Silver Shield Report #86- How To Walk Away

1257291337873I walked away from the Debt and Death Paradigm in 2008 a few months before the Economic Crisis. I did it not knowing how best to walk away at the time, but I spent the next few years putting all of the pieces together on how to streamline a successful awakening. I started with the massive Sons of Liberty Academy, then went further with Dont-Tread-On.Me and the Greatest Truth Never Told. It was not until I did the Silver Shield Report did I really feel experienced and free enough to work on solutions and not just describing the problem.

This week we have A SSR member who has used all of this information I have provided and is successfully walking away from the Debt and Death Paradigm.  She is a very successful doctor. that like me, lived a check box life of nice cars, houses and paid a lot of taxes. Listen to here personal experience of regaining her consciousness and finding her highest and best self and living a life truly worth living.

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