Ron Paul From Last Night’s Debate

I just cannot see why anyone would consider any other candidate.

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  • The Watchdog

    Because people don’t understand anything about economics or liberty. If they did, they’d realize all his comments are on the money.

  • Dave

    Great Post! I’ve never voted once in my life, but I will be voting for Ron Paul. Can you awnser me this, where would be the best place to go and live during a fiat currency crisis?

    • Silver Shield

      The best place to live is near friends and family you trust. Social support is so important. Hopefully that is in a rural place that has farms and water.

  • Dave

    lol, forget it I think I’ll stay and fight.

  • daan

    Ron Paul is a great man and America’s future. I hope he will win the race but he most be careful when he talks because the average Joe is not understanding what he is talking about. Ron, please use “ordinary talk”! And he should take more care about “the make-up” because to me he doesn’t look like a healthy person. A leader has to look good en strong.

  • CactusAttackedUs

    I supported Dr. Paul the last time he ran, and I have already contributed to two of his money bombs so far. I will give my dollars to a man who wants to defend their value by attaching them to real physical metal not debt!

    My family has always been democratic (we live in western MA with good ol’ Romney Care – not sure how he’s going to defend that one). My wife and I are going to re-register Republican so we can vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries! My family is going to hear from me about what Dr. Paul stands for too.

    I LOVE that Ron Paul directly answers any question posed to him – no pussyfooting around. I also love that he’s not a “party” man, he’s an ideals man, and I like his ideals. Liberty is indeed popular! Makes me smile to listen to him talk.

  • James Woroble Jr

    Ron Paul’s candidacy is highly symbolic and portends the future direction of revolution in this nation. We are at a historical juncture whereby massive REAL, revolutionary change must and will arrive. This is the ‘last gas’. No more time.

    Either he succeeds and these necessary changes can take place in a civil and non-violent manner, or another one of the globalist dominating Jew Rothschild tool(z) continue America in the direction set upon decades ago — resulting in a bloody, violent and destructive revolution.

    This is it.

  • Nebo

    I was supporting Ron way back, probably before any of you ever heard of him. I believe he is in the best of health (he is a retired MD by the way, but he does have his age against him. I still have copies of his buy/sell sheets he used to send out when he was in the coin business.

  • Jon

    This time none of the status quo
    My vote goes to Ron Paul

  • John

    I would say he’s at a ripe old age. Perfect for the job. He has that silver crown that people just naturally respect. He leads with truth and honar, his voting record shows that his words are in line with his step. Even with out knowing everything he is saying, with a little I-Net research you can’t help but come across what our Founding Father’s designed our country to be through the many legal documents such as the constitution. Today we are dealing with a nation that is starting to wake up. As he has said this camoaign is much different than the last one. Because of the responce of the people. I think this is R.P. time, and if it’s not, well I hope we’all like working for the Chinese. Chinese Proverb. He who seeking helping hand, should look at end of own arm. So when the time comes get your ass out and vote for R.P.

  • Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution!

    There is no other GOP candidate.

  • Valentin

    One values what one gets through one’s own effort. People cannot be made happy against their will. Troops should take care of their Motherland, not risk or loose their health or life for some other’s cause. Senator Paul is unquestionably right about bringign the troops home.

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