The Most Stunning Development In Gold

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  • James Tetreault

    That Soros interview was a great find! He’s a guy who admitted that he loved, l-o-v-e-d, loved his time in Hungary working for the Nazis going door to door taking the possessions of jews and other undesirables. What a guy.

    So, when he seems frustrated that China isn’t playing ball with the new world order, it’s hard to stifle a desire to cheer for China. The chinese don’t see the IMF as “their” institution, George? Really? Who *does* see it as their institution, their toy, their play thing and servant? Maybe the U.S.?

    Incidentally, on another site I brought up that quote about how the U.S. manipulates the price of gold to some finance guys and it made no dent in their normalcy bias. When the SHTF, I think a whole bunch of financy boys are going to be walking around as though water is no longer wet and gravity no longer makes things drop to the ground. They’re so deep into believing the exceptionalism of the U.S. system and that the way it radically overcompensates them is both right and will abide that they can’t even entertain other notions. Schadenfreude over their downfall will be one of the few good things after the SHTF.

  • David Richardson

    Outstanding piece Chris.

  • Cal

    What movie was the first clip of China in 2030 from?

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