Why Did Silver Crash?

5 comments to Why Did Silver Crash?

  • Jon

    Funny, seems like the bottom is just in today!

  • Barry Fuss

    You’re a good man Chris….you’ve pretty much left your “ego” at the door when you do these videos and your overall perspective centers in the soul of humanity.
    Thank you for all your time and effort in putting this material together….it is much appreciated !

  • Hey Chris, respect for keeping sanguine given everything. I keep an open mind to the world and I can tell you are a kind-hearted person with the best intentions. Wish you well in your future endeavors. I’ll keep the presses primed for you.


  • Daniel

    Chris tell me what you think of this logic… I like silver prices coming down. That just means I can buy more! The cheaper oz’s will offset the the $30 ozs i purchased, thereby making my losses less by changing the average price i paid per ounce. Does this even make sense to anyone else? thanks

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