Don’t Join The Military

They do not control us, we empower them.

17 comments to Don’t Join The Military

  • Kevinace

    Hi Chris

    The video is not playing not sure why.Keep up the good work nice to see you focused again after the Mulligan mint fiasco.

  • MATT

    Nice to see you back in the drivers seat Chris..Still didn’t show the new ‘warbird’ teaser you!! ;))

  • Janet Podojil

    what is sad is every human being has a good and bad side. Even in the journey we’re taking, there will be those who want power. Mulligan mint is an example.
    Vigilance needs to be part of our lives.

  • Janet Podojil

    Could you give me a good reference for the Trivium?

    • Jahfree

      I have some triviums for sale.

    • LoneStar Posse


      My children and family are using this model to teach our children. Here is one site and here is a definition It is the combination of this set of criteria for education that unleashed the renaissance and the subsequent quest for freedom for the common man. It is also believed the reformation in religion or the breaking away from the dominance of the Catholic church was inspired by this approach to the Holy Scriptures.

  • LoneStar Posse

    Great job…I think the Mulligan Mint enacted the focus in you just like the fire that purifies precious metals removes the dross and impurities from the molten mix in the furnace. I truly believe that all things happen for a reason and although the Mulligan Mint was painful it sharpened you and gave us a reason to apply logic to our desires to create equity positions with others. Thanks and I hope the pregnancy is without complications. Love ya Bro….

  • LoneStar Posse

    Please Explain Why post was not allowed…It was positive encouraging and the TRUTH…I am not a Troll…but an SBSS member who faithfully pays and prays daily for our group….If I cannot post positive comments or encouragement to Chris and other What is the sense in being part of SBSS? Seriously I am hurt that my post was not allowed by the moderator….My facts were true….I have advanced degrees in History and education and am a member of Kappa Delta PI an international honor society in Education. Please send me an explanation…..

  • Adam

    Great video! As always

  • Cal

    Lets got! I got some greenbacks to transfer to silver!

    Thanks for everything Chris!
    Don’t let the haters get to you!

    Ive recently adopted the abundance mentality fully and no longer have tunnel vision.

  • Dana W

    Excellent video Chris.

  • Amarillo Mike

    Can’t wait for the Warbird Chris. Like a Phoenix rising from Mulligan’s ashes. A meat eater. I see the “Raptor” series. Go Chris.

  • Matt

    the film clip does not work. Please just describe this “Warbird” silver round for us…..

  • John Newyork

    Thank you Chris,
    For helping us all open our eyes, I’ve been shearing this information with other that have ears to hear.

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