Silver Shield Report #81 Breaking The PRISM

The great things about whistle blowers is that they make conspiracy theory, conspiracy fact.    The Prism whistle blowing scandal seems to have caught the world by surprise, but not me or anyone else that has been awakened to the growing collective tyranny.  I wrote an article called Who Will Be the Most Dangerous Man In the World. In it I describe a unknown man that will have had it real good in the Debt and Death paradigm and then realizes that he has enabled a lie that he can no longer passively accept in his life.  Collective illusions are only held together when there is collective benefits.  Now comes the time where people see the sinking ship and either want to no longer be apart of it or actively bring down what they once created.

Far too often, intuitive, logical thinkers see the end game before the first role of the dice.  That is why so many of those that go through the 5 Stages of the Awakening tend to go off the deep end and think that doom is always 6 months away.  They suddenly see all of the lies in the world and wonder how much longer the illusion can be possibly maintained.  I have studied the the awakening, the psychology of crowds, trends and it is acts like that of Ed Snowden that spark non linear progress that will cause decades of history to happen in a few weeks.

The Baby Boomers, before they became consumers, used to say, ” Never trust anyone over 30.” The new saying will be never trust anyone under 30.  I think it has gone unnoticed in the general media that Ed Snowden is of the Millennial Generation.  I finished Module 1 of TGTNT with Not Good Enough specifically to get ahead of this huge topic.  This youngest generation has been sold lock, stock and barrel into generational debt slavery and will never have fresh air to breathe until the dollar dies.  This generation has been distracted with collective efforts like Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, but will soon see the only way out is walking away individually.

This week in the Silver Shield Report I will discuss how to best position yourself for the political, financial, and societal implications of the Prism Scandal including…

SNN1213ANN-620_1744169a   •    Breaking through the Alex Jones hype and getting real about this scandal and the recent Bilderberg meeting.
•    How the Prism was born in Venture Fascism and how the system works. (NO the government is not watching you right now…)
•    But you are probably on the list and why you should still NOT worry.
•    The chasm between the Criminal Elite’s dark desires and the reality of tyranny.
•    Ed Snowden is not the first NSA whistle blower, just the youngest with exotic locals and the hottest girlfriend.
•    Lessons for whistle blowers and the likely outcome of Ed Snowden
•    Why the only achievable solution for freedom is found in the opposite consciousness.
•    Why the generational conflict will intensify.
•    Why the Elite will massively miscalculate.
•    Why the counter party risk of everything online will culminate in massive conflict.
•    How real friends, assets, and skills will be the most valuable things as this conflict intensifies.
▪    An how I plan on timing and preparing for the single largest event in human history.

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3 comments to Silver Shield Report #81 Breaking The PRISM

  • MATT

    as hot as she looks..have no doubt..That would be one VERY expensive piece to touch..I prefer the quiet, non exhibitionist types personally..maybe he weighed up his options

    a) do I blow the whistle and therefore have a valid excuse to bail on this chick who is very likely to suck every last drop of blood out of me and take me chances with the CIA


    b) stay here, say nothing and die a sure slow death at the hands of an attention seeking, control freak!

    hm? what would you do?

  • Silver Shield

    The more I look at her the more I think she was a honey pot.
    She has a lot of traits of a woman who uses sex to get her way and I would not be surprised if she turns out to be a foreign agent used to pump him for information.

    • MATT

      definately a honey the saying goes..NO MONEY..NO HONEY!!

      c’mon Chris ..give us a peek at he Warbird and love… ;)))

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