Metals crisis update! Part 1 and 2

4 comments to Metals crisis update! Part 1 and 2

  • po rich

    The market didn’t move because of the statement.
    The statement is just a poor excuse for a pre-planned market move.

    • Bigdad06

      Good point! Very possible!

    • Thank you Po Rich. Why is it that when these guys called Bernanke and these others that CONTROL (not manipulate, but totally control)everything….stupid? What’s so stupid about being in total control? Does anyone know that the Central Banks trade on a long established value of 42.22 USD? Check the regular quarterly US Treasury report.

      These people continually report, like they did here, that “these Powers that Be” MOVED THE MARKET. Moved is not manipulated. They control it and set the price points wherever they want. They STEER it in a manner “think” that it’s not Totally Controlled….but as you succinctly put it….this was already planned; proving that NONE OF THIS YAK ABOUT METAL “being a hedge” means anything. It was not a “hedge” from 1980 (850.00 per ounce) to 2001 (250.00 per ounce….21 years of 300+% price drop, while inflation rose…to 2008 when gold finally got back to an “unadjusted value” of 850.00….duh huh)

      FDR said it best…”in politics, nothing happens by accident. if it happened, it was planned that way”. MONEY IS POLITICAL….and Controlled by the KING (in this case…Obama and the Monetary Powers). I suggest reading SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS…it’s online.

  • sorry…..”trade GOLD”.

    that the sheeple “think” is not Total Control

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