Chris Duane Fired Up on The Sound of Freedom

Chris Duane  joins me to talk current events, as well as take calls from listeners and answer questions from listeners in the chat. Mind control from the Obama administration, Feds infiltrating conspiracy groups, NSA, economic collapse, the BRICS nations, psychology, Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh, walking away, great callers and much more…

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13 comments to Chris Duane Fired Up on The Sound of Freedom

  • Silver Shield

    I was really pumped up this night and had a blast on Ryan’s show.
    There is like 20 YouTube videos in this show that I could make.

  • MATT

    great interview Chris..maybe you can release a video about blue umbrellas chasing red ones and get really DEEP! ;)))

    love your work!

  • Scott here. I watched the sons of liberty academy and liked it alot. I go to drudge, glen beck, Alex jones, and go to Internet and the more I read the more confused I become. I bought silver which is now worth half what I had in it. I bought guns and food. I am in information overload and I can’t for the live of me figure out why with the massive wealth that’s at steak why Americans are not rising up to do something to get control of this country. There are just 535 of them and 330 million of us and we can’t stop all this? I am 53 years old and so depressed at the way my country is going I almost can’t stand it. I was a builder and lost everything in 2008. I was reading how this happened to Iceland and the people rose up and kicked out the corrupt politicians and now they are doing better then ever. All this stuff about race, he said, she said, endless spending and corruption is so distracting. The media is gone and you can’t trust anything you hear. I love the Internet but it has not been kind to society. Nothing is based on fact and most do what you read is fiction…looks good but all fiction. I don’t even know if this president is legally able to even be President. Who knows. I am going to leave my address and will some who has so time who cares fill me in on what’s going on that is in the know. I firmly believe we have been overthrown by an outside source. Printing all this money 20 trillion is better than war….it insures disaster. It’s unpresidented. Please any thoughts? Write to Hardie.


    • David Richardson


      I think you will be fine.

      At your age [and I am older] it is disappointing to see the US change from a country we were proud of to whatever it is now.

      Have a wife, son, daughter, or parent close to you? Spend some good time with one or more and try not to worry.

      Blessings to you,

  • Dave

    Chris, I do generally like your work. I find it troubling however when you or guests begin the ad hominem attacks on A. Jones. He definitely has some weak spots, but don’t we all. It’s just as easy for me to go on a show and hit your blind spots. You sell silver, you were unable to see Rob Gray’s now obvious to the rest of us, DEEP character flaws. I let those go and give you the benefit of the doubt. Allowing a caller to attack Jone’s character, alleging he’s a psyop but providing NO evidence to support this supposed and unexplained line he can’t cross, with no critical push back from you I find disingenuous. If you believe in logic and Socratic debate, why allow such poor attacks? Again, I appreciate your well resourced work, but your arguments have their flaws. I find it unrealistic to believe you or I can escape completely from the controllers of the infrastructure we rely on. The electrical grid, fresh water, petroleum and other natural resources which they control, and have alot bigger weapons than you or I to keep. I notice when you do your videos an apple lap top. You broadcast your enlightening videos on YouTube, using power from their grid. I’m not questioning your use of these, just your simplistic view we will walk away without what they control. Thx for what you do

    • Dave, I think the problem many of us have with Alex Jones is he offers no solutions to the hours of problems he gripes about. I listened to him for a week straight, until my head hurt and I felt sick like I was going to throw up. It was at that moment that I realized he offered only problems. It is not healthy to hear only problems without solutions.

  • Nick


    Nick here. Let me break some things down for you in a way that will help you. I’ll go in order of your message.
    As stated in this interview on Sounds of Freedom, listening to media outlets such as Alex, Jones & Glen Beck, are only going to turn your positive energy and understanding of the macro picture, into negative feelings and undesirable emotions= like the depression you’re currently facing. These media outlets steal the spiritual integrity from you, and replace it with ritual severity.. to the point where you can do nothing but constantly search for new material and you will even back log the old shows. You don’t need proof that Alex Jones was put in place to stifle any individual awareness, because you know that he’s not a true person, deep inside. Trust your intuition and your gut. When you are aware, your gut will not steer you wrong. When you are complacent and oblivious, your gut doesn’t have the opportunity to work for you. Being that you were in the construction field, as am I, think of your gut as a subcontractor that works for you. He’s reliable and has always shown up on time, has always done good work for you and made your customers happy, but as soon as you stop checking his work and checking up on him- he becomes unreliable. You have taken a crucial step (instinctively & emotionally) to do something about the position you find yourself in, and the position we are all in. This is a very important contribution you made to yourself. But don’t let it slip away.
    When someone walks away from their old way of thinking and decides to purchase things to put them in a better position we all make mistakes at first. Whether it’s what rounds to purchase, how to store our food or water, what denomination to buy silver or gold in- keep in mind, it’s a learning process. After all, we are learning to become real individuals. But from your message, you didn’t make any mistakes.
    You’re experiencing a lost, uniformed type of regret with your silver purchase, but it wasn’t by any means a mistake, read why.
    You purchased silver instinctively on your own accord, probably within weeks of preliminary research. Your silver purchase was an emotional one. This is important for you to understand. I too, awoke from my slumber when silver was at it’s most recent peak. I paid upwards of $ 40 per ounce for the majority of the silver I own like you. What you need to know is that silver was a great purchase at $ 38 per ounce, and it’s an even better purchase at $ 22! When you truly realize why you’re buying silver or gold, and don’t observe it in only a short term investment sense, you will not regret your purchase. You can do what I have done, buy it at $ 40 and all the way down and accumulate. Bare in mind that I don’t have a lot of money and take my investments very seriously. But I know, that I am investing silver (or gold or guns or food or water etcetera)for the right motives. You knew it was the right thing to do, you just didn’t fully understand why. At any moment the rug will get swept out from beneath us- and you will be the one holding the good stuff.
    The most important thing you need to understand is not why all of this is happening, or why the 330 million of us can’t stop it, but you need to learn how to be content and happy with yourself in your position. Your sadness is temporary, but madness is forever. You need to focus on getting your mind right, and being happy with yourself. Without that, it doesn’t matter what happens to the world because you have taken yourself out of it’s beauty through depression. If you knew that depression is what “they” want you to feel, then you may realize that depressed is the last emotion you should put yourself through. As long as you can go to the store and buy what you want, things aren’t as bad as they could be. Like my mother says, be happy while you can.
    The reason why Iceland was able to “take back” some of their sovereignty is because they haven’t eaten themselves alive with their own diversity. We as a nation have.
    Foreign interests do run, own and prosper off of America. As well as Iceland, England, Germany and almost all of the rest. The U.S. cannot do what Iceland did very simply, because we are so distracted and brainsoiled to realize that things are as bad as they really are. We can’t be bothered to make our children a proper dinner, let alone get out in the streets and demand improvement. Specially when the Commander In Chief is bodyguarded by the biggest race card ever played. This country from it’s “revolutionary” conception had a long term itinerary and a rigid course. The path has not been strayed from and it won’t be avoided. We are the metaphorical Atlantis and will do as the Atlantians did. At the end of our day though, we don’t need to protest the streets and demand meaningful change because the goal you’re speaking of would only cause that collapse quicker. At this point, it is a “whack it until the wheels fall off” type of lifestyle. Do the most you can, while you can.
    When I first convinced my wife to transfer our savings into metals last year, I told her to expect that silver falls to $ 18.00 per ounce. I told her this because the psychology of the longterm trade and market manipulation told me that before any major collapse occurred, “they” had to remove any last minute confidence in precious metals as a valuable store of wealth or shield from inflation, and so that they could disenchant new found metal lovers. Right now they have successfully gotten many Americans holding silver to either: give it up and sell it a loss never to return again, dissuade soft silver lovers from purchasing more additional silver, they gave themselves the opportunity to sell theirs high and buy it right back in a low, and who knows, perhaps even create a supply market where there wasn’t one for countries and dynasties to accumulate massive quantities like India has recently done. One thing is for sure, only the intellectual die-hard silver lover bought it at forty, bought it at thirty, bought it at twenty two, and is telling their friends and family that now is the time.
    I hope you find your-

  • Nick


    Respectfully: check out some objective reports on Alex. There is a reason why he’s so sensational on these topics. There is an explanation to why he is on Piers Morgan and other mainstream venues. As the caller on this show stated, there are certain topics that he wouldn’t- for the longest time cover. Specifically regarding the absolute source of where our rulers come from. The topics that you might think would be most important. much of this is because his family is tied to it. He speaks in generic statements, and spends 20 minutes of every forty minute show talking about himself. The difference, Info Wars is “suppose” to be “Info”. Alternative “news”.
    Alex is very passionate about the power grid. He was specifically passionate about it at the turn of the millennium when he claimed that Y2K was shutting down institutions all over the world. He sensationalized it with wrong, uninformed disinformation. He does this all of the time and there is a point, where thats dangerous. Ever heard of “the war of the worlds” reading over the radio when americans thought that aliens were really attacking and started killing themselves? he does that “every” day with “martial law”. Every day is a false flag with Alex, to the point where he himself becomes the false flag. The evidence is in Alex himself. The evidence is in the various compilation tapes of him losing it on callers for no reason. The evidence is in his Soloman’s star microphone holder.
    The ironic part is Dave, that many of us started out listening to Jones. We grew away from him out of a necessity to better ourselves. For a life with Jones, is a life deferred.

  • Dave

    Thanks for a reasoned response. My exposure to Alex was the result of a simple inquiry of a hydrologist regarding florid. I was a sound asleep neocon with zero knowledge of false paradigms, fractional reserve banking, quigley,Huxley, burneys et al. So If the guy is a psyop, someone may need to inform his handlers he ain’t doing them any favors. That being said, I appreciate Chris because I moved on from the initial hyperventilating panic and despair to a rational daily method of protection, leaving the exhilaration of the daily doom porn behind. I think my point is, there is a place for what Alex does. He is ham fisted and comes on like a wack in the face from a soaked towel, but I’m honest enough to admit I might have slept thru something less assaultive to my dream state. So I move on and find chris’s material, its enlightening, thoughtful, factual. I buy his coins, then this crap with mulligan breaks out and I’m questioning. Why wasn’t Gray’s history checked out before all this drama. It seems it was out there. I’m still interested in Chris’s point of view, I’m still interested in Alex’s point of view. I’m just feeling it’s a bit arrogant to be talking down someone not there to defend themselves in a mocking sophomoric way. It’s hard enough slogging through this crap without you guys crapping all over each other all the time. At the end of the day, none of us know when, how, or for how much longer this can go on. It’s gone on longer than most we listen to thought already. I could be jaded and say you guys are all selling something. Generally, I listen carefully to what is said and try and follow up with my own reading. Then the crap talking and backhanded comments start and I just tune out.

  • Nick


    I enjoyed reading your response. Soaked towel made me chuckle in a giddy, less masculine than I want to be sort of way.
    There certainly is a place for Alex and all of us in the macro greater scheme. Alex has served a greater purpose for me in my life than I think hes suppose to. As far as Alex’s sponsors watching what he says, keep this in mind: the illuminati will always tell you what their plans are, government will never tell you what their plans are, and masons will never tell you anything.
    They may expose each other, they may condemn certain plans or bring certain things to light, the CFR, senators, lobbyists, FED RES will always tell you what the plan is and what their goals are. Their real power comes from telling us what they have in store, and us not being able to stop it or stop them. I guess if you had all of the power and money it took to move nations, you may have a few games to play.
    Regarding the Mull Mint: the issue is Robert’s strange silence. The issue is the careers and reputations that could be tarnished forever because of Robert’s alleged “mismanagement” of funds and customer accounts.
    I must be honest that I have tuned out with the whole Mull mint situation, only because I don’t allow my investments to sit in a 3rd party limbo, so I am not effected. I take that back, the IRS is the largest 3rd party ever…
    However Dave, the mint stuff is the gossip of the real world, the only soft drama we have. I have and will continue to tune it out, although you and I must realize what’s at stake with this collossel default on the part of the mint.
    There is your everyday mudslinging, and then there is your Sunday grave digging. I get the feeling that this is the ladder and may leave a lot of people without wealth. Not to blindly defend or speak for anyone else, but it sounds like Chris Duane and James Wesley Rawles are attempting to maintain the base they have built, and not losing them to some madvertising.

  • Scott


    I just read the response that you sent me and I thank you for your response. I would like to think that Americans will wake up and realize the importance of freedom and what it really means. I think many Americans are just late to the dance so to speak and will wake up…may be late but they will wake up. When it comes to Alex Jones and Glenn and some of the others there is so much information these guys assimilate that it would be impossible to always get it correct. They would all be the first to admit they wish they would have aired certain stories. In the case of Alex Jones… I personally believe that he really has himself believing that things are way worse that they really are. If I were him I would want to make darn sure before I made a statement that it was verified fact before it enters the air waves. It’s the speculation and opinion, that has all of us not knowing who or what to believe. Credibility is most important for me when it comes to the Internet.
    I am going to continue to buy silver when I can. I understand that when you buy at 40 or 20 and your average is 30 that it will be a mega bargain when the country is gone and it’s 350 an oz. When paper is worthless it’s all we can use anyway..unless we are trading food. Has anyone from what you guys have read about had any predictions as to when this could all come to a head?

    Thanks again


  • Nick


    Generally people do not come to a great awakening until they lose everything, somewhat how you described losing your business before you began investigating the reasons why. In this scenario- mass America may not wake up until massive loss. This loss will come in the form of economic hardship on a serious scale. We know this because through the form of incremental restructuring, we have in fact lost the concrete structure of our freedoms, and through hidden taxes like inflation, and not so hidden taxes like the 1/3rd I pay the IRS to fund wars I don’t believe in, we have lost our economic potential. It is good to have hope, I’m a bit younger an perhaps that is why I’m a bit dry of it, but I don’t put any eggs in the “waking up to the rooster” basket.
    There are many people here who defend Alex. But imagine, if you like the Revolutionary narrative, that Paul Revere had taken a ride throughout the city every night saying “the British are coming, the British are coming”. You know the analogy, but the point is that if Alex is wrong just enough, on just enough major issues, then the whole possibility for having an aware following is impossible. And when you aren’t aware, you can’t prepare. Alex throws you into the third eye of a hurricane and spins you around, bombarding you with so much shrapnel of different conspiracies that the user, the listener, the “patriot” can do nothing but sit stagnate not knowing which direction to approach. Those who defend him now,will one day reject him.
    As far as profits from silver and gold purchases: I would make the wager that we won’t ever see those profits shown through taxing sites such as Kitco. If I were them and ha their motives, knowing that the true value of silver is closer to $4,600 an ounce, I wouldn’t allow the metals market to reflect a revaluing or correction- EVER. I would wait until the paper show was over, and let all of the “nutty metal buddies” figure out for themselves on a first dangerous barter market, what the true value of the metal is.
    Before any collapse I think we will see another good spike in metals, and another giant drop. They make money too this way. When you have the capital to “Hunt” it out, do as the Rothschild did after the battle of Waterloo.
    You asked for the impossible, a timeline. The better question is, where will you be when the dollar drops? What will you be holding when everyone else is holding nothing. If it were me, I would do it before tax time collecting as much revenue as possible before having to dish any back out. If it were me, I would do it before or during winter so home gardens would suffer, and resources would be quickly spent. If it were me I would initiate an official war for Israel with Iran and Syria, to weaken Israel’s final direct enemies while the U.S. still has the power and as a final hailmary attempt to regaining the petro dollar. If it were me I would wait until October 2015. I would allow the ideal- get out of jail free card playing president to take the precedented third term because of it. If it were me, I would make the collapse occur in a way and cause things to happen that no one is expecting or predicting. But if it were really me, I would pull a JFK and save this world from itself with truth and sacrifice.
    Many say its going to happen tomorrow. The best answer is that it will be “the day after tomorrow”.

  • Nick

    TYPO: “Market sites such as Kitco”.

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