The REAL reason for the Trayvon Circus Trial



In March 2012, Army Staff Seargant Robert Bales murdered 16 innocent Afghan children, women and men. As they lay asleep at night, he slaughtered them in cold blood as he entered the villages of Alkozai and Najiban.

While every MSM outlet began to cover this tragedy, it brought more shame and hatred of the U.S. occupation and empire. The angry protests even brought a halt to U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan – it took three weeks for Army investigators to reach the scene of the crime.

This would no doubt breed more ‘terrorists’ who would want to take revenge on our military and continue this bloody cycle in Afghanistan. Oh yeah, not to mention how this further tarnished the image of our Community Organizer in Chief, while on the campaign trail. Obama needed an immediate distraction. Another DEADLY distraction.

Enter Trayvon Martin. Exit Robert Bales.

It’s worked beautifully for Obama. Every MSM outlet pounced on the Trayvon story and SURPRISE! SURPRISE! – no more coverage of the Afghan massacre, or the trial that awaited Sgt. Bales.

And the Community Organizer doubled down. According to documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act from Judicial Watch, the Chicago thug dispatched resources from within the Department of Justice to assist with demonstrations, rallies and marches for Trayvon in Florida. The Bankster Puppet even went so far as to say, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

Although I have yet to hear any commentators mention the real reason for this circus trial, it was all too obvious for me. Why this death, at this time? Every day, young black men are murdered in the State’s evil Drug War. Obama, would your son look like any of these youth?


God Bless, and live free

~ Jonathan D. Hodges

4 comments to The REAL reason for the Trayvon Circus Trial

  • Frank

    Sounds like you might have hit on the real reason for the Zimmerman trial. I’m upset that Gov. Scott & the FL Sheriff’s Dept. gave in to Washington’s demands. Maybe the NSA have information on them that they used to blackmail them with if they refused to cooperate with the Obama Administration demands. The USA is SO messed up nowadays, I don’t think it is fixable before it completely collapses sometime soon.

  • Cunning Linguist

    The distraction angle is a good one Johnathan. But I’ve always felt that Bathhouse Barry from the Down Low club was trying to ignite a race war. This way even though his gun grab plans had been shot down (pun intended), with a race war in action, he could now invoke Martial law. Then the brown shirts could collect all the weapons (see NOLO after Katrina) “for our own safety.” IMHO

  • HodgePodge

    Makes for a very good argument. Good insight, Jon! Keep the articles coming!

  • Notice that not one of the three most prominent “race-baiters” —-Obama/Sharpton/Jackson, seem to have any concern at all about the 20+ homicides every night on the streets of Chicago. Those deaths aren’t profitable to them. If all racial problems were solved the “baiters” might have to get a job like the rest of us.

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