Update: Mulligan Mint Seized By Court Order

Update: After their first attorney dumped them on Monday…

Then they hire an Attorney that is barely out of law school…

Now they are moving the case to the Federal Courts to buy more time… and increase the exposure (Free Lakota Bank).

One thing I now know for sure, Rob will not be jetting off to Singapore anytime soon after all of the conversations I have had today…

If this drama interests you, be sure to bookmark Mulligan Mint Exposed run by a former partner that Rob Gray stole over $100,000 from in Philadelphia.




34 comments to Update: Mulligan Mint Seized By Court Order

  • Rottenclam

    Looks like the Mind Mechanic’s skills will soon be tested when he has 3 hours to figure out how to make a shiv out of a toothbrush.

  • Richard Hayward

    Thanks for exposing this fraud and good luck with your lawsuit.

  • tbc

    So I guess not letting them “replace” my FG proofs was the right decision? I was very reluctant to send them back the 100 ounces of silver in the hopes they’d send me new “good” ones. I guess I have what I have and chalk it up to a life lesson.

    It’s good to see you vindicated on this Chris. I only wish the SSG forum hadn’t imploded so badly in the aftermath. I’m reluctant to even post there anymore.

  • MATT

    Hey Chris ..Gravity always wins…I would assume that the Michael Moore look alike doing his video was more a nervous (convincing the self) attempt to give himself some solace as did you with Rob towards the end..Your last interviews with Rob you look VERY nervous as obviously your gut was telling you things weren’t right..you looked like you were going to chew your own fingers off in it..ANYHOW..Onwards and Upwards..Ordered some of the latest designs.great work..keep it up!! Truth always rises to the top..let’s hope that for Mr Manning!

  • David Richardson

    If he had just worked to pay off debts while correcting problems & then pushing ahead he could have been very wealthy. Sad he was so greedy and self-focused. Other adjectives apply But I will leave it at that.

  • shawn

    love your work Chris as you’ve brought a lot of awareness to light. it’s time now that you take your own advice and remove the toxins. this mulligan mint problem that you had is history and it’s well past the time to flush it and forget it. i’m sure i can speak for other very appreciative followers of your site that would like to see you focus on the positives. thank you for all you’ve done and keep up the great work.

  • marz

    I wonder if this has to do with Bix Weir being so silent lately.

    • Rottenclam

      If I was Bix Weir, and I had been responsible for that ridiculous “Road to Roota” coin that emerged 2 months ago, I wouldnt say anything for a year.

  • Cleburne61

    Why is Rob Gray still walking free? Why is he not in prison?

  • More Liberty

    I’ll stick to buying things with intrinsic value.

  • IndenturedServant

    I met Rob Gray at the Silver Summit last year and spent about three minutes in his presence. About thirty seconds in I knew he was a first rate ass clown.

    From urban dictionary:

    ass clown (ás kloun) n.:

    one, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society’s collective underwear.

    With a little luck, Mr. Gray’s leather cheerio will be be getting quite a workout in the not too distant future in the privacy of a Texas jail cell.

    • Rottenclam

      “I met Rob Gray at the Silver Summit last year and spent about three minutes in his presence. About thirty seconds in I knew he was a first rate ass clown.”


      Well, then by virtue of that statement, you must consider yourself a much better judge of character than Chris Duane, Jack Spirko, and many others.

      Personally, I think you’re likely just blessed with the gift of hindsight. And if you did make a purchase through AOCS / mulligan mint subsequent to the Silver Summit from last year, than your statement above makes you either stupid, or a liar (or both).

      On the other hand, perhaps you are a great judge of character, and you did not make a purchase. If that is the case, then I tip my hat to you.

      Speaking for myself, I bought some copper from AOCS as a novelty / conversation-starter a few years ago. I had no reason to distrust rob gray. He came across as articulate and sincere in his beliefs. I received exactly what I ordered, and it was delivered in a timely manner.

      However, when I saw Chris start making his own coins, I held off because it seemed an about-face on the historical DTOM position, and not because I was skeptical of rob gray. So the only reason that I didnt get burned as a buyer was because of an outlier reason. But I just as easily could have sent rob a bunch of money for a big order of silver. That is why I empathize with the customers (and Chris) that are having a hard time now.

      You just seem to be shooting your mouth off about “how you know best”…but then again, I dont know you. Maybe you really are an amazing judge of character that is immediately able to discern who is an ass-clown and who is not.

      • IndenturedServant

        Rottenclam said:
        “On the other hand, perhaps you are a great judge of character, and you did not make a purchase. If that is the case, then I tip my hat to you.”

        I am in fact an excellent judge of character. Thank you!

        The internet, nay, the entire world is very fortunate indeed to be blessed with the speculative insights of people like yourself. You should be able to parlay that talent into a $100k+ a year salary as a talking head for the MSM or at the very least, Team Obama could use your talents. He is surrounded by talented individuals like exactly like you. Have a good day!

  • plataschild

    Sound Familiar?


    He allegedly diverted the money for his own use and refused to provide refunds on unfilled orders, although he sometimes did fill order if customers threatened legal action. Burg operated multiple websites.


    The court was notified on April 9 that Burg was willing to accept a plea bargain, so a change to a plea hearing was scheduled for May 15.

  • Rick

    Hey Chris, I know you are totally enjoying this. You should and I know I am.

  • Scott

    What made Jack Spirko decide to take sides on the matter? Even if he kept using M2 as a supplier for his coins, why go after Chris Duane? Why not just stay out of it.

    • MATT

      scott..It’s called denial..I think he was trying to gain more support from Rob in the hope that his gut feeling he was going to get ROBbed too..But he has yet to truly understand the ways of a Psychopath and realize they have NO loyalty but to themselves..He has learned the hard way too and won’t respond to any questions whether he will admit he was wrong..A little work on his ego might be a good thing..MOVING RIGHT ALONG!

  • TomH

    Now this is interesting, according to you guys the Mint has been “seized” which would mean they are not minting coins, that their stuff has been taken by some sort of authority but yet, hmm, I just called them, they answered the phone and gave me an update on my order.

    So what exactly was “seized”?

    I mean do you guys know the difference between a lien and something being seized?

    I guess not either that or are you purposefully misleading people?

    I don’t expect to see my comment get past moderation, truth seems to be not wanted around here.

    As for Spirko the man has said many times, if Rob eventually looses this fight all he really cares about is making sure all his customers get their orders and don’t loose any money. He has been around a long time without selling silver and I believe the way he put it was, “if I never sell an ounce of silver again it won’t change the temperature of the water in my pool”.

    So keep talking shit about Spirko if you want to Chris but he was here a long time before any of this nonsense began and unlike you, he business doesn’t depend on the price of silver or his ability to sell it.

    I would really love to see you say some of the shit you say online about Spirko to his face Chris, something tells me you wouldn’t be such a bad ass if you were not behind a camera and in IP connection.

  • Devon

    I have been emailing Amagi Metals as I ordered some SBSS coins from them recently (about a month ago). They told me in an email yesterday (8/1) that Mulligan Mint was NOT seized by court order.

  • Charlie

    Jack Spirko??? The bigger question I have, is Rob paying or compensating Jack to video and stand up for Mulligan? I realize he has the coin deal with Mulligan already, but his defense seems to maybe have a greater monetary theme? Just being part of this could lead to Jack being named in the various Suits as he has benefited financially (and more than we know?)

  • Michael

    The other day I got an e-mail from some place – Second Arrow, or something arrow, anyway. They wanted me to become a customer and buy rounds that were named suspiciously, plus they were in Dallas – big red flag. After deleting the e-mail I searched the guy’s name, and guess what – he was involved with AOCS. Guess I won’t be buying anything from him.

    • Rottenclam

      What you’re seeing is yet another person sprout up with their small business to sell metals. All the metal-stacking businesses are trying to sell survivalist stuff too (even DTOM).

      Its the American way. No big deal. Dont sweat it. Just recognize the pattern, and move very slowly and methodically. If this guy and his business are still standing 2-3 years from now, then maybe they’re worth placing an order with.

  • Deryl Johnson

    Too bad he’s such a slick con man. He didn’t even have a mint when he told Chris that he did. He just hired a mint like any one else could do. Guys like Rob just disappear never to be seen again in some places. Too bad he wasn’t hired in one of those towns. I’m sure that he will get what’s coming to him this time. Most con men run out of luck eventually, and it looks like little Rob has run out of luck. Way to go Chris. You nailed the little jerk, and I hope that he hangs on the soap good and tight.

  • sterling

    finally there is some action on here I love it, is it not amazing what it takes to get people to come out of the wood work?

  • sterling

    finally there is some action on here I love it, is it not amazing what it takes to get people to come out of the wood work?

  • nonja bis


    lol he says sorry that i advertised on my blog for them. jack spirko sucks as a person. just saying

  • I have been watching the Mulligan Mint/Chris Duane saga for months now. I have some copper medallions that were minted by M2, and they turned out fine. I always got what I paid for and was never ripped off. Now however I may not be able to get my dies back for quite some time.

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