The Most Stunning Development In Silver

Today, I learned of one of the most stunning developments in the physical silver demand I have ever seen.
The physical Silver market is about to explode the paper silver market in a huge way. Like the price collapse in 2008 set up silver for a 500%+ return for the next few years, this recent price collapse is going to set up an epic return on silver like the world has never seen.

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  • silverseeker123

    A further realization will eventually come to light;
    India’s ‘massive’ imports represent less than a single ounce of silver to fewer than one in twenty of their populous.
    Imagine if even a few percent of these same folks decide to acquire a little more. ..
    The US citizen is largely oblivious to the massive purchase power afforded via this dollar reserve status and continue to hold the bankers’ paper > 1000:1 vs real assets. As the paradigm unravels, the panic out of paper is going to be epic.
    Hold on! Cant wait to see the War Bird.

  • David Richardson

    The silver ETF’s, which only have to have one physical ounce [or less] for each 100 transactional or contact ounces they sell, probably have contracts for their supply from Mexico and Peru. If they can get their supply, who is to say their shell game won’t go on for some time. It will be interesting to see if they continue to smash the price downward. There are limits to the number of miners-refiners-wholesalers to retailers that will sell one ounce of .999 silver for [as I post] $22.04 for one 1 ounce medallion. The physical has to start to separate from the spot. Amazing there is so much for sale at $2.00 or less per ounce over spot right now. But if the ETF/cartels manipulate the price lower [like $16], and the physical starts to seriously break from that, there will still be buyers for $16 paper silver contracts…while the physical is going for prices in the upper 20’s. Far less than 5% of people really “get” what fiat currency means versus something of tangible value.

  • YOU have a great name on your web site,don’t tread on me,WELL I got news for you,you should call it…THE RUSSIAS AND CHINESE came and took everything we had,because you forgot to warn everyone,you ain’t going to need money in a fema death camp,and obama and his russians friends ,are going to put everyone who’s asleep in a fema camp,and then EXECUTE THEM……………..

    • Silver Shield

      Step away from the Alex Jones and come back down to things that you can control.
      The Russians, Chinese and Obama are all actors that wish to act in their own self interest and they do not align.
      The there is the FEMA camps… Maybe it is because I am former Marine but the military is not a bunch of robots that blindly follow orders. It is one thing to kill and imprison brown people who speak another language but to do it to Americans, not going to happen. Especially when a dollar collapse is going to destroy the faith in the only thing we are all loyal too is destroyed.

      • MATT

        “step away from the Alex Jones” GREAT COMMENT CHRIS..Stay away from loud obnoxious people is my advice..He’s a little too full of himself and needs to focus more on real solutions than pushing his products and fear campaign..WHERE’S THE WARBIRD??? 😉

      • JOHN

        Heard that Janet Napolitano has an agreement with Putin to provide 15,000 Russian troops on US soil in the event of an “emergency”.

    • David Richardson

      I think if social order broke down to where there would be need to control the masses, there would also be a currency collapse or hyperinflation going on.

      Even if you can get American mercenaries to imprison masses of Americans, they won’t work without getting paid–in something that has buying power.

      As for “Obama and his Russian friends” FYI, the Russians don’t like him. More importantly for cooperation they have no respect for him.

  • Deryl Johnson

    There are plenty of armed citizens to help our fine military to maintain order. No FEMA camps will be needed except to house the citizens who have nowhere to sleep and no money for food. Those of us who are prepared will never see the gate of a FEMA camp, unless it’s to help the elderly or those who can’t fend for themselves.

  • Cunning Linguist

    Another great video Chris, thanks again.
    I was wondering if you could provide a link to the circular chart in the video (how many years left)? I’m interested in the figures and it’s a little too small to read in the video for my eyes.

  • Bob

    Where shall I purchase silver ? I have never done it.

  • faithfulwatchman

    A wise man knows the value of assets in his hands. Gold=Currency, Silver=Currency, Oil=Currency, Paper Money=Fire starter. Know what wealth is and make sure it is in your possession.

    This system is not long for this world. Long live real assets!

  • ryan

    Bob, while there are many reputable online dealers, try your local coin shops. You can walk in with cash and walk out with silver in your hands. No waiting for delivery(I’ve never been a fan of receiving silver in the mail) no digital footprint or paper trail. It’s the most private way to stack.

  • […] Silver Bullet Silver Shield makes it’s return with Warbird soon. Today, I learned of one of the most stunning developments in the physical silver demand I have ever […]

  • […] Silver Bullet Silver Shield makes it’s return with Warbird soon. Today, I learned of one of the most stunning developments in the physical silver demand I have ever […]

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