Guns for the Dollar Collapse Chaos

Free People Own Guns

Just Posted a video featuring my StagArms Ar-15 and a little discussion about why the rifle is an important item to have. With the Anger/Chaos Phase approaching, it is important to be ready for the task at hand.  I also cover going to a Conceal Carry Class this weekend.

Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best!

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Guns for Dollar Collapse

2 comments to Guns for the Dollar Collapse Chaos

  • More Liberty

    Agreed, although with some variance. Rifles and their much needed ammunition have intrinsic value. Someone else doesn’t have to value them, they are valuable in and of themselves. They give an individual an advantage in hunting and defense.

  • Cal

    I like the rifle for multiple intruders, and the security style Mossberg for close range.

    And of course the shotgun with a slug barrel for hunting, and rifle for different types of hunting.

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