One Nation Under Drones

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  • The longer we continue to “believe” that doing the wrong thing for everyone is good for a few, and that the needs of the few are more important than the lives of billions, we will continue to be “completely surprised” that things continue to get worse.

    When it lands on your doorstep, it’s too late to “start maybe thinking about considering the possibility that it might be worth thinking about…maybe later…after ‘Dancing with the stars’ is over…if I’m not too tired…”

    The worst of all is knowing that we have always had the power to change things for the better, but that we have consistently refused, for decades, to even acknowledge that WE could have stopped anything.

    How 7 billion people refuse to believe that they could have stopped only a dozen families pulling levers and pushing buttons behind the scenes is one of the greatest tricks of mind control ever devised and unleashed on this world.

    When the media continues to do all of the thinking that politicians don’t already do for everyone, in a world where even considering reality is rapidly becoming a criminal offense, or a “national security issue that needs to be dealt with” is the new label for “telling the truth to the people in whose name atrocities are committed daily”, we should really stop being surprised that things keep getting worse.

    It’s not as if we weren’t told long, long ago that this was the plan for us if we continued to refuse to act to save ourselves.

    George said it best…

  • Bob

    I could not finish watching the entire video before feeling sick. No wonder so many countries hate us. I’m more certain now that a “third force of evil” is behind much of what is going on. An unseen third force is directing our leaders to destroy this planet. Look for the “all seeing eye” on the back of the U.S. dollar and follow the trail of bloodshed————————

  • woody

    There goes the NSA guy saying that we need to protect our “Democracy”.
    This is NOT a Democracy. IT IS A REPUBLIC.
    WE ARE NOT “US citizens”.
    Let’s get it straight people!
    Are we awake yet?

    • James Tetreault

      You’re right Woody. All this *can* be done in a democracy. Anything can be done in a democracy. All you have to do is get more than 50% of those who vote to support it. A constitutional republic is supposed to have real limits.

    • Pete

      Hey Woody,
      good job, folks need to get a real grip on reality and ditch the cognitive dissonance. I’ve been trying to teach and inform people for over 20 years about status. It looks as though they are going to get a dose of reality and find out what a U.S. citizen “slave” is all about! We have remedy in the Court of Record using the claim process, just need Men & Women with the proper status, to make it a reality for all interested parties. Folks need to get off their knees and grow a pair.

  • Tubul

    For this reason we …America is Mystery Babylon in Revelations. No one can read these passages and not see it, ignore it yes or claim its revived Rome….We will fall, we will be destroyed by the Almighty.

  • Trumpet sounds

    The wild beast is Anglo America in the book of Revelation! The Great Harlot is the Empire of false religion which the wild beast will turn on and devour
    (triggering the great tribulation that Jesus talks vividly about). The prophet Danial also has powerful words about this in Danial chapter 2 verse 44.

  • Robert

    The “wild beast is Anglo American”, rubbish!! why try and create a racist profile to evil actions? Both Bush and Clinton have Irish roots as do many other Americans involved, then there are numerous Jewish links. You are not only deluded but you play into the hands of devide and rule tacticians. As does this video which implies poor people from America are sent to kill poor people in other countries while the rich sit back and watch, counting their money. Are some of those poor people sent to die “Anglo American”? they certainly are. Are some rich people watching while counting their money, they certainly are. But thats not because they are rich, thats because they are warped and twisted human beings. Many people who are rich due to hard work and endeavour will be as discusted as the poor by the evil taking place. Again the video plays into the hands of divide and rule tacticians, just because the evil is rich, this does not make all rich people evil, just because some “Anglo Americans” are involved, this does not make the evil “Anglo American”. Stop trying to put your own spin on to the events, no good will come of it.
    Evil cowards may be using drones as a means to kill, but should this bring shame on the whole military? of course not. Good and evil comes in all shapes and sizes, at the moment evil is winning and this evil is abetted if divide and rule is promulgated. Only a union of the good will save America, rich good, poor good, Anglo good, Irish good, this is the union that evil will fight to prevent and you are helping that evil.

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