Legislative Slop For The SUA’s Hogs

Proposal for The Silver Users Association & Their Captive Senators and Congressmen
Presented June 2013 by Charles Savoie

“Anything which interferes with the natural flow of prices, and exaggerated bear pools are a social evil.”
—New York Times, June 30, 1933, front page.
“A free and open market would be far less subject to manipulation or control. Silver is not needed for reserves. Silver has no guaranteed value.” —retired Admiral Donald Ramsey, legislative counsel to Silver Users Association, Commercial & Financial Chronicle, August 20, 1962, page 909. Silver users are top talents when it comes to making jacked-up statements! I repeat my February 2004 suggestion that silver miners set up their own in-house jewelry and table ware fabrication divisions, and sell straight to the public from websites. Do it because it will boost margins. Do it because it will deny the silver users sleep!
I have written more on the Silver Users Association than anyone else in the long community for additional information see http://www.silver-investor.com/archives/ . Silver investors who know even a little about the users association know what it wants is 1) all the world’s silver, a pipe dream not possible of realization and failing that 2) All the silver in the United States, a goal also not possible but less distantly so and 3) incessant price capping of silver, by Federal edict if necessary (the last time this happened was in the Nixon administration) and 4) absolutely zero use of silver in payment for goods and services. We shall see how things unfold for the users group’s goals as time progresses.
The users association has been interested in silver since its inception in 1947, though before that it was known as the Silver Users Emergency Committee during World War II. In the late 1960’s the users group lobbied for a lifting on the Federal ban of melting 90% coin silver so they could access more metal, and the ban was lifted. The same Senators and Congressmen back of the legislation creating the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 1975 have been among the SUA’s political pals in the District of Columbia. Not surprisingly the CFTC’s history concerning silver is that of hostility towards longs, millisecond quick regulation of longs, investigation and oversight of longs, and a view towards short sellers of “huh” and “what’s that” and “no, we can’t be bothered” and “leave us alone, can’t you see we’re busy” and finally, “we’ve initiated a silver price investigation, but it will never go anywhere, because we’re using the insect trapped in an amber fossil method.” Will all the CFTC commissioners skip the country days before a silver blowup?
Bart Chilton was born in Wilmington Delaware, home base of the silver using Du Pont family. Bart’s grandfather had the Thomas H. Chilton laboratory named for him in the Du Pont organization. Surprisingly this easily accessible information hasn’t received attention on silver sites http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bart_Chilton I won’t make anything of the fact of Bart’s birthday being May 1—international Communist “May Day,” but it is a comical coincidence, and not philosophically out of step with his evasive, stalling nature! What you want to bet that Chilton’s college economics professor had the same view of silver as expressed in Harper’s Magazine, May 1950, pages 98 and 100—
“Silver’s existence as money is actually an embarrassment. Silver for fictitious monetary purposes is sheerest waste and extravagance—the silliest kind of nonsense.”
The refusal of the CFTC to regulate short sellers is such that CFTC chairmen have addressed the SUA saying they look forward to working with the SUA. See the release dated May 23, 2001 http://www.cftc.gov/opa/speeches01/opanewsm-20.htm Not only CFTC chairmen but also commissioners have addressed the SUA, genuflecting to SUA by making references to the wicked Hunt brothers who had the temerity to be so massively long silver. In one of his public offerings, speaking of the CFTC, Butler said, “This dog won’t hunt.”
In addition to harming paper contract holders in silver, mining share investors, that is to say the majority—the buy and hold faction, who haven’t been nimble enough to ride the shorts coat-tails to expand their holdings, have been seriously injured whenever any of them were forced by sudden situations to liquidate at or towards price bottoms. These price whipsaws are still being mislabeled as “corrections.” There is no way to know how much has been ripped off from long investors in silver since 1975 (as only one starting point) but it has to be over $100 billion. The Securities Exchange Commission should have been interested in this also, and collaborated with the CFTC and COMEX about it. But the SEC too has done nothing, being another Wall Street government “regulatory agency” created to cover for short sellers abuse.
Silver investors own metal in both basic forms—three and four niner bullion, and the old United States 90% silver coins, the last of which were quarters stamped in unknown numbers, but it was in the tens of millions, up until early spring 1965. They were still dated 1964, because bankers and silver users didn’t want coin set collectors to add pressure to hoarders actions by thinking they’d snap up quarters to have 1965 date rolls, which over time would have returned somewhat more than most of the last issues, which were predominantly dated 1964. This is one of the lesser known facts about the 90% coin. Naturally it’s impossible to tell, or prove, which 1964’s were actually minted in 1965, and by now has no impact on the situation. A preponderance of the 90% coinage has long since been melted. How much remains is subjective, but consensus seems to be under 8% of the original coin mintages remain. A significant number of coins are entirely in the numismatic realm and not available for industrial use in any case.
We very reasonably expect the SUA to lobby Capitol Hill for all the favoritism and string pulling in silver acquisition at suppressed prices it can possibly achieve. This has been their modus operandi from day one. Silver investors aren’t contending only with industrial users as a pressure group opposing longs. The majority of the pressure against silver and gold longs comes from “The Silver Stealers” which see on Google search. Bankers hate silver worse than a parent would hate a gnawing bubonic plague rat in the crib with their month old baby. I can’t think of anything bankers hate as severely as they hate silver, so much so, that on any bankers list of ten things they hate most, second place would be left vacant and gold would be listed as number three! I opened by saying the users group has captive Senators and Congressmen. Let me amend this to state they aren’t captives, they’re collaborators. Captives these lawmakers are however, to “The Silver Stealers,” the megabankers and their allies, who got the 17th Amendment to squelch State control over Senatorial elections!
On August 9, 1934, by executive order 6812, Franklin Roosevelt nationalized silver bullion. He didn’t seize coin silver because it was still part of the U.S. payments system. That is certainly not the status of 90% coin today and in any proposed silver nationalization, citing FDR as precedent, the net would be cast over all forms of silver except numismatic rarities and sterling table ware and jewelry. It wouldn’t be so easy to pull off nationalization today because we’ve had the benefits of the Internet to distribute information the captive media would never mention. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6 succinctly makes the point. Great informational resources for silver investors exist and I for one have made them available for free at www.nosilvernationalization.org Don’t any group of conspirators out there try to implement a plan to implicate silver ownership with terrorism, silver suppression has stooped to appalling lows, don’t take any more damnation into your spirits than you already have, because there are degrees of suffering in hell!
A very quiet but real situation in the physical precious metals markets is that significant numbers of attorneys have become investors. This constitutes another barrier inhibiting government attacks against a free market in silver. More and more things are shaping up as formidable forces pressuring towards a free market in gold, silver and their use as legitimate money. As John Wayne said to his arrestee on the river boat in “The Comancheros” (1961) —
I have warned the users group that if nationalization is ordered, we know they’d be the eventual “giftees” of the silver. In such situation, the defrauded silver investors can and make no mistake about it will counter-attack by law suits and more tellingly, by organizing crippling consumer boycotts against the largest silver using companies, Dow Chemical, Du Pont and Tiffany & Company, to name three. All retired service men and their families, friends and church members are likely to assist us, including those who never invested in silver, due to the fact that most of the silver metal in the former national strategic silver stockpile was gifted to the Silver Users Association for price suppression objectives. That silver, originally 165 million ounces, was set aside for national defense—so our troops could have the best in technology for their use, as we can’t revert to Civil War military methods for modern defense needs. The best interests of our military personnel have got to be valued more highly than those of a snob jeweler like Tiffany & Company to cart silver off at lowball rates, then marked up dozens of times to ripoff self defeating consumers too dumb to price the market! Fairplay would be served if the users were compelled to restore to a new stockpile as much as they withdrew from it with the help of Silver Stealers like former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. If The Pilgrims Society has to give up suppressing precious metals, it will still plan to suck us dry via taxation and the medical industry!
We can also appeal for assistance to everyone in the United States whose ancestral roots are in the Indian subcontinent. As our reasons why they should join our prospective boycotts, to be triggered immediately on news of a second Federal silver nationalization, are that the British abused India for most of 300 years—that they exported hundreds of millions of silver ounces from melted silver rupee coins in the period 1928 through 1938 to knock the Far East off its silver money system—and the nagging fact that Union Carbide, a Silver Users Association member, negligently caused the December 1984 industrial accident involving the release of poison gas, killing some 14,000 plus Indians in Bhopal, and leaving many more permanently disabled and impaired. We can find abundant support in our prospective boycotts against SUA companies, including anti-pollution activists who are well aware of excessive ground water contamination by Dow Chemical and by Du Pont. Silver Users Association, familiarize yourselves with the storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789. The corrupt defenders were outnumbered 8 to 1 and today you only wish the odds were no worse for you than that.
Others joining us in a prospective boycott—and law suits—against the SUA in case of nationalization will predictably be the State legislators in Utah, Arizona, New Hampshire, Texas and elsewhere who are slowly bulldozing their way towards gold and silver coin payments restoration. This will also erode the bogus idea that precious metals transactions should be taxed (only as jewelry sales tax!) Be advised the Roosevelt days are back in the past as to silver nationalization and if those days are revisited under President Obummer or other Wall Street puppet in the White House, you of the SUA are gonna have a tough row to hoe; we will see to it. Some will even throw their silver away in some wilderness or bury it with asbestos “insulation,” and scatter small nails in a wide surrounding perimeter to keep “authorized” thieves busy for weeks, and frustrated. It would be hopelessly expensive to ferret out! Some may disperse their hoards to crowds so as to disperse the metal into as many hands and widely scattered points on the map as possible. Yes, some are ready to commit silver suicide rather than give up their silver on a coercive basis. If we starve, the users association starves also. The negative publicity of the spectacle of a Federally ordered silver forfeiture on the part of several million American citizens, their metal seized at a laughingly termed “non-inflationary” rate for the purpose of breaking them financially and gifting more plunder to the Silver Users Association will be so severe, miscellaneous financial sharks will go massively short the shares of your companies—including your sponsors, “The Silver Stealers” who miss no opportunity to draw blood. Maybe you the users will have to eat stool samples.
You can forget about any so-called “hoarder’s tax” or “speculative tax” on silver, this will cause supply to be held off the market. It’s likely that at least 95% of silver in public hands is in “strong hands,” people with other means of support and are in no distressed, high pressure situation desperate to sell to raise emergency funds. I could lose all my silver and not take any hit to my standard of living. Another thing very obviously obstructing disinvestment of physical silver is the persistent low price set by your Wall Street and London sponsors—they’re pushing you towards a precipice of undersupply. It’s well known that silver supply from mineral sites just starting up typically involves a multi-year process. You can expect no silver from any trumped up “national emergency” declaration, and we resent your being in bed with so many Federal agencies and officials, the collusion is sickening! The SUA’s fall 2007 meeting with the Department of Homeland Security at the Army-Navy Club in D.C. shows the United States government’s views on antitrust law is one of selective enforcement. A long side cartel like De Beers Diamonds is disallowed from having an office on United States soil, but the government openly collaborates with a shortside cartel in silver, because it’s in the interest of government sponsored asswipe paper “money” that the commodity price of silver remain depressed.
On October 19, 2007, at http://www.24hgold.com/english/contributor.aspx this question was asked in reference to the Silver Users Association—
The enormity of this situation of a shortside cartel existing in plain sight, and not even drawing scrutiny from any economics or law professors in the nation is a tragicomedy of anti-free market atrocities. In his 1937 book “America’s 60 Families” economic historian Ferdinand Lundberg remarked on page 402–
No need to do a whole other research on this topic here. Suffice it to say the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks have an influence network in their respective areas, and institutions of higher education are included under their umbrella. That the Federal Reserve System is bitterly hateful against silver insures that hardly any law professor or economics instructor would stick his or her neck out by trying to post to any “scholarly” journal or site (the American Economic Association at Vanderbilt University least of all) an expose of silver suppression, detailing attacks against silver as money, suppression of the price of commodity silver, and sentiments against lawful private ownership of silver. News broadcasters are included in this influence network no less than educational institutions. However, they cannot evade covering lawsuits and large scale boycotts! What a tough break, huh Scott Pelley?
AEA member Neil Carothers, a university economics professor, wrote his lying hatred against silver in the North American Review, January 1932, pages 14-15 —
“The silver industry in this country is about as important as the suspender industry. Silver calls for no capital investment and has no cost.”
He meant that silver byproduct of base metal mining should be given to the Treasury or industrial users for free! In 81 years, university economists have gone from slamming silver, to blacking it entirely out of the picture. The SUA would buy Disneyland vacation for any of them.
The legal tender laws compel acceptance of Federal Reserve Notes as payment for all debts. Checks drawn against demand deposits in banks can only be deposited in recipient accounts or taken out as Federal Reserve Notes. Historic to the foundation of this Republic, the use of silver and gold coin was the intent of the Founding Fathers and was reaffirmed by certain later Presidents, most notably Andrew Jackson. There is no better established fact that this currency we use, “money” issued (created) by the Federal Reserve System, never stops skidding in purchasing power. The Pringles potato chip canister I just bought turned out to be shorter than one I had from a few weeks earlier. The $1.45 price was unchanged, and Federal Reserve officials and lying economists would say “aha,” the currency is “sound.” After noticing the new Pringles was shorter in length, unavoidably I had to check the stated weight on each item. To avoid raising the nominal price, the item was reduced from 6.41 ounces to 5.68. This is a typical example of attempts to mask inflation, which ONLY the central bank can cause! Percy H. Johnston, chairman of Chemical Bank New York said as reported by The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, April 8, 1939, page 2051—
“Anything the government says is money, is money. We could print leather and call it money and it would be money.”
Whereas these “dollars” so-called, can be created electronically and printed to infinity, silver is a finite resource, created by The Almighty, which is in short supply contrasted to the demand, and without which modern civilization would be set back. While most Americans remain in the dark as to why they should insure their future by owning precious metals they can hold in their hand, due to this insidious mass hypnosis environment of miseducation and misinformation, a small but growing percent of people have been and are converting FRN currency into silver, not being conned by routine silver price collapses on the COMEX. We contact our Congressmen to complain of the entrenched corruption, like I complained to Texas Representative Joe Barton in fall 2006, and we get stock responses like—
“The CFTC knows of no malpractice in the pricing of silver.”
On November 20, 1961, in the “Honest Abe” episode of The Rifleman, the line is heard—
“U.S. Is Getting Out Of the Silver Market After 194 Year Role” Wall Street Journal November 9, 1970, page 23, was the laughable lie told to the public. The U.S. Government remains in the silver market as an active price depressive force still up to this instant.
I checked on Barton’s background. He received money from the Du Pont Good Government Fund. While our officials refuse to intervene against the silver price conspiracy, the shortage will change the picture. Silver is a good money, FRNs are a BAD money. The spectacle of imposing a 28% capital gains tax on silver bullion and coin is a legal fraud. We should not be penalized for exchanging faulty money for sound money. And this tyranny, in the face of a corrupt government which would tells us we are still free to spend silver coins for face value! Accordingly, we will not consider selling so much as one silver dime back into the marketplace until the Silver Users Association activates its influence network in Congress and has the capital gains tax on bullion and coin silver and gold also, rescinded down to ZERO. This would be a small measure of retroactive justice for the long decades of injustice in the silver market. The same consideration should include numismatic coinage, inasmuch as investors are willing to exchange synthetic currency for scarce mintage items. It’s not as if higher silver prices will damage the hypocritical users! As with other raw materials they do use, they need only pass increases along to the consumer! We need not appeal to precedent such as cities and counties granting tax breaks to business and industry in order to incentivize them to open operations in their areas, but it applies. This simple proposal will result in the maximum disinvestment of silver metal, and it is the best the Silver Users Association can hope for. They will still have to compete with other buyers in an open market, and that’s just too damn bad. I imagine someone with the users association is bellowing—
“There are CHILDREN here!”
As Donald Trump said, quoted in the Chicago Tribune, November 8, 2005—
“We couldn’t have hoped for anything better.” —member of Silver Users Association commenting on the big silver price collapse, Wall Street Journal, March 31, 1980, page 16. Everyone buy another 15 ounces to get back at them.
As the doctor told the dying gunfighter in “The Shootist” (1976) —
On June 10, 2001, the day before Oklahoma City Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh was executed, someone at work asked me, “wonder how old he is?” The third party to the conversation grinned at my response—
The suppression of the precious metals markets can’t last much longer. We will see what many have passed away waiting to see—a truly free, open market in monetary metals.
What applies to all other commodities must by law, apply also to silver! Like quotations from “The Rockford Files” TV series say—
Reduce the 28% capital gains tax on monetary metals to zero if you want more silver disinvestment. I urge everyone to sell nothing unless this is implemented. We can hold our breath underwater longer than the users can, so to speak. When that day comes, perhaps in four years, let the users be the high price bidders in the open market to relieve their silver famine.

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