Silver Bullet Silver Shield Update

Info on Warbird and Love Mintage.

Release info on AG47 and Cannabis.

Air-Tites added to all Proof orders retroactively.

Warbird and Love are available now at the following Authorized SBSS Retailers
Gainesville Coins-


Gold Stackers Australia-

GLOBAL PRIVATE BROKER SERVICE- For more larger, more complex trades and personal service.
Constitutional Silver-

*If your dealer does not carry Silver Bullet Silver Shield, have them contact us at DTOMsola (at) yahoo (dot) com

5 comments to Silver Bullet Silver Shield Update

  • Don

    Ordered Warbirds yesterday, in the mail to me today….. SD Bullion; great response time and I look forward to seeing them in my hands! Wish only that Slave Queen was available via Chris’s operation; I missed out on that issue because I refused to deal with the MM any longer. Thanks Chris; keep the faith and keep on keeping on!

  • IndenturedServant

    Hi Chris, Can you post info on final mintages for D&D, Trivium and Slave Queen? Thanks…….I_S

  • Chad

    I ordered a proof of both Love and Warbird from Amagi Metals. I also ordered some of the BU of each. While I’d rate the BU rounds as above average in quality, I’d rate the proof of Warbird as having the absolute worst finish I’ve ever seen on a round. Cloudy and scuffed would be fair words to describe my Warbird proof. The Love proof, while being nowhere as bad as the Warbird is still cloudy on the mirror finish on approximately 1/4 of the coin. The very worse round I received from the previous minter (BU Proof Slave Queen) is far higher quality than what I just opened. The artwork on the 2 new rounds is fantastic. The finish of the proofs is beyond unacceptable. Horrible is the best word I can think of. I contacted Amagi to resolve the issue. Also, don’t these proofs come with COA’s?

  • Quicksilver

    These may look nice and be backed by interesting ideas; unfortunately the steep 30Euro+ prices for these less familiar coins from the two European dealers, is an instant turn off. Unless these are sold for sensible prices, they are really just mass produced art trinkets, so poor value for trade compared to the much cheaper and better recognized state minted coins, at 22Euro or less.

    TPTB may use fragile power structures; however, as a whole, they show an annoying robustness, even anti-fragility, across the centuries, so I suggest you do not underestimate them!

  • Kip Caven

    I think it might have been sdbullion, but one site I can only order ONE HUNDRED COINS at a time!!! Whats up with that?????????
    I hope Amagi is ok-i just got about 10 from them

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