Survival Blog Drops Mulligan Mint

(Editor’s note: I was responsible for bringing James Wesley Rawles into the Mulligan Mint, among many other bloggers.
I always acted in their best interests.
First, by opening them up to an opportunity that sounded mutually beneficial for all involved.
Then when I found out I was dealing with a deceitful psychopath, I warned all involved.
In reading the article below, you will see how even months later, Rob is still lying to partners and exposing them and their followers to impending collapse.
I have no hard feelings about the whole affair and I am just glad it happened before the collapse.
Too bad Jack Spriko of the Survival Podcast cannot put aside his huge ego and call it quits too…)
James Wesley Rawles

Survival Blog

I just heard about the Republic Metals lawsuit, which alleges that Mulligan Mint owes them about 71,000 ounces of silver. Unless Mulligan is able to eventually settle their writ of attachment and carry on with business (which looks doubtful), I recommend that my readers stop doing any business with Mulligan Mint.

For the record: As of this day, I have received no compensation whatsoever from Mulligan Mint except for one sample 1-ounce silver Redoubt coin. (Their promised sales commissions have not been fulfilled.)

They have made me repeated promises and excuses for delays in delivery. In a phone conversation in the middle of July, Rob Gray promised me that “all but 500 ounces” of the American Redoubt 1-ounce silver rounds had already been shipped to customers on orders up to that date, and that any backlogged orders would be shipped by around July 25th. It is now clear to me that Rob Gray was being deceitful. He never mentioned the Republic Metals lawsuit to me. He was carrying on as if nothing was amiss. In fact last last week he was still corresponding with me about plans to design and release a 1/10th-ounce fractional American Redoubt coin. I should not have trusted his word.

I have removed the Mulligan Mint ad from my blog site. My apologies for expecting Rob Gray to honor his promises. At this stage, I have no idea how this will be resolved for anyone with pending orders. If I hear anything about potential recourse then I will post it, post haste. I find this all quite distressing.

Under the terms of the restraining order, no silver–regardless of form, raw or finished –leaves the facility until after Republic recovers their 71,000 Troy ounces.  That company is essentially now the proverbial “first guy in line” in the eyes of the law. All other claims are secondary. I now expect to see a full scale implosion of the company, civil suits, and possibly criminal charges.  This won’t end well.

I’m very sorry to have been involved by accepting Mulligan Mint as a blog advertiser. This is what I get for trusting people. My sincere apologies. Once again, I recommend that my readers stop doing any business with Mulligan Mint.

And if you are wondering what is going on with those that are most under the spell of Rob Gray, the Mulligan Mint employees, here is what they did with stolen money over the weekend…

mm2 night

Too bad none of the employees will question Rob’s reality and read the lawsuits at and

I know at least two employees that have their entire life savings invested in the Mulligan Mint.  If I was Rob, I would be more concerned about the day they realize they were ROBbed than any lawsuits filed from the likes of me or Republic.  I have the means of moving on with the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield with Warbird and Love and 45+ designs, but a person that committed so much capital and time into a ponzi scheme and lost everything…


16 comments to Survival Blog Drops Mulligan Mint

  • Linvx

    Wonder if one Rob Gray’s investors using a dull rusty knife to make him a steer will wipe the shit-eating-grin off his face?

  • Nick

    (For crazy, see above comment).

    I am a fan of JWR. His website puts out a ton of consistently updated facts and articles, do it yourself how-to’s and covers a wide range of topics. In my business, we have a jaded phrase, “buyers are liars”. However in the instance of the Mulligan Mint (based on what I’ve heard),the verbiage is much better: dealers are stealers. This is an isolated incident. There is a huge sales market in silver, removing the current spot price aspect. Any place where there is the potential for profits, you will have a select few doing their best to make the most amount of money for the least amount of work. Here it crosses the border from lazy land into plutocrania and he portraits himself as an incompetent proprietor. Rob Gray certainly is the private version of what should be the public treasury as far as manipulation. I get the feeling, he’s taking a lot of perhaps deserved negative attention away from the Fed, after all- they make promises, fudge books and disappoint quite in the same way. I think Gray is taking business management lessons from Bernanke, with one major difference, Bernanke keeps the printing presses full of ink while Gray’s presses still have the original bolts.

  • MATT

    MAN! This Rob guy should be nominated for the new Fed chairman..WHAT A PIECE OF WORK!!!

  • Wow! Another one bites the dust! Chalk off skeletons in the closet of another company in the bullion industry.

  • David Richardson

    He is urging people not to do business with the mint. Are they or are they not still operating?? Many ignore court orders.

    • Silver Shield

      They took the case to Federal Court putting an end to all of the action including the Writs of Attachment seizing all of his assets.
      The delay tactic will cost Rob a lot of money and buy him a couple of days, but hat does not matter since all of the money he has is stolen.

      • David Richardson

        I’m not an attorney, but my amateur legal knowledge is that the decision to go into Federal court [by his attorney’s filing] may backfire on him. Again I’m nota lawyer but that is what my experience + intuition tells me. I can see a federal judge getting pretty irritated at this case is his or her venue. And now I would think this will help Republic with a case over state lines, since they are based in Florida I think.

        I see a flight risk after all silver and money can be absconded.

        • Silver Shield

          I no longer fear the flight risk because I have spoken to three contacts out in Singapore and they are now fully aware of what is going on.

          One of them told me that Rob would find no home in Singapore.

          This is besides the fact it is too late, the cases are filed and the heat is on.

  • David Richardson

    What would stop a desperate, cunning person in that position from operating until the last minute, then fleeing the country? I don’t think there is any legally [court] proven/compelling offense that would merit extradition.

  • Marchas45

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, I feel for his employees and all the others he has gypped, I guess someone is getting a nice property in Singapore on the cheap.

  • Son of Liberty

    I like how Facebook chose gambling adds to put on that page.

    Nice detective work In-Q-Tel!

  • canadian dirtlump <— what a joke!

    Hey Chris,

    I don't know what Jack the fat faced loser Spirko's background is but he sure talks like a tough guy, saying he'd break your legs. Seems like he's trying to walk back slowly from his mongoloid arrangement with mulligan. He then talks about some of his lemmings having silver on consignment with Rob Gray and he'll break Rob's legs if they lose anything.

    take care, and look forward to getting my next sbss units after warbird.

  • tyronedeblanco

    Question. Let’s say CD is correct. What happens if Rob Gray just goes the route of bankruptcy?

    • canadian dirtlump

      As a pre amble, I think it is established that MR. Gray is or at least WAS a sheister in the past. I think clearly he still is.

      As for Pumpkinhead Spirko’s assertion about a “nuclear option” for bankruptcy, I would not think Chris would be at all upset about it. Based on what Chris says, which I believe, Rob was not going to give him anything. Chris should not have a problem getting his property back – dies, designs, website – that isn’t an issue. He’d obviously be in line to get some form of settlement which would probably be better than he would have gotten otherwise.

      I doubt the mint going bankrupt, and rob going personally bankrupt are high on his list of priorities, but to use it as some sort of threat is LOL worthy.

      Rob Gray in my view is clearly twisting facts and there are plenty of hints that this guy is a snake oil salesman, and by all accounts has been a successful con man.

      Spirko is intellectually dishonest, obviously an ego maniac, and clearly is walking back his support for mulligan by parsing his words carefully, while still maintaining this is all Chris’s fault – which is laughable.

      Kokesh is another obvious liar, obvious ego maniac who comes off like a cheesy 1980s professional wrestling manager with his over the top rants.

  • Richard

    This should be on a reality TV show. :-)

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