11 Things You Need To Know About Silver Right Now

Many of you are waking up to Sub $20 Silver with another huge paper smash in the early hours of the day.  This follows the Fed Speak and is typical hit and run for these banksters, especially during the seasonal summer doldrums of silver.  They want no alternative to the almighty dollar and will use every trick in the book to keep the dollar prominent.

Here are 11 things you need to keep in mind about silver right now.

1. This is ALL paper manipulation.  There is NO massive physical dump of metal on the markets.  In fact it is quite the opposite, as I will show below.  This is purely an HFT trading pushing a waterfall in paper positions.  Does a -$52 dump in the trillion dollar gold market make any sense when almost half of the gold in the COMEX disappeared in the past few weeks?  It does if those that are taking delivery, knowing that massive change is coming, want you to dump your metal cheap.  Short the paper, take the physical.

We live in a world where electrons control so many people’s perceived reality, whether it is the boob tube or the flashing ticker of the markets.  Those in power know, like the Wizard of Oz, that if they pull a few levers they can strike great and powerful fear into the masses.  This is necessary to fool those individuals into sacrificing themselves to that power.  The weak hands sell to the strong hands.  The story is never who is selling, it is always who is buying.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 6.48.37 AM
2.  US Mint Silver Eagles sales are still at a record pace to reach 50 million ounces this year! So far this year they have sold 24.2 Million ounces of silver, and with this latest smash, I am sure the pace will go even higher.  To put this into perspective, last year the mint only sold 33 million in all of  2012.  And the biggest year of sales was only 40 million ounces for 2011.

3. But the Eagles are not necessarily being sold to Americans…  As I prepare for the relaunch of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series with my new Warbird and Love designs, I have had the pleasure of speaking to many of the real market players out there and I can tell you that a huge part of the demand for this record pace in Silver Eagles is coming from overseas.

Sales are good here, but nowhere near the feverish pace that 2011 generated.  There is a huge surge in foreign buyers of silver and that is accounting for much of the demand.   The historic silver bull market of the 70′s in silver was only created by America and Western Europe.  This time around the world is  joining in, and in a big way.  There are trillions of dollars floating around and these nations know that it is not a fair economic system to be tied to the petro dollar.  That is why nations like China, Russia, Japan, Australia and many more are dumping the dollar in bilateral trade.  The world is going to see that the only currencies that have no counter-party risk are precious metals and they will be taking delivery.

4. 16% of domestic silver production was destroyed with the Kennecott Mine collapse in April.  The US produces about 40 million ounces a year total in domestic mine production.  5 million of that came from the Kennecott Mine in Utah and that is now buried under 165 million tons of rock.  So since the US Mint must only use domestic mine production for the Eagle program, we will use every ounce we produce just for these coins.  Forget about the thousands of uses for industrial silver, and now there is a huge gash in the American Silver productive capacity.


5. These lower paper prices are not going to bring on more production…  The true cost of mining silver is much higher when you use real cash costs.  Miners are not going to produce, only to sell at a loss.  They will simply not produce, hold for higher prices or go out of business.  Which once again might be part of the plan.  If you are logical, this may be part of the plan, to buy these assets on the cheap before the collapse of the dollar.

6. We have been here before… I sat through the grueling 2008 silver collapse.  I listened to all  the silver naysayers bash silver then.  They are once again fluffing their feathers.  They said that silver was done and that you should sell.  I always ask them what to do with the money then?  You cannot be safe even in cash with our highly leveraged banks.  You cannot be safe in the stock market with it at record levels and flash crashes.  Even Real Estate at these ridiculously low interest rates is at risk if either the economy turns down or interest rates spike.
We will never know the day the music stops and those that trade in and out of markets risk being caught on the wrong side of history.

I stack because I have read the end of this drama and those with real friends, real assets and real skills will thrive.   The silver bashers never offer any logical arguments on where to better put our money, which leads me to believe that the majority of them are just paid shills.  And the ones that actually predicted the criminal manipulation of these markets to the current levels are probably even more guilty of being closer to the heart of the debt and death paradigm.  I believe that many of these guys are simply trying to gain credibility with their insider knowledge, but are more likely the Pied Pipers leading the follower rats astray at the most critical moment.  Listen to all, follow none!

The biggest money historically, has not been chasing trends, but seeing where the world is going to go and buy right and sit tight.  It is not sexy, but it works.   In 2008, I was determined not to be emotionally pushed around and used the logic I presented in the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield video series to hold firm and buy more.  Thank God I did, because I then watched silver rise almost 500% from 2008 to 2011.

7. Silver is way below its nominal record price of $50 in 1980.  It is even further below the government inflation adjusted level of $135.  And if you use REAL inflation adjusted numbers, like Shadowstats, the REAL 1980 inflation adjusted price of silver would have to be $450!  Silver is a precious and depleting resource and when you look at the price of housing, cars, education, food, energy, taxes, insurance back in the 1980′s, it is insane to think that silver is so cheap on any level.  Especially when the uses of silver have skyrocketed since the 1980’s.  It is now used in technology on a massive scale and is even now said to cure cancer.  Heck, they did not even have Silver Eagle sales back then, or the Silver Bullet Silver Shield for that matter.

8. This time it is going to be much larger!  None of the problems from the 2008 Banking Crisis have been solved.  In fact it is orders of magnitudes worse.   What started out as an institutional  problem, is now a sovereign nation problem.  This collapse will not be a puny multi – billion dollar corporation like AIG disintegrating, it will be the Trillion dollar economies of the nations of the world and the Quadrillion dollar derivative monster markets cracking apart.  There is no financial, political or social safety net left.  We destroyed all of that in 2008 and are on a debt based junkie delusion.

The collapse of currencies will affect every counter-party, debt based asset in the world. Your cash, stocks, bonds, Real Estate, pensions, insurance, all of it.  The collapse of financial contracts will lead to the collapse of all political and social contracts.  The Anger Phase of humanity is coming and only real assets with no counter party risk will be worth anything.  Most commodities have storage or degradation issues leaving only precious metals as a real store of wealth.

9. 1:65 Ratio makes silver the only choice.  The current gold to silver ratio is: 1 ounce of gold is worth 65 ounces of silver.  These come out of the ground at a 1:9 ratio!  That means just to get back to the natural mining ratio, silver would have to out perform gold 600%.  This is regardless what happens to the dollar value of gold.  If gold goes to $13,000 an ounce, silver at a 1:9 ratio would be $1,444 silver.

10. The historical stockpiles of silver are destroyed.  We know implicitly that gold has been treasured and kept secure.  While silver has been used and abused as a cheap, industrial metal like tin.  Since the price of silver has been under attack since the Crime of 1873, silver has been used in such small quantities that it has been destroyed.  The US government in 1950 had 5 billion ounces of silver in its strategic stockpile, now it has ZERO. So if gold and silver come out of the ground at a 1:9 ratio and gold has been treasured and silver stockpiles destroyed, logic would dictate that the end of this silver bull market will find the gold to silver ratio BELOW 1:9 and I think it will come close to a 1:1.  Either way, we are a long way away from those levels which makes silver so exciting right now.

It is the destruction of huge stockpiles like this that explains the decade long supply deficit to the growing demand of silver.  Do not forget that we are only 7 years away from the United States Geological Survey’s prediction that if we continue to consume silver at these rates, silver would be the first metal to become extinct.  When I challenged the USGS on that statement, they said that only a massive revaluation of silver to bring on more production and wiser use of silver would stop the extinction.  I don’t think we will ever run out of silver, but I do believe that the free market will crush this paper manipulation and that anyone holding physical silver on that day will then have a lottery ticket in real value.

11. Forget the dollar price of silver.  I think measuring silver in dollar terms is the wrong way to value silver, especially if we are talking about the end of the dollar.  The thing I love about stacking silver is that regardless of the price, I know the amazing value and uses of this unique metal.  Besides the gold to silver ratio, I think one of the most compelling reasons to buy silver is the historical value of silver to human labor.  Throughout history 1 day of hard human labor has been measured in 1/10th of an ounce of silver.  This is seen in the Bible with vineyard workers and Roman Soldiers being paid a Denarius. It is seen in Sun Tzu’s Art of War.  It is seen in the Industrial Age worker’s pay.  It is even seen in 2/3 of the world today that lives off of $2 a day.

When the generational debt based Ponzi scheme collapses many would be lucky to get a silver dime a day for their labor, because so few of us actually do anything that produces real value.  The debt based consumer economy has warped our reality so much that hardly anyone produces any material value other than shuffling papers and wasting time.  For the cost of your cup of coffee you are sipping on now you can buy a silver dime and have one day’s buffer of real money from a very harsh reality.

You can think of it as fat tail insurance, I see it as the investment of a life time.

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  • David Richardson

    Good info to put out. Some are trying to save in silver for their family’s better future, but as it goes down in dollar value, they may have a spouse that gets angry with them for buying what appears to be a depreciating asset.

    • Chad Paulson

      I feel your pain. If I even mention buying more silver… well, it’s a good way to start an argument. What is so frustration is that all the technical factors that should be causing silver to increase in value (i.e. QE, massive buying, lessening supply) are having the opposite affect. I understand the whole “manipulation game,” but what happens when the technical factors reverse? Will silver continue to drop? I really want to buy some more today, and hope “buying on dips” doesn’t end up being “trying to catch the falling knife.” It is good to hear the information above to renew passion in the white metal, but these are tough times to be a silver bull.

    • Anon Patriot

      I TOTALLY understand how THAT could happen. Didn’t deter me, however – at precisely 12:30 pm, on 12/23/2013, I picked up a 100 oz. bar of silver, to “commemorate” the 100-year-anniversary of the so-called “Fed” – one ounce for every year, 1913-2013. It HAD to be done. (Caveat: I am single.)

  • Taj

    Chris makes excellent arguments. The one thing that everyone should understand is that with silver at $21 now and $50 in 1980, what can be bought today at a cheaper price than in 1980. I can’t think of anything else. When I tell this to people I get blank stares on their faces. Keep up the good work Chris.

  • Phreetogo

    Thanks for posting this. Just what I needed to hear at the right time. Been doubting things as of late, but the fundamentals have not changed. Keep up the good work.

  • larry ishman

    Thank you it was a shot of light for these dark times. Can’t wait to see the new rounds!

  • Davidus Romanus

    If you’re buying silver you have to remember the real definition of three words.
    Speculator, Investor, Insurance.
    If you are an investor, you are buying an asset that will provide income. Those have traditionally been stocks that pay a dividend, or real estate that provides an income etc.
    If you buy something with the hopes of selling it at a higher price later, you are a speculator. This is what the stock market has become. This is what some PM buyers are doing. It is very difficult to always buy low and sell high, and there is much risk involved.
    Most people reading this column are, like me, neither investors nor speculators. We buy silver as insurance against the loss of purchasing power of paper money. I don’t care what the price of silver is today as compared to yesterday. I only care that I have some when dollars completely lose their value. Remind your spouse of that if the asset appears to be depreciating.

    • David Richardson

      “If you’re buying silver you have to remember the real definition of three words.”

      Perhaps a fourth also; savings.


    Thanks, even I 100% in since 2009, and down 1.4m since 4-2011, needs a little pep talk. Only wish I had more money to buy more, but that would be much harder than it was in 2009.

  • Domenic

    I do a little trick to gain perspective. I drive down town or to the most busy intersection of the city I live in and just watch all the people pass by. Now I think these people all have money and are all innocent and have no clue. Then I think of all I know and understand that there are others that understand more just like me. Governments understand a fair bit on how to control the people but there are a few at the top that understand even more still and work with criminals that control everything. Those people at the top have been in control for many years and have been at this for quite some time. They don’t want things to fall apart and the government does not want things to fall apart. Most of all the people that are clueless will fight the hardest to keep all things moving along the most and would be the most unreasonable. After understanding this construct I apply this to what I see happening (or not happening) and figure that everything is not so chicken little. Mind you concern is a given but rest assured that the criminals are at the top for a reason they know what they are doing and will stop at nothing to keep it going that way. I don’t condone what they do but sometimes that is just how it works. Like the saying I here where one is not to fight the fed. I know this is all bullshit but it is our bullshit and it sucks.

    In the end it all keeps turning and life is what we make it.

    • todd

      man, i do the same thing when im waiting for the bus, all those dressed up business men with fat wallets of fiat money and hundreds of thousands in stocks and bonds, etfs, 401k’s, 5 house(one to live in and 4 on beaches around the world that are only collecting dust. ugh! i am an avid speaker to people on the street nicely mentioning if they know whats going on the the global economy. outta 10 people 9 move away from me as if im a serial killer but i ALWAYS find that one who listens to me even as i miss my bus but continue to educate them. there mouths literally drop open. we end by exchanging emails and they usually never respond but i email them and simply send them a list of websites to check out. my email list is nearing 500 people as we speak. its not a lot but it shows im doing the best I can to educate the sheeple. i just wanna say for some reason after reading your post it just stuck out like the feeling you get when you receive your silver in the mail. just wanna say hi and keep on stacking.

    • David Richardson

      “Those people at the top have been in control for many years and have been at this for quite some time. They don’t want things to fall apart and the government does not want things to fall apart.”

      The financial elites are “hedged” in various ways, including ownership of tangible assets. I don’t think they care if things fall apart or not as long as they are rich and their head isn’t on the chopping block at the end. I don’t think they care which political party is in power either, since they control both.

  • Philip

    LOL. I had just put on, “The Top 14 Reasons…” DVD, before I pulled the trigger on another monster of Philharmonics, when this article arrived in my Inbox. Timing.

    • todd

      its destiny, or i like to say coincidence( God in sunglasses and a mustache) we shall prevail. unfortunately most will not but as we all have tried and tried to awaken these sheeple they just don’t give a damn. they sure will when all unfolds like in the wizard of oz. and these people will be the one we will have to protect ourselves from. cause they’re used to their big fat paychecks(paper) and then convert them to fiat or invest in non intrinsic investments. these will be the monsters robbing, raping, pillaging etc. because they feel they work so hard(ok so they sit at work behind a desk, no actually cubicles) never have done an honest days of hard labor. not to offend any of you with desk jobs im speaking of the sheeple who aren’t awake and don’t give a damn. oh, i dont know i just felt the need to reply to you and ended up on a rant, sorry. my true reply is in the first sentence. keep on stackin’

    • Asteve

      Who are you dealing with that is supplying a decent delivery timeframe? everyone I see is showing 8-10 wks.

      • Philip

        Hi Steve, I’m shipping them into the UK. Because of the VAT issues, I’m using Liberty Silver in Estonia. You Americans & Canadians sure are lucky…for now. Currently, 2 week shipping delay and the voyage time normally takes around 10 days.

        @Todd, don’t worry man. We all try to wake people up and have the same feelings of frustration. Keep on keeping on.

        • tom fleming

          hi Philip,
          I could buy silver rounds in the usa but getting them into North of Ireland and being charged vat as we are in the uk is leaving it very expensive,you mentioned shipping,could you advise me how this could work for me.]

          tom fleming
          N Ireland

        • tom fleming

          hi Philip
          I live in uk,vat is a big issue and makes buying more expensive,I can buy rounds from usa,
          you mentioned shipping,how can this be done.


        • Ricky

          Hi Phillip

          I note you order from Liberty Silver – what are the shipping costs? I’m thinking about ordering 1200 oz (ie 12 x 100o bars). I cant get onto their website just yet.



  • hunter

    Yea and a porsche would have cost 70k in 1980.
    “Cutting edge technology” and all

    • geezer

      Less, I believe. My GF at the time bought a new 928 in 1980 – for $42 K, as I recall. A 911 should have been similar, if not less.

  • Cleburne61

    Welcome back Chris! :)

  • todd b.

    hey chris! welcome back. i just bought about a $1000 of silver off a buddy of yours and he says after i bought all your coins x3 of each off his store at ebay he said that im gonna have one of the best collections of yours… well maybe a pretty good one but he said he had talked to you and let you know i said hello. im keeping his name private because its not my place to mention it. i just know i love your art your work your philosophy and your a very educated man. i hope to meet you one day. i have ideas and investment capital. best regards, todd b. – pittsburgh, Pa. :-)

  • Robert

    Well- reasoned article, Chris. I must, however, note your pronouncement – back last July in an e-message to me, when paper silver prices were dropping to 27- that the white metal would not go below $26, because there would not be any more seller below that price. It appears either there WERE a lot more scared sellers, or the bullion banksters have been criminally employing naked paper contracts to drive the horrendous drop we are seeing. Same with gold, one assumes?

    So . .. what will prevent their “games” from continuing until papers silver is $18 … $17 … $16/oz,or lower? I’m serious. What will stop it?

    • Silver Shield

      Excellent question…

      After 2 years and 5 trips to $26 I thought for sure that would be it.
      It wasn’t.

      I think this just shows the desperation, not strength, of those that seek to keep silver down.

      The paper markets trade hundreds of times the physical market, this creates a fomentation of action and psychology to the down side.
      Those that did not buy for the reasons I talk about in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield are going to get washed out and sell to stronger hands.

      What will stop it is when the physical market and demand far out paces the paper market.
      Their attacks make silver cheaper and only drives the metal to stronger hands.
      This will seal the fate as the strong physical holders never have to sell and only have an interest it higher prices free of dollar manipulation.

      Everyday the fundamentals of owning physical silver grow magnitudes stronger as the macro picture of the fiat world deteriorates.
      I would rather hold through times like this because trying to time and trade these manipulated markets is suicide.
      The only thing that has worked for me over the long run was stack the smack.
      You make money when you buy, not when you sell.

      What’s to stop it from $17? Very little at this point.
      We still have a very weak July and August to get through, but if you can hold and stack through this period and we complete another 2+ year consolidation into seasonal strength I think we will have washed out the weak hands and be ready for another huge move far greater than the 500% move from 2008-2011.

      What is the downside now? Couple of bucks…
      What is the upside now? Being on the right side of the single largest wealth transfer in human history.

      • Robert

        Thank you , Chris, for your kind and temperate reply. I will try to buy some now, and watch for even lower prices over the next few months, to buy more. We canl compare notes in late September … or early in 2014.

      • todd b

        My man Chris!!!! you said it in your last sentence…. Being on the right side of the SINGLE LARGEST WEALTH TRANSFER IN HUMAN HISTORY! im not yelling im shouting in delight!!! :-)

      • Bill

        I started following silver in 1999. When I see drops like this now, I only see buying opportunities. I have grown my sea legs.

        Having said this; I still feel for those who may have bought in at a high relative to the fiat currency they are using. Just remember that purchasing power of silver has been retained, and I may venture to say that over time it is growing.

        Just remember that Gold and Silver are always attacked whenever Ben Bernanke is about to speak. It makes the sheeple believe him more. The next time Ben speaks will be the same. Now that you know this you can save your money and buy on the next day he speaks. Trade your fiat currency for something you can take home, before you cant trade it.

        If I’m wrong and silver and gold go to $4.50 and $250 as in 1999 then all you end up with is a pile of metal that you over bought. If this is the case then there will be peace in the middle east, and across the world. Your job will be secure, there will be nothing to worry about, and all world economies will be prospering. In that case it wont matter that you bought the silver.

        But if you don’t……..

      • Robert

        A little late, perhaps … but thank you sincerely, Chris, for your time and efforts fashioning that intelligent response. It’s a matter of personal philosophy, which you have demonstrated … holding for the inevitable day when the monetary systems of the developed countries start falling like dominoes into the reeking pile of manure that they are.

        Silver s so low at this point, you are correct … what’s another $2/ounce versus missing the blast-off because one is too afraid to jump back in.

        Peace to you.

    • David Richardson


      A really good question at the end of your post. They can have the ETF price at $5 as long as the physical price breaks from the spot. So far the miners, refiners, and wholesalers are going to supply the physical at this new smash-down price, otherwise the retailers would have massively jacked up the premiums this AM, and they didn’t.

      Low-priced physical sellers? How about Mexico and Peru, who need the cash flow, and I think the ETF’s and other “products” that have to have some fractional reserve of what they sell [in large “good delivery” physical bars] get those directly from those countries. We need people playing the ETF/paper games demanding physical delivery rather than cash settlement at the end of their contract. Otherwise they keep playing their game. These ETF’s are probably unaffected by how many silver eagles the mint sells.

      Even Canadian & US miners and recyclers have to have cash flow. Yes it would raise physical prices if they held back 20% or more of their production for a time when prices are higher. But Mexico, Peru, and refiners are apparently going to sell physical silver for around $20 per ounce…or lower. One retailer was selling silver eagles for $2.69 over spot this morning…for as few as one coin.

      • Robert

        David –

        Nice analysis – thanks! Given I have “invested” in some 2014 and 2015 LEAPS in the SLV (much to Chris’ admonitions to the contrary) in addition to holding physical, I hope these shenanigans start coming to an end by late this year. Who can tell for sure?

        $2.69 over spot?? Pray tell . .. which retailer sells the ASE for such a low premium?? I have always had good luck with http://www.goldmart.com but they are $3.39 over spot today.

  • Sterl

    I haven’t had to be to patient yet since I am still just investigating all the old cracks in this old economic bridge. (I was not quite awake to all this one year ago.) I am quite happy that you folks out here have spent time blazing trails for people like me, Thank you. I feel like there is a small path up this learning curve.

    Every day this failing bridge (failing economy) has yet another frayed cable, new crack in cement, or newly discovered section of rebar that has rusted through. Some days, we see someone filing plaster in the cracks and putting on a fresh coat of paint. Today I see some plaster. This plaster is not doing anything to make this bridge any more structurally sound. Sure looks better to the unobservant folks!

    Davidus, Thanks for the message of these three words: Speculator, Investor, Insurance. I will make sure and use that when I am explaining my position to other people.

    I bought a fair amount silver at 32$ an ounce months ago. I have bought more at 26$ an ounce in April. (A year ago, doing such things was not a thought in my head). I really don’t care too much what the price is today, other than real physical silver has been chosen by others to be on sale right now. I am still glad I bought some last fall, and I am still glad I bought some in April. I am holding silver for insurance for the day this bridge comes all the way down and proves to be unserviceable.

    • todd b

      if you bought the same amount of silver during your two purchases your per troy oz is now $29. nice move!! :-) I’m around in your same boat i got my cost per troy ounce avg. down to 28$ but as of the last month i may havent snuck down to $27. I gotta go do my math! LoL Keep On Stackin’…… :-)

      P.S.- isn’t it nice to be AWAKE! :-) oh and as you said and i agree the fiat currency price means nothing, you have traded fiat for real money. :-) :-) :-)

  • freed slave

    as usual, logic and reason will prevail.

  • speedspirit

    Are any of you spending anytime on the forum? https://silvershieldgroup.com/forum/forum.php?

  • MAtt


  • btruth

    SILVER & GOLD will not help you, when THEY collapse the system & we have REVOLUTIONARY WAR here! THEY will allow NO BARTER, TRADE, SELLING OR BUYING! You will be too busy fighting for your lives against the mercenaries, UN troops, gangs, looters, crazed cannibals etc. etc. to be able to use ANY GOLD OR SILVER! Stock up on bullets, guns, water purification & food! The most important thing to do is get right with Jesus Christ!

    • Motoicon

      While I agree, what do you do with all your wealth after you have done all that? Give it to Satan’s helpers by holding paper assets?

  • Dave Cummings

    Good read chris,

    For all those people enquiring about getting the best deal on silver with the best delivery times. silvergoldbull.com is truly awesome. Lowest prices I could find anywhere ( and I looked hard) plus they match any competitors price. Never waited more than 7 business days for an order. Even received one 3 days after I placed the order. Of course they have sbss coins ;). Just thought I’d share , hope it helps someone out there, peace

  • marz

    In Buenos Aires, Argentina, I´m seeing more ASEs, Maples, Vienna Phills, and Mexican oz than 6 months ago, and increasing. The lowest price is around 50 USD.

  • Motoicon

    The article and vid are well timed. Having confidence in honest weights and measure requires faith and discernment. When logically exploring all options for storing wealth, silver always rises to the top. You make that so clear for those who are discouraged right now and I for one, are very happy you have come back to explaining why silver is by far the best place to store wealth after dealing with the likes of Rob Gray.

  • Condee

    Here’s another way to look at it. Buying silver, that is. Think of silver worth $200 an ounce. If what Chris is true, then $500 is more like it. Now, look at what silver is selling for today, your time. Is this not the best deal around? When silver prices go down then that means I can buy more for the same money. Buy as much as you can afford. Dimes are good. Any 90%. During hard times they will trade well with no change required. Like 1 lb bars. Buy all you can while you can. It’s cheap, cheap, cheap. JUST A THOUGHT!!!!!!!

  • Ed Lebish

    The only problem I have with precious metals is that we can’t eat it! When things get bad, we will be fighting for our next meal. Gardening and bartering is going to be one of the only ways we will be able to survive if the crooks don’t steal everything from us. Hide your weapons and ammo!

  • Josh

    wanted to share my SBSS stack check it out : over 120 slave queen, 265 oz freedom girl, over 100 sbss member proofs 2,600oz total in collection. enjoy :-)


  • Charlie

    Great video, keep it up. 450 an ounce, wow man, a hand full of silver would buy several acres of land.

  • Crissy

    I saw that silver dropped last night….I was mad with delight..I knew I would face the tiger this morning and ask him to please let me buy more silver on this dip. He put up a good fight. For those of you who have a spouse that cannot see the value of silver yet, it may help to know that the chink in his armor today was that I reminded him the dollar will not survive and I thought it was a very good idea to be holding silver and not paper when this thing implodes…he could not argue with that. Years ago I made my sons put a percentage of their income into silver. They all own more than I do…..little silver bugs. I don’t care how much silver costs I won’t stop buying it.

  • James Tetreault

    Well, I still have a significant (for me) amount of precious metals in a self-directed ira account. This last couple months of price smashes is going to make it quite a bit easier to pay the taxes on another distribution. They’re making it easier for me to get my property out of their clutches. Thanks a55holes.

  • Wapitiman

    I believe that 90% of the people walking around are completely oblivious to economic reality. The dollar will be around forever, albeit, inflation will takes its bite.
    Of the remaining 10%, I think half realize what is happening but are doing nothing about it. For lack of inclination or opportunity, they are inert.
    The remaining half (5%) are stacking and trying to prepare for the inevitable. (These figures are my personal estimation culled from reading, observation and talking to people who return blank stares. I have given up evangelizing as I have had precious few takers. One woman was horrified at the prospect of an economic collapse regardless of what happened to the Weimar Republic.

    • David Richardson

      I believe over 90% are oblivious to coming economic realties.

      I think the dollar will be so stained by what is coming they may come up with another name for the next fiat currency for people to have confidence in it.

      According to several I have communicated with about 2% have any gold or silver coins intentionally stacked. Some may have a few 90% silver coins they or their parents saved.

      My 84 year old mother told me she has non invested cash in her brokerage account. I said fine; it just loses against inflation. Knowing i have an affinity for PM’s she said “well what should I do, buy bullion and put it in my safe deposit box? She said she wouldn’t do that. A few months later she said “do you know what _____ has been doing? She has been buying gold coins and putting them in her safe deposit box”.

  • tom fleming

    buying from usa and living in uk,vat and duty is charged,do I have to pay this,is there an alternative way.

  • Domenic

    Just want to put this out there. When silver shot to 48.50 the USD was 72 cents and the ratio between gold and silver was aroun 30-40:1. Its now 65:1 and the USD is at 82 cents. So silver really has not gone down. Does anyone understand what I am saying here?

    Mind you this silver is using an exchange to find true market value however with margins with the dollar being strengthen by other global markets, silver price is being confused by the devaluation of the dollar before it’s perceived understood real value.

    In other words we are measuring the same thing with an elastic ruler. Silver is still worth more than 19 bucks. Gas,taxes,food and anything that is needed (no choice) are up 30% from then and silver has gone down?

    What I don’t like is the creativity of governments after we start to sell the silver back into fiat in the form of USD or any other currency that may exist later.

  • YHWH

    I don’t know anything about what any of u are talking about, how do I begin to invest in silver? Is it a dream to think that I can get something later for cheap now? Is that how it works? I am an uneducated laborer who works hard, am I a fool to assume I can turn something into SOMETHING?

    • Silver Shield

      Throughout all of human history a days labor has been equivalent to a tenth ounce of silver. It is in the Bible for a denarius for working in the vineyard. It is in the Sun Tzu the Art of War. Roman soldiers were paid a denarius a day to fight barbarians. Factory workers at the turn of the last century and EVEN 2/3 of the world today live off of $2 a day, which is 1/10th of an ounce of silver.

      So no matter how poor you are you will do yourself the biggest favor to buy a pre 1965 silver dime every day you come home from work. Every soda, beer, cigarettes, burger you pass up there are more silver dimes.

      These dimes add up quickly and are real weath that is treasure that you don’t want to spend. It helps force savings because you start to value everything in silver and realize that so much I what we spend our money on is garbage that weakens us.

      Good luck.

  • Nate

    I began stacking this year. I buy one ounce a week as well as my hobby of collecting coins. You talk of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. I understand your comparison of one pre 1965 silver dime a day but my question is how many ounces would keep my family comfortable? It would be great to be wealthy but I’m doing this to protect my family and I am doing this as “insurance” as you say. So how many ounces would a person need?

  • Does anyone know that Kennecott Mine is not shut down, but that it was simply a landslide back in April that caused a temporary shutdown?

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