Silver Shield Report #83 The State of disUNION

Humanity has been revolving in for the past 6,000 years of one group of cunning collectivist men over throwing another group of cunning collectivist men.  They then use debt for their minions and death for the enemies to control the world.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.  You must see the world anew.” – Albert Einstein

This world has been shaped by these men that live in fear of scarcity.  This has lead to collectivization of power as they to try to control the world.  We are at the winter of this scarcity mentality, as they try to sustain the unsustainable.  This will lead to diminishing returns on investment as the system they built becomes more complex and unstable.  This will eventually lead to massive decentralization of power and the largest wealth transfer the world has ever seen.

How do you lead an opposite consciousness, leaderless evolution?  You don’t. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 10.58.33 AMThis is an evolution based on ideas, rather than a revolution based on (psychopathic) leaders.  The problem is that so few people really consciously think, much less than commit to new ideas.  Real change will only be made ahead of the collapse by intuitive problem solvers.  Most of humanity will have to reach rock bottom, before they even question what their life is about.  I have dedicated a great deal amount of time to thinking about a truly different way to create real change in this world.

Listen to all follow none.  Is etched into my coins and is the most repeated phrase that I have used.  If you follow anyone, you are going to be let down, because nobody is going to live up to your expectations.  No one really cares about you and no one is coming to save you.  Those that seek power, more often than not, are psychopaths that want to abuse those that follow them.  It is not that power corrupts, it is the corrupt that seek power.

Instead of secrecy, I have used complete transparency.   Most organizations when you boil down to it thrive on secrecy where minions are left in the dark begging for their leader to give direction.  This leads to abuse and centralization of power.

I countered secrecy with the highest level of education on how the world really works with the Sons of Liberty Academy.  Without a doubt, no other educational program out there provides an un-indoctrination process that actually frees and empowers the individual to think for themselves.  It is based on the Trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.  I then made the best educational program available for free so that anyone with the determination to completed the whole thing would have a leader’s education.  This allows the individuals that cut ties from the scarcity mentality to become their own leaders armed with logic and the power to follow their own resonating path to the abundance mentality with others.

These empowered individuals now no longer desire or fall for dependent relationships.  Like a good marriage, it is based on resonating strengths and not a dependent relationships of weaknesses.  From there you have an incredible base of fully aware and prepared individuals ready to resonate with others.  This is what the Silver Shield Report is all about.

This week I will give the State of the disUNION. I will cover what has led up to where we are in this social experiment of resonating power including…

  • A clear description of the philosophy of this opposite consciousness solution.
  • Why this is perfectly timed for the single largest wealth transfer in human history.
  • Why I believe this will be historically significant and possibly enter humanity into a golden age.
  • The reason why this is opposite consciousness path  is the only logical path at the most dangerous time in history with its massive counter party risk and centralization of power.
  • Why massive decentralization is coming and how to best prepare for it.
  • The timing and structures necessary for an decentralized society including social operating systems, competitive currencies, and the next generation of solutions for humanity’s new needs.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 10.57.28 AMIn addition to this report I will be giving the first details of the relaunch of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield on July 4th with Warbird.  With the relaunch of the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield coins, the aggressively cheap silver price, the 45+ new designs, Heidi Wastweet’s incredible sculpts, the awesome quality and capacity of the Golden State Mint, and the largest retailers of silver in the world supporting the relaunch of this series, I am sure we will be once again be making waves out there.

Finally, I will also be shutting down the Silver Shield Report to new members on Monday night.  I have done this twice before as we started to reach a lot of publicity like the Coast 2 Coast interview and the Ron Paul Congressional Testimony.  I feel it is time to close the door once again and work with the people we have, to develop deeper relationships.  This step is necessary to lead to the Maverick Mastermind Group where the future opportunities will be built, when the collapse comes.

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