The Greatest Lesson I Have Learned In My Life

Lately, I have been “m.i.a.”, aka, missing in action; toiling away, quietly into the night and sunny mornings, reading, thinking, preparing, planning, thinking some more.

While reading an excellent preparedness book, it hit me: the greatest lesson I have ever learned in my life. It left such an impact on me that I paused right there in the middle of the coffee shop to soak it all in and realize the full extent of what I had just discovered.

And this is it…

Most people fail because they never take action. Well, duh, you idiot, that’s obvious isn’t it? But there’s more to it… I asked WHY don’t people ever take action?

Why do some people take action, then fail, then take action again and succeed? Why?

I’ll tell you why… consciousness. What is that one driving force that separates an excellent prepper from a novice who thinks to himself, “this-is-just-a-hobby” and not a way of life? Consciousness. That’s what. Without planting, nurturing, and developing the right consciousness, all people fail, no matter what they’re trying to achieve.

With the right consciousness, humans do some of the most amazing, inspiring, and previously-thought impossible goals. When you put yourself in the right state of mind, you start to see the bigger picture, your goal becomes more attainable, you start thinking about all the different ways it can be achieved, instead of thinking about all the obstacles in your way.

It’s not enough to be brave, have money, have the resources, plan and take action; you MUST HAVE conviction, strong desire, and the consciousness to back up your actions. That’s what separates all the greatest financial analysts from the media establishment posers; the master farmers from the novice ones; the guru guitar player from the average joe — consciousness.

If you want to succeed at something or change a part of your life towards something different that you desire, start with your daily habits, mindset (positive), and most importantly, your consciousness. How? By reading books that get you on the right path and thinking like them, and put you on the right mindset. Slowly, but surely, you WILL get there. And if you truly want it that bad, it will happen even sooner.

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