True Independence

Dear Chis,

I planted fifty pounds of potatoes in late February and you can see my harvest, over 300 pounds in the midst of the worst drought in Texas history (113 years of record keeping).

The next picture is just our first day of canning, within 24 hours of harvest. Bet you can’t beat that for fresh.

True independence is to be able to do this for yourself and your family without government interference. If the Food Safety Bill passes I will then be called a terrorist, but then as a Vietnam vet I am considered a  terrorist threat anyway. Every one of your subscribers better learn to grow, harvest and preserve their own food or they will be imprisoned at the FEMA camps when they try to buy it. And that is a fact. Freedom is never free.

Good luck young man.


I will write Cyrus to see if he can share some of his experience on this harvest.

My little garden is starting off nicely and just ate the first taste of real food. I planted strawberries and just ate one off of the bush and I bit into it and it literally evaporated in my mouth. I had never tasted such a fresh fruit in my life. The strawberries we get at the store are big and white on the inside and they are crunchy almost. My berries are red, juicy, and delicious. I am excited to grow more and hope next year I will  do much more.

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