Dollar Devaluation!

2 comments to Dollar Devaluation!

  • po rich

    Hey you two….send me your dollars now and I’ll give you 90% on them….sounds
    better than whats in store???? (5000. minimum gets free shipping!!)

  • Jim

    What’s the story of the new currency basket with gold/silver revaluated at the centre — like the sun (gold) and currencies like the planets. The US will not want gold, but the BRICS and others now are positioning for a new reserve – no? Plus alternative bi- and multi-lateral arrangements – including currencies, swaps, gold, etc. The Swift System is not complex. BRICS will slowly replace some Western Agencies.

    The USD is now only used for a little over 50% of reserve currency trade. I understand the local USD, but why would the the world want to keep USD as anything other than one currency in a basket? What happens nationally – who cares.

    Would a G-20 not be able to decide on a basket and the price of gold – enough to eliminate debt by gold in indebted countries – a reboot. Am I missing something other than US hubris?


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