Predator Empire

We are a Predator Empire spreading Debt and Death.

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  • Eric Narciso

    haha, nice warbird teaser at the end there, cant wait to see it

  • SilverEye

    I like the sneak preview of War Bird

  • Michael Fantuzzi

    Thanks, Chris – well done.

  • MATT

    your most powerful video I have seen yet Chris..If the intro isn’t enough to wake the zombies up who put their lives in danger for the parasites of the world i.e ROVE..Then I don’t know what is..very well done..!!!!!

  • ToM Clark

    Well done Chris…a nice video to help wake the sheople. Our nation has been used by TPTB since conception. We are a corporation, ruled by a fascist plutocracy and back room shenanigans…always have been and always will, unless we eliminate the Central banking system and the corrupt system that supports them. And…don’t forget all roads lead to the Vatican.

    More wake up material
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  • One Man

    Just the other day I was at the bar with a couple of friends. One friend was related to the one of pre-communist families of Cuban power. The friend, one under 40 years old, understood what I was speaking about. The other friend, a 55-year old female, was angered at my assertion that one of the causes of Imperial Japan’s attack on Perl Harbor in 1941 was our own Imperial actions in and around Tokyo and Japan in the 19th century– the attempt by the U.S.A. to isolate them from natural resources, for example (for debt, war, and slavery). She scolded me: I am so against this country: if I didn’t “like this country then why don’t I move, get out! All countries do it.” To which I replied that other countries don’t claim moral leadership, and that we need to hold those in power responsible for their actions. Culturally, speaking truth and criticizing your county is no longer acceptable.

    I will venture to guess now that awakening people will be a very frustrating process. If friends and family can not now accept that they have been asleep and they are angered by your having aroused them from a very pleasant dream then those doing the poking will have to assure that self confidence is plentiful and will have to be able to defend themselves.

    Having experienced the humiliation, derogatory insinuations, and incredulity now–in these days of what Chris Hedges calls the soft inverted totalitarian society–of attempting to explain a small historical fact of Empire to people I know now, I can certainly anticipate good “friends” of days to come sending me to the camps and ovens (or the open work camps and then chipped) when the the dream becomes a nightmare and then when the nightmare becomes an inconvenient daily reality imposed upon them when they are no longer allowed to sleep nor dream at all.

  • nonja bis

    awesome!!!! love the video. best video yet

  • The United States of America has NEVER BEEN FREE. They borrowed 18 million livre from France to fight their “civil war against their King”; at that time. They never paid it back…and have been bankrupt debtors since 1789. Read TYRANNY UNMASKED by John Taylor of Caroline. As Madison said…”the USA has violated 3 Treaties and the LAW OF NATIONS”. Then, in “trying to fix that problem” by “Convention”…Patrick Henry said of Their Con–Stitution that “Your President will have the Powers of a King”. Do you understand what “King” means?” In 1860, Lincoln exercised the powers of Article 2 Section 3 of Their Constitution (not yours)…sent Congress home…and implemented Martial Law. It’s called the Lieber Code and it is still in force and never been undone. It is the basis of your King’s “Executive Order” and why the President became known as “Commander in Chief”. He’s “your Commander” because you’re all in the military…and in accordance with the information in SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS; you’ve brought this on yourselves. According to International Law and the doctrine of E PLURIBUS UNUM….everyone, every American…is One and viewed “as ONE” in the eyes of International Law. Therefore, since the US is the biggest violator of treaty on the Planet…every American is guilty…and will pay the price. The Jesuits will ensure that it happens.

    I suggest you get out; because this ain’t “Your Country”. It never was and you ain’t the “Posterity” of the “People” that founded it. No one has usurped any property or anything from you, because it was NEVER YOURS.

    So, although the woman that told the gentleman “if you don’t like it, leave”; she is right, just not for the reason that her pea-brain understands. So, leave the geography and get out of your “subject citizen-debtor-slave (E PLURIBUS UNUM CONTRACT)” before the “real shoe drops”….caz it’s coming….and all of your current “comrades in arms” are going to “fight to defend the FAR MATRIX”. If you don’t know what that is…look it up. You’re on the FARM…voluntarily.

  • BTW….the US Flag has always been called “the battle standard”..and the eagle is a predator bird; which was the reason it was picked. In addition; your serpent battle standard is equally as applicable, since the name “America or Amaruca” was stolen from the Native Tribes of Amaru (Amaru Kai)…which means “Land of the Plumed Serpent”. According to the LAW OF NATIONS, sections 13 and 25 of Book 1; “a nation ought to know itself” and “act according to its character”. This nation does act according to its character…dumb, ignorant, arrogant, murderous, and warlike…while at the same time, thinking that it’s “righteous” and has some sort of “excellence” that other people on this planet do not have. Pure arrogance to believe that crap; since Americans are not only “not better” than anyone else on this planet…but, IN FACT…are the problem. It’s not me saying…former marine O’Keefe and others are saying it, as well.

    I’ve lived in the US and outside the US…and outside is better.

  • Our government must wake up and take some radical measures to prevent our country from falling and going deep into another economic depression.
    And if they don’t do anything and continue to lead the country this way, make sure you prepare well for the coming economic collapse.

  • David Richardson

    If Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is right in this, and he doesn’t claim he is for certain, the U.S. can continue kicking the can down the road for a lot longer than we would think. Partly because it can kick around other countries’ financial policies like Japan, China, and Europe printing currency in conjunction with the U.S.

  • Guillermo

    Awesome, video. As one, who loves history I appreciate the transparency. I love my country but fear that we, as a people have ignored the warning signs for far too long and have lost our country to corporations and corrupt politicians. The two party system is a sham. Thank you, for trying to expose the reality.

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