Silver Shield Report #82 Leaderless Resistance Roundtable

Many of you don’t know, but the whole Sons of Liberty Academy was created when a forum I was hyper-active in was suddenly shut down.   I spent a ton of time developing threads and my reputation on that forum and then one night it was all gone without recourse.  I thought it was a shame that all of that information was lost and I tried to think of a better way to take people through my awakening experience.  I spent the next year and a half creating the Academy.

That Academy was not to create followers, but leaders that can have the power to listen to all and follow none.  I created the Silver Shield Group to find the committed individuals that were at the Acceptance Phase looking to take positive productive actions.  I want people to walk with, not behind me.  People who provide value and solutions.  I believe the resonating power of these individuals will be the future of humanity and not another collectivist based leader-follower group.

I am proud of the 80+ Reports I have done.  We have covered a wide range of topics that focus on solutions after the collapse.  This intellectual foundation for an opposite consciousness world will lead to a golden age of man after the collapse of the debt and death paradigm.  This Silver Shield Report is a huge difference than all of the newsletter services out there that focus on when the collapse is coming and tend to be myopic on their discussions.

I am incredibly happy with the people that are in this group of independent, intuitive problem solvers.  To think that we have a few hundred positive and motivated individuals from the millions that have seen my videos or articles, is pretty amazing.  I am working towards stronger deeper relations with a few individuals rather than a passive interest with millions that won’t do anything to even save themselves.  The future will be forged by those that had the vision to position themselves and make the connections to make big things happen.

Take a listen to the recent 8 person roundtable discussion about the future of this group.

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