Extract Silver from the Banks

Free Silver


1.) Trade $500 for a box of half dollars

2.) Search (about 20 min or so per box depends on how fast you get)

3.) Silver coins have a silver edge and other coins have a double colored copper and silver edge


6 comments to Extract Silver from the Banks

  • MikO

    This is an age old trick that hardly works anymore. Most silver coins have been extracted already.

    Im not saying don’t try. I am just giving a warning, this method has been used well over a decade.

    • I’d have to agree, at least in my experience anyway; seems like they’ve been picked through pretty well.

      Have gone through 5+ boxes only to find ~2 1970 halves. I was hoping for more.

  • Cal

    Well at 21 I can’t afford to get as much silver as most of the middle aged stackers out there can.
    I will use every trick in the book to acquire a bigger stack!

    Check out the YouTube channel!

  • Tony

    I started to do this about 2 months ago. My bank thought I was nuts. To give a sample to see if it was worth the time and effort. Took 1000 and got two boxes. They are heavy. Sorted box 1/2 and got 1 Franklin (90%) & 2 (40%), Box3/4.. 2 40%, Boxes 5/6 no coins, box 7/8 4 90%, Boxes 9/10.. no coins, Boxes 11/12 1 40%, boxes 13/14 1 40%, boxes 15/16 no coins, Boxes 17/18 no coins, Boxes 19/20 1 90% Total= 2 X 90% 10 X 40%.
    If you do the math. I made 6 trips to the bank(s). It is nice to get some real silver coin, but the effort to get them is far beyond the effort. I would be better off just buying a few Silver Eagles.
    Ever thought of hoarding pennies. at least 100% ROI for now. It’s just illegal to melt them. ??? Any thoughts about melting?

    • Adam

      To Tony:

      With pre-1982 pennies, even though it is illegal to melt them, they still have more intrinsic value, just like a silver quarter vs a regular quarter. Being on a budget as well, I have some silver, but have also gone into banks asking for rolls of pennies to diversify more. I then sort out the pre-1982 copper pennies from the post-1982 pennies. You can then return the post-1982 pennies, but I just keep those as well.

      So, you definitely don’t have to melt down the coins for them to still hold more value when the dollar tanks. I just think of them like a different form of change. You have gold for large purchases, then silver quarters, dimes, and nickels for smaller purchases, then you have the copper pennies and finally the zinc pennies for change.

  • Cal

    Well said guys, I have a stash of copper pennies and nickels also. If you persistently keep building the stack of silver along with the CU pennies & nickels, you will have a big stack of change when bartering with silver and other supplies/items.

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