Stupid Publicity Stunt Could Land Adam Kokesh In Jail For 5 Years

Listen to all and follow none was my anthem during my awakening.  I realized very early on that no one was coming to save me and certainly did not even care about me as much as I cared for myself.  I used the Trivium and logic to divide the men with character and those that were just characters.  I judged men not by their answers, but by their questions.  I stopped listening to those that could properly describe the problem, but by their solutions.

“Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes.” General Alexander Haig

Is this really the best we have?

Is this really the best we have?

Adam Kokesh is certainly a character and one that I do not trust at all.  This attention whore wants people to follow him into collectivist answers like meaningless marches and protests.  When I heard about his stupid publicity stunt of an armed march on Washington, I knew it was going to fail because people see through this guy.  He cancelled it because it would have looked pathetic for a guy that gets so much attention to only show up with a handful of people.  He did go ahead and loaded a shot gun in Freedom Plaza and posted the video on 4th of July.

So while attention whores would have you spin through the Anger, Bargaining and Depression phase of the awakening by focusing all of your emotional energy on things outside of our control with incessant doom porn, there is another way.   They do not control us… we empower them.  I would encourage individuals to walk away from this paradigm by withdrawing our consent, capital and even attention to the collectivist powers.  This conscious, individual solution frees and empower the individual by logically focusing all of our energy on to the only thing we can control in this world, ourselves.

Far more change would come from a million men emptying their bank accounts, than marching on Washington with goofy signs.

Far more change would come from a million men walking away from the Debt and Death paradigm, than loading a shot gun in a park.

Far more change would come from a million men developing the Trivium in their lives, than following guys like Kokesh.

It will not be too long until we start getting False Flag events blaming white, Christian, Constitutional gun owners.   The Criminal Elite would be licking their chops at unleashing their Police State on any domestic population that opposes this Debt and Death empire.  Knowing how ignorant the masses are to the issues of freedom we live and breath, stunts like Kokesh’s actually work against us.  Which is probably the point…  We need to shun individuals like Adam Kokesh from our community before he stains us all with his selfish actions.

Adam Kokesh served warrant

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For those that don’t know about this clown…

Adam Charles Kokesh (born February 1, 1982) is an American libertarian anti-war activist,[2] podcaster, and anarcho-capitalist.[1] Kokesh was a corporal in the United States Marine Corps and is a veteran of the Iraq War. Starting in 2007, he became a member and leading proponent of Iraq Veterans Against the War. In 2011, he and Nathan Cox co-founded Veterans for Ron Paul.[3][4] In 2010 and 2011, he hosted a talk radio show and had a brief television stint on RT.[5] Some of his demonstrations protesting U.S. military missions overseas and his acts of civil disobedience have been controversial.

Personal background

Adam Kokesh was born on February 2, 1982, in San Francisco, California.[6] He is the son of Charles Kokesh, a Santa Fe businessman and former owner of the defunct Santa Fe Horse Park.[7][8] He has two brothers, Alex and Alden, and a sister, Audrey.[9] Kokesh is Jewish[10] and a self-avowed atheist.[11]

50 comments to Stupid Publicity Stunt Could Land Adam Kokesh In Jail For 5 Years

  • More Liberty

    Buying silver coins isn’t going to save anyone either.

    • Silver Shield

      That is just one part of many actions to free the individual from the Debt and Death paradigm.

      Fortunately once your mind is truly freed you no longer need much to live life to the fullest.

    • eric

      buying silver IS opting out of the dollar paradigm. And it would likely help people make it through tough times in the future, which actually could save people in a time of need.

      • Moreliberty

        That’s somewhat my point. Things that actually have value are items and possession that can be used to create, sustain and defend. Gasoline has actual value because you can power a vehicle with it. An ax has actual value because you can chop down a tree. A gun and ammunition has actual value because you can hunt with it and/or defend yourself with it. Water has value because you can consume it – the list goes on. Silver only has value because someone else thinks it has value.

        • Cleburne61

          You can’t consume silver? 98% of all the silver ever mined….has now been consumed in the past 100 years. This is true because silver has over 10,000 industrial uses aside from being ‘the ultimate currency’.

          Try again.

          • More Liberty

            So you are buying it for those other uses? Or are you buying it because you hope that the value will increase. Once again, it’s only useful if someone else thinks its useful.

        • “Silver only has value because someone else thinks it has value.”

          Utterly misguided view on silver.

          It has over 10,000 uses from solar panels to anti-biotics.

          There’s silver running through the bodies of living things facilitated their existence.

          Your statement is either made through ignorance or through malice. I guess only you know your motive for your comment.

        • JC

          Gasoline is worthless to a guy on a bike. Now if you want to state that gas can be used to barter with, then so can silver.

          You are correct in that a tangible object is worth what a person values it as. I think the sustaining part of your argument can have a bartering aspect to it (not just defined as something that can keep you alive like food) Bartering goes on world wide, every day, every hour.

          If 5 gallons of gas is equal to 1 silver dollar at some point when bartering, and you had both and are bartering with the guy on the bike, he would probably prefer the silver dollar since it would be easier to carry. Maybe he would not want either.

          Everything can be put into perspective depending on the situation.

          • More Liberty

            “If 5 gallons of gas is equal to 1 silver dollar” Once again, someone else has to believe that it has a value just as people believe that fiat currency has value. But if you are isolated, and had silver, and no one to barter with it it is useless. But if you are isolated and had items such as a gun and ammunition, seeds,water, tools – just as an example – you could survive. I’m sorry if the truth makes you uncomfortable. But to take care of yourself, truly take care of yourself without anyone’s help, then acquire objects that can actually be used to help you survive.

            • Planning on moving to a deserted and remote island are you, ‘More Liberty’. LOL.

              • More Liberty

                No but I do realize that the only person that can help me and my family is me. Feel free to rely on the rest of society for your protection all you want.

  • If you believe Alex Jones and people like Kokesh are your savior, and all you want to do is regurgitate the same non sense they program you with in the comments… save yourself the trouble. I used to love AJ, and thought Kokesh was alright, that’s also when I believe “we” could save the country. We will not save the country as our fate has already been determined, and for all of you that think you want violence, go to Afghanistan (the military is hiring) get shot at, get blown up, watch your friends lose their limbs, taste their blood in your mouth, and then get back to me about how tough you are. No one is going to save you, only you can save yourself…

    • Rudenewt

      LOL! Talk about regurgitating what you’re programed with…

      “We will not save the country our fate has already been determined.”

      “Go to Afghanistan (the military is hiring)” [updated version of America love it or leave it]. The old programing is the best 😉

      and the piece de resistance

      “no one is going to save you, only you can save yourself”

      Who programed that I wonder.

  • dan

    If and when ‘they’ come for you..YOU will be on your own…an army of one…and that will be YOUR time to opine…put up or shut up and go with the flow….if you are not ready , will never be ready…and by the way you will have a ‘free’ choice at that time…as will I…..imho……….semper fi

    • “they” are a joke. They aren’t coming for anyone. Have you seen our soldiers lately? When the dollar dies all bets are off… I have some tangy tangerine if anyone wants to buy it I’ll keep going…

  • How how

    The end is nearer ! Lol

  • Dr Orgone

    I suspect that if he doesn’t go to jail, he is part of the controlled opposition who was instructed to do this stuff to make the 2nd amendment look bad in the eyes of the general sheep-public.

    When I saw the clip of him getting arrested at the cannabis rally, I thought something looked wrong. The “officers” who arrested him had strangely colored green uniforms, while undoubtedly real officers dressed in black just looked on from the background, doing nothing.

    Maybe that factor was nothing after all, but he did get away scot-free, which somehow immediately led to his cancelling his own stupid march on DC. But after that he still encouraged others to make the risky bad-pr march, encouraging others to make the 2nd amendment look bad and risk getting shot at. His actions seem to be like those of someone working for the Zionists to dismantle America.

    You know the same Zionists who were there whooping it up as they were present and prepared to document 9-11 on film? They got off scot-free too, what a coincidence!

    I have heard that Zionists are free from TSA screening in the US, could that be true?

  • Freedom Lover

    was what he did a good idea? probably not. I personally do not like attacking others who are trying to enlighten and educate folks. Adam does do good work. why not support him for that instead of jumping on the bash Adam bandwagon. I find I am aligned with him on 2/3’s of his ideas. Listen to all; follow none; personally attack none.

  • MATT

    bye bye Adam..Don’t bend over to pick up the soap! Say hi to Rob Grey while your in tere!..nutjobs!

  • Longbow117

    I agree with freedom lover – Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh, and Chris Duane want essentially the same thing – freedom for all. Why waste time bashing each other when you should be working together. Why don’t you go on the Alex Jones show Chris? Even if you don’t agree with the guy at least show your face and say your piece. Like you say “listen to all, follow none” – I don’t think we are in this alone. There are close to 7 billion on this planet. We are a tribal species. Empower the individual, but work together with other empowered individuals.

    • Silver Shield

      Please don’t put me in with those emotional fear mongers.
      Unless one realizes that you cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness as those that created the problem, you will never see the difference in my work and their worthless tactics.

  • Michael

    I used to watch Adam’s videos and enjoyed them when he interviewed people, but after he just made vids of him pontificating I gave up – especially with all the disgusting lip smacking and heavy breathing – turned me off of him completely.

  • While Adam obviously was in the wrong (and was also very petty) on the topic of the Mulligan Mint (and in some other areas), I do support what he did at the capital. He, nor anyone else present in the raid on his home did not deserve to be treated in the illegal ways that they were.

    However, the concern of him possibly being part of a controlled opposition is certainly troublesome, but like Snowden (whom also may be controlled opposition) I mostly give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise; I’d only want the same for myself.

    • Silver Shield

      If you were a cop and you saw some guy loading a shot gun with his crazy eyes in a park, what would you do?

      This guy is either a drugged out desperate attention whore or controlled opposition looking for fools.

      The FBI has a history of trapping young dumb Muslim men into acts of terror with fake bombs.

      How long until we get that here for white guns with a Constitution and a gun?

      Violence is not an answer the system is dead already.

      Pull out your capital and support now and wait when you are strong and they are destroyed when the dollar dies or risk being in jail 3-5 years over some meaningless stupid publicity stunt. Bad enough to be in jail when the lights are on… Wait until a dollar collapse. I don’t think the dollar has 3-5 years.

      • Looks like he’s an agent:

        I agree violence is not the solution, and I don’t believe he wasn’t directly calling for violence (that I am aware of), though he was calling for armed marches on capitals; which could easily lead to terrible confrontations and produce a stigma which would benefit none of us. The way in which he organized, or rather didn’t (decentralizing the march from the D.C. then to all 50 states at the last minute), also would lend itself to a confrontation of the sort just mentioned being more likely to occur; and with less people being around to document said situation(s) were they to occur to add.

        Why I agree that such marches should be able to take place, and one should be able to carry a firearm peacefully, even in D.C., there are better uses of our time and other more useful actions we can take more directly within our own lives, and this was a poorly handled (likely intentionally) event. So while I may agree with the underlying premise of having those rights, the tactics used here were poor and misguided. I also now believe that these march(es) & his personal demonstration on the 4th (and subsequent “arrest”) was specifically created to foster a negative event.

  • Read … see page 18 and 19 chart of the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (built in 690 AD) is the shape of the 11 Western United States. Over 1300 years ago they built a Muslim shrine over this Rock … the Rock which is shaped like the current 11 Western United States. The same general shape is also present in the old World Trade Center destroyed on 911. Except this time, the 11 Western States correspond to the location of the 7 buildings destroyed on 911. Read page 1 first, and then prepare yourself for the following 70 pages, with hundreds of original charts and over 1 million words.

  • Chris

    For someone who supposedly loathes collectivism you’re using a lot of words like “we need to shun” and “us all”. Regardless of what you think of Kokesh, at least the guy is willing to have his liberty taken from him in order to make a point. You should focus your energy on publicly questioning how a protest video supposedly made in D.C. could be used to justify a flashbang raid in Virginia ten days after the video was released. The whole point of Libertarianism is that you don’t have to like everybody or what they stand for, but you are willing to protect their right to do so. It’s not hard to criticize Kokesh or those who blindly follow him while defending his rights and calling injustice committed toward him into question. Don’t sit here and ask people to collectively shun Kokesh while criticizing Kokesh for asking his followers to act collectively. Doing so is not only dishonest, but it’s playing into the commodofied media machine.

    • Silver Shield

      Independent, leaderless, logical thinkers intellectually resonating around a common cause is not collectivism.

      Logically this clown is either unhinged with the drugs and depression or an attention whore or cointelpro.

      Take your pick.

      His tactics of winning are as bad as invading Russia in winter.

      He has degenerated from clean cut well spoken running for Congress to now a drugged out weirdo posing with guns and forks?

      We should demand more from those that speak for freedom instead of desperately follow anyone who mentions the Constitution.

  • Keith

    Well, I think you’re completely wrong on this, Chris. What was it you quoted in a recent video? “And then they came for the communists, but I said nothing”? The fact that you are condemning Kokesh because he took a stand to show the actual limitations of our rights completely contradicts that sentiment. I know you have a beef with this guy over your coins thing, but Adam’s a liberty activist, and you should be just as outraged by his arrest and possible imprisonment as if you yourself had been arrested. Kokesh has shown what it means to actually stand up and show the actual state of tyranny in the US right now, and has put his own liberty on the line to do it. The fact that you cannot see that, despite his aggressive approach, he is just another liberty loving man who is outraged at what is being done, is a stain on your record. You have a certain, perfectly valid approach; Kokesh has another. Isn’t it about time we started to see the bigger picture, rather than dividing ourselves?

    • Silver Shield

      “The best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Lenin.

      These snakes that are looking for violent revolution are of the same consciousness as those that created the problem. At worst they are cointelpro at best they are horribly misguided.

      On top of that look at the devolution from the clean cut well spoken young Marine that rand for Congress to the drugged out gun toting preachy asshole today.

      Yes Kokesh has taught us what it is like to stand up to this government. 3-5 years if convicted. I am just glad no one else follows this guys stupid publicity stunts.

      “Let them march all they want so long as they pay their taxes.”

      Have fun following guys that would emotionally spin you in circles of anger, bargaining and depression fear uncontrollable forces with no win solutions that keep us in the loop.

      I will focus on stuff that I know works in my world.

      • Keith

        Your personal dislike of this man has clouded your judgement. As you say, I listen to all and follow none. Staying out of prison should never be the guiding principle of our actions, when confronted with a choice between right and wrong. Kokesh wanted to test the system and expose how bad things have become. What will you do when the government decides you’ve broken some law, and comes to pick you up just for exercising your constitutional rights?

        I have great respect for your work, and you have taught me a lot, but we need to unite in the cause of liberty. United we stand, divided we fall.

        • Silver Shield

          This paradigm runs on conflict and it is a language our enemy understands very well.
          They know how to deal with childish acts of aggression like Kokesh.
          He won’t serve any time because he is worth more out on the street.

          You are wise to follow my words of Listen to all and Follow none but it does not work with united we stand, divided we fall.

          I believe in independent, logical individuals resonating with each other and would be much stronger because the corrupt seek power in any collectivist groups.

          Guys like Kokesh and Jones would be the pied pipers of those that are emotionally manipluated.

          The opposite consciousness is divided we stand united we fall.

          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” Cicero

          • Keith

            First, I don’t consider either man to be a traitor or cointelpro, but I know some do. The traitors to the Constitution are elected, pure and simple. I, for one, was woken up to a great extent by the efforts of Alex Jones, but I retain a healthy scepticism for what I hear from anyone’s mouth, whoever it is.

            Could you not envision any scenario where you would be prepared to physically resist or go to jail? If the government made private ownership of precious metals illegal, for example, or had a gun confiscation, would you simply comply? Do you pay taxes, and do you consider this to be complicity in your own enslavement?

            We all have different lines in the sand, I suppose –just look at Stossel on the surveillance scandal– and I think Kokesh is just trying to raise awareness of just how far the tyranny has already gone. I understand that you are resisting in your own way, but I foresee the possibility of danger that simply cannot be resisted without confrontation. Even Gandhi went to jail for trying to make salt.

            “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” – Mario Savio.

            • Silver Shield

              So attention whores seeking to make a career by emotionally spinning individuals about things outside of our control and Gandhi who proclaimed that we need to be the change we wish to see in the world are on the same level?

              How exactly is an armed march or loading a shotgun in a park something Gandhi would do?

              Stop looking at people who can properly describe a problem we all see and start looking at the consciousness and logic of the solutions they are offering, if they offer any at all.

              Good luck with your journey.

              • Keith

                I don’t think the Gandhi comparison is such a stretch. I think Kokesh is trying to be the change he wants to see in the world. He wants his constitutional rights and is prepared to go to jail to call attention to the fact that they don’t exist in reality any longer.

                “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest. If we want the Arms Act to be repealed, if we want to learn the use of arms, here is a golden opportunity. If the middle classes render voluntary help to Government in the hour of its trial, distrust will disappear, and the ban on possessing arms will be withdrawn.” – M.K. Gandhi.

                Gandhi was highly confrontational, and it was his aim to expose injustice by making the reality of British rule blatant. Kokesh is doing the same, albeit in relation to his own government. Gandhi often did break the law but, crucially, both these men acted in accordance with the principles of common (and constitutional) law.

  • Sam Enderby

    The only dog I have in this fight is our nation. While Adam’s apparent courage is admirable on surface, Chris is correct. The system will smash Adam’s way with unbelievable devastation. Bottom Up, Top Down, Inside Out is always the socialist creed. You must get out of the system while you still can. The other way always ends the same.

  • methylamine

    I don’t understand the Alex Jones-bashing.

    Is he doom porn? Only if you stop with what you learn from him. If you learn from him, then look for solutions, he’s done you an enormous favor.

    He’s not a good solutions guy. But he’s a fantastic wake-the-sleeping-giant guy. He’s alerted millions to the rotten machinations of the psychopaths–and for that we should all applaud him.

    Stop bashing him. In fact, stop bashing anyone who’s waking people up–because bashing people in the anti-authoritarian camp is the same divide-and-conquer the psychopaths have used for thousands of years.

    Take the good, ignore the bad from anyone you can.

  • How how

    If I see the word “consciousness” anymore on this site I think I’ll puke lol

  • Dr Orgone

    I was actually sorry to hear that Adam got rudely and un-righteously busted & threatened, even though I cant trust him. I don’t believe he deserves jail time, and he may get out of it after all. That will not surprise me if it comes to pass. None of us are to blame for that injustice, by the way, whether we disapprove or not. I dont believe the people of America are responsible for wars either because we or our representatives were never asked! We got conned (lied) into them. Is it the fault of those with some wisdom or intelligence, who know the truth, that others dont or WONT understand or got completely conned? I think not, because the truth can be so gleefully and stubbornly rejected, even when told out loud with proofs.

    At the least to PERHAPS some personal credit, he only seems to have put himself at risk by his own un-wise actions (instead of other protesters with loaded firearms as well). I fail to see what he has proven by becoming a martyr against tyranny(?). Has someone, somewhere, woken up, or (tyranny aside) has he really only convinced most people not to do stupid stunts like that? We owe it to ourselves to be a bit wiser than that to fight another day and another way brothers! If we were running a psy-op such risks might be worthwhile. Perhaps the true cost may not be as dear as it appears in such a case.

    If Gandhi posed with guns, forks and snarls, he wouldnt have been the Gandhi we know of today. He does not belong in this conversation.

    The murdered by superior tyrannical forces issue is unsettled with me. Is that the wisest or best thing we can do, to throw ourselves in front of the superior weaponry & enemy to die on the spot with our proud egos a-blazing? That is self-sacrifice alright, but I cant see the glory in it. That is the best we can do for freedom and liberty? Really?

    Can somebody explain to me how self-sacrifice really serves freedom in a corrupt world of tyrants? Out of the trenches and into WHAT again?? Now that was futless!

  • daniel

    Something tells me that you just hate Adam because of your dealings with the Mulligan Mint.

  • Dr Orgone

    Adam demonstrably shows that he can be dangerous to himself and (very nearly)others. He recommended armed marches (without him) everywhere.

    Are we questioning why we should not honor Adam in this thread? Maybe some of these supportive comments belong on Adam’s website, and not Chris’s?

    Go there to support him if you will, I should say Adam REALLY needs it about now!

    Good luck, and may God bless you brothers & sisters! But please dont sacrifice yourselves to make a point that may not be received at all! Ask yourself this:

    If the sheeple cant even get it that truth tellers are getting suicided & murdered, how are they going to “get it” when somebody just gets thrown in jail for something that was against a pre-written, though unconstitutional, law?

    How many understand that the “War on (People) Drugs” may be the unjust tool used? Apparently not many have awoken to this covert program yet, no? Are they really just waiting for the right opportunity to wake up, or is it time for us to walk our own paths to freedom without the collective sheeple bringing us down to throwing ourselves to the wolves?

  • Jer Z

    Hi Chris
    I think youre wrong about that .
    Kokesh is a threat to the system and thats why hes in jail
    while others are free beacuse they are not a threat

  • Farmer

    I really like your web-site and think your short films are creative and clearly explain the complex. Alex Jones did wake me up to the matrix we live in, and I would have never found your site or have understood its content if I didn’t first discover Jones. I still listen to Jones occasionally and like many of the guests he brings on. One thing I think you might be missing is not everyone has your level of understanding. So I see value in people like Jones to create more people who see the fraud. Then they can move forward to the what am I doing about it in a constructive way. Anyway, your work is excellent and appreciated.

  • perhaps the gun was not real. perhaps it was an orange tipped replica
    (completely legal, notice the tip cannot be seen in the video ). perhaps the shells were empty.
    if someone was going to engage in an action such as this, for symbolic and/or dramatic effect, that would be a safe (not risk-free, but not illegal) way to do it.

  • Becky

    I see him as a underground media ‘pop star’ seeking notoriety more so than solutions.

  • dan

    this was probably already said but for real what a clown. if you poke a dog long enough your gonna get bit. why do this what does it accomplish now a bunch of people will send him money to give to the government in fines which he is so against. what a waste hopefully people save there money and invest it in themselves. its prolly some plan thinking people will donate more than his fines and he can make a little something off of it and get a little attention. pretty pathetic!

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