s estate confirms the credit card story. To this day, Gray’s mother does not trust him, why should you?

Michael Badnarik, presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, tells a similar story of distrust and fraudulent intent. Michael drove across the country with Gray, helped him find the location for the Mulligan Mint and was fired by Rob just three weeks after relocating to Texas.

Gus Demos, was the sales manager at the Mulligan Mint for nine months and quit due to non-payment and legal and business issues at the Mint.

Chris Duane, who created the Silver Bullet, Silver Shield and Freedom Girl medallions and a past customer of the Mulligan Mint, has a blog devoted to the theft of his coining dies, property, commissions on sales and Gray’s refusal to resolve Chris’ security and order fulfillment issues. His complete, sordid story is available HERE.

BREAKING NEWS: Will Lehr – the Sales Manager for the Mulligan Mint – just quit last Wednesday, June 5, 2013. Will Lehr met Rob Gray at the Silver Summit in October 2012 and started working at the mint in January 2013. And while many business deals seemed questionable to Lehr, he finally quit over moral and legal questions when Gray misappropriated Chris Duane’s dies and started selling the Freedom Girl medallion as his own property. Such an inappropriate action seems to be a trademark of Gray’s lifelong criminal behavior.

My 39 year experience in the wonderful world of “private minting” dates from September 11, 1974 when I wrote my first economic research paper, “To Know Value” and co-founded the Royal Hawaiian Mint. I was the Mintmaster at RHM for 25 years, without ever a complaint being filed. I retired to put my 23 years of monetary research into practice and introduced the Liberty Dollar on October 1, 1998.

In early 2008, I got a call from Rob Gray who had just discovered the Liberty Dollar and wanted to become the National Currency Director, even though he didn’t know anything about the Liberty Dollar. I thanked Gray for his interest, explained the organizational structure to him and told him he needed to become a Liberty Associate (LA) before he could become a Regional Currency Officer (RCO). Gray told me he didn’t have the $100 and wanted to become a LA for free. Finally, two months later he got the $100 together and became a LA on March 15, 2008. Immediately, he wanted to become a RCO promising he would be the biggest, most successful RCO ever and asked me to waive the time requirements and let him become a RCO for free! Of course that didn’t happen, and in the latter part of 2008 Rob finally became a RCO.

When I publicized my intention to retire after ten years of the Liberty Dollar in 2008, Gray immediately started campaigning for my position. I explained to Gray that he needed more than talk, he needed to become “the biggest, most successful RCO ever” as he had promised and I would consider him for the position of Executive Director, although Gray really pushed for the title of National Currency Director. Ultimately, Gray never proved himself as even a successful RCO plus when I floated his name to be the ED to the 78 other RCOs, I was surprised to find dislike and even open distrust for big talk, little action, Rob Gray.

On January 14, 2009, Gray became the first and only RCO to ever be suspended for questionable business practices. To this day Rob still uses the Liberty Dollar image on his “Introducing the AOCS” page. And on September 20, 2009 he drew on the good name of the Liberty Dollar again by making a comparison between AOCS & Liberty Dollar. Gray also copied my monetary model for the Liberty Dollar and claimed it as his work with total disregard for my work based on 23 years of design and development HERE. Shortly after that insult, Gray bastardized the Liberty Dollar Merchant Decal and infringed on my copyrighted work. On November 30, 2009, a Liberty Dollar attorney ordered Gray to cease and desist, which he reluctantly complied with.

On August 1, 2012 Gray legitimized his true dishonest character by testifying before one of the largest criminal organizations in the country – the US Congress AOCS Goes to Washington. Of course, Ron Paul could not invite a wrongfully convicted felon like me, so he got Gray, a true predator since he was a teenager and stole his grandmother’s credit card.

Please check out the links plus this major link that exposes Gray’s business affairs and take this sordid tale to heart by protecting yourself from Rob Gray’s ponzi Free Lakota Bank, his tarnished AOCS Mint, TPC Mint or whatever he is calling it, before it is too late.

7 comments to Crooked Minter Tarnishing Private Silver Reputation?

  • boogoo

    unfortunately there is always another victim for Psychopathic, blood suckers like Rob Grey to prey upon. Even after several yrs of studying Psychology I was also screwed by such a character who was very skillfully able to hide his true face for 2yr from me before knifing me in the back and laughing in my face how naive I was. Which goes to show you can read all you want but until faced with such an ill person you never know how to recognize them..I DO NOW! And it’s frightening just how many of them hold positions of ‘authority’ and ‘respect’ in our society..Now I understand the saying about good politicians..THOSE WHO CAN..DON’T! as to associate or even be around such ill people is a violation to ones being..avoid at all costs and expose when possible!

  • Maxwell Smart

    Rob Gray should run for Congress. He would fit right in!!!!!

  • Bradley

    Stealing $35000 from Grandma?? My goodness how low can you go??
    What is worse is he never felt anything and did not even try to make
    up for his error in judgment. We all make stupid greedy mistakes in life but
    most see the light and repent. To them we should forgive. But never forgive
    a psychopath as it is their way of life as a parasite on the good people.
    I am starting to think the psychopath is born without a soul. Strictly lower than an animal with no moral compass whatsoever. These are the wolves on sheep’s clothing the Bible talks about. They are everywhere in government for sure. Gerald Celente calls them the white shoe boys. How ironic and humorous.
    I thank Chris for helping me wake up. Many have helped me and I thank them all.
    We are blessed to have the internet as a tool for good.

  • annie wade

    The Secret of Life (by Groucho Marx) fits right in:

    The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing.
    If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

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