Give Doom Porn A Rest


Whether or not the world eventually descends into crescendo of chaos resulting from a economic collapse or human generated disaster, until it physically manifests it’s nothing more that a mere hypothetical. I feel that many of us who perceive reality beyond the illusion of the sleeping masses regularly seek out watch “doom porn” or extreme blogs & articles about the worst case scenarios but, not seeking out “evolution porn” that discuss the ways we can grow ourselves out of this mess.


Like regular porn, “doom porn” has its role – it keeps us aware and on our toes about the fragility of the reality we are living in. Doom porn can motivate us to prepare ourselves physically & mentally and doom porn can be effective in waking people up who actively support the debt & death paradigm (which is fear based anyway). However, “doom porn” like regular porn can also become an addiction and bind those who are awakened to new chains and new closed boxes of thinking.


For those who are awake, every minute spent looking at “doom porn” is a minute not spent on putting energy toward peaceful, practical solutions for the next paradigm or a minute not spent on personal preparation or a minute not spent on strengthening the bonds we already have with our fellow awakened brethren or a minute not checking out the girls in bikinis on the beach (an utter tragedy!). I think “doom porn” is as much as fear trap for those awake as it for those who would remain asleep.


On “doom porn” I think there’s two questions we should ask ourselves:


Is there some cataclysmic shift coming that will change the way billions of people on the planet go about their daily lives and a shift that’s worth taking precautions over?

Who the hell knows with 100% certainty the answer to this question and if even if most “awakened” individuals say YES, 100% of people on earth neither know the date nor the trigger event or how things will play out. However, critical thinkers who follow history and use the science of reason all pretty much say something big is happening and we should all prepare for a coming shit storm.


What do we truly fear in our hearts about this pending disaster?

I think that the biggest fear is the fear of uncertainty of the future. Maybe we get hooked on “doom porn” when it comes from smart & confident people (Schiff, Celente, etc) whom we respect because it appears they know what the hell they’re talking about.

Another aspect of the fear I feel has to do with the passionate love we have for our family & friends & how we cherish their wellbeing & safety. To know that this coming “change” will likely put those who stay grounded in the debt & death paradigm in harms way is excruciatingly painful. It’s also very painful to accept the idea that we ultimately cannot do anything for them and we have to respect their decision to be or to not be free because it is their right to do so.


To those who are awake, I don’t think we need anymore hypothetical “doom porn.” All we really need to know that global tyranny is getting stronger, it’s going to run it’s course (for how long who knows) and it’s going to run on the fuel of all those who support it (which unfortunately greatly outnumber the critical thinkers for now). We can’t do anything about the masses but, we can do something about ourselves.


We can begin to become addicted to “evolution porn.”


There’s a big difference between “evolution porn” and the new agey “just think positive” cognitive dissonance of sheeple in the debt & death paradigm. “Evolution porn” is trolling for articles, information & experiences that allow you to grow your spirit, positively change your body, widen your perception, evolving the way your brain thinks & processes information. “Evolution porn” unlike “doom porn” forces expansion of perception and doesn’t lock anyone in a box.


One example of “Evolution porn” could be tapping into the hidden powers of your mind through brain wave tracks ( another example of “evolution porn” could be collecting images & videos which invokes a creative & innovative reaction.’s Mike Adam has mastered “health porn” – always presenting fresh articles about foods, exercises and growing your physical body. I think it’s great and Adam’s “health porn” falls under “evolution porn” however, he does put “doom porn” on his site from time to time.


We all have the choice to cast our energy in any direction we wish. If we focus it too much on doom porn, I feel it’s a total waste of energy on a stack of hypothetical outcomes and it weakens us. If we instead focus on evolution porn, we have no where else to go but, up from here.


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