Why the ANGER Phase of Humanity Is Coming


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  • David Richardson

    Poignant video to go with the Ron Paul narration.

  • Nick

    We will find that the “anger phase of humanity” will be exponentially excelled by the fact that we should as a whole, be angry now. Emotions after a substantial nation-wide demise will prove to be making up for lost time. All of the individuals who are turning a blind eye to the realities of today, will be turning wide eyes tomorrow. The irony if you care to see it, is that even through the anger phase, the eyes of those partaking in the acts will essentially still be seeing with blind eyes. For the “anger phase of humanity” is still a continuation of the current paradigm and doesn’t yet breach into the awakening… This providing you define the “awakening” as the phase where we can begin to see things righteously as they truly are and have been… This providing you understand that the “anger phase” will be a series of gut reactions. The deep strife of the anger phase is necessary in reaching the awakening.
    We live in a society of followers. When we speak of gangs forming throughout the anger phase and after an economic collapse, we realize that this would be the case not because there’s strength in numbers, but because there’s weakness in solitude- for the majority of our nation.
    The anger phase as Chris says, “will be the single largest event in human history”. The type of event where calendars are ended to restart, using the event as a marker such as “A.C.”… or “After Collapse”. This could be the case if they didn’t want to remind societies in the future of what happens when realities collide. The anger phase will be the type of event that brings a scary unaccountability to those with sick sci-fi video game mentalities. Many with nothing of any value, with no values, will sadly enjoy this drawn out period of time. It will be the type of event that men are judged on, by their future generations. The greatest thing we can tell our children is that we had no need to go out into the New World during the anger phase.
    With the diversity of the U.S. being the great melting pod, the upcoming “anger phase of humanity”, even if it was limited to the boundaries of the U.S. territories, should be considered not a civil war, but a world war. Perhaps the first world war where every ethnicity, every race and creed found on earth, under one roof would battle another. The intricacies and deep realities of the anger phase is so extensive, it is mind blowing to imagine how it will play out.
    If we should be angry now and we aren’t, then when there is a legitimate reason or rationale behind the anger, we will- as those predict, witness unmentionable acts. Again the irony is, that what we know is in store for us as a nation, is what we have spent a century causing overseas.

    • David Richardson


      A well-written commentary. We should be angered by the many corruptions, manipulations, immorality, and on and on, but I can’t stay in that emotional state for an extended period of time. The more one knows the more irritating it can all be.

      Destructive anger will come when there are shortages and people demand more, particularly from those that expect to have what they want for free, have no morals stopping them from looting or pillaging, or expect their paper money to buy more. Or be accepted everywhere. The dollar is slowly being replaced as the petrodollar [which could lead to domestic petroleum products shortages] but few know what “petrodollar” means, or what Breton Woods was, or that the Fed isn’t a branch of the federal government, or that virtually all markets are manipulated, of that equities are now in a bubble with poor backing fundamentals, and on and on. The most destructive angry people will be those in ignorance or denial now.

  • Nick

    Thank you David, and I enjoyed reading your response as well.

    When I say “we should all be angry now”, I mean that our nation as a whole should be obsessively striking down the growing realities and (f)laws that we are increasingly under. Of course 15% of us may be awake in some fashion, and may be angry, but we will most likely be the ones who will be calm during the anger phase. Those who are fat and happy now will be skinny and angry later.
    The greatest potential for destructive anger right now, is if honey boo-boo was to get canceled.
    Regarding those who expect to have what they want for free, that’s the beauty of the entitlement system. Notice that those who indulge in private public freebies, expect only the necessities of life to be free such as food, housing and dues- meanwhile they have all the cash in the world for large rims, hundred dollar hats, seventy dollar video games etcetera. So it’s only natural that when we reach the time where universally the only thing that matters is everything dependents have never paid for, they will stampede like its Black Friday.
    One of the largest curves we will face if we attempt it, is educating people of the causes after te fact of the collapse. Education doesn’t ever end and we will not be the ones to simply say “I told you so” and leave it at that. It’s hard enough to have an intellectual conversation about the events of 9/11 nonetheless explain to someone who is on the edge of the edge why their life is the way it is during a paradigm shift.
    I might be confused by how you worded the petro dollar comment, but I interpreted it as meaning that the USD is fading because of the petroleum producing countries making a massive step up to wanting to accept only gold (or other stronger currencies) for their oil. This makes all of the sense in the world and if it wasn’t for collossel financial backing, arms and intimidation- this would have happened after Nixon instead of the opposite. If you want to break down our wars in the Middle East in 20 seconds all you have to say is that Hussein, ghaddaffi and now Iran have sought other means of payment for their oil. This precipitates – or precedes if you like, our crash.

  • Bob Wood

    lots of interesting comments but no answers. These problems have been around with governments since the tower of Babel. Christians know and understand what the problems are and why they are caused. We are not going to go through an anger stage or any other kind of stage because we are ready for what is the obvious problems cause by man for which there is no human solution. All the psychological reasoning’s and causes and human efforts will be to no avail. The problem is clearly spelled out in the Bible —man is simply a sinner who is not capable of self government. When has man ever accomplished any kind of lasting peaceful self governance . That’s right never—until and unless a person gives the control back to God through Jesus who died for his sins he is w/o help or hope

  • Leslie O

    Great video.

    I must say that because of my vast experience with black ops and their tactics, the only problem I have with the website is the … support of Ron Paul.

    Because no one — not one candidate in the quest for the presidency is NOT a player. They would never have been allowed to participate unless they were secretly aligned with the real power — the shadow government. I would even venture to say that there is probably no elected official in any office now that is legitimate. If we scrutinize closely, we will notice that the legitimate ones have either been killed off or booted out.

    I suggest a serious look is taken as to what is meant by “controlled opposition” and how these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” work to either encourage actions which will lead INDIRECTLY to violence OR how they subdue and sabotage efforts that would have been effective.

    “Dropping the ball”, delaying actions, suggesting ineffective time-wasting and unrealistic strategies and playing stupid are only a scant few of the tactics used. The controlled opposition is a very important strategic component necessary for owning both sides and steering the anger and dissent in the direction that ultimately will FOMENT the nefarious agenda — not destroy it.

    For starters, the very foolhardy suggestion by Ron Paul to “sue” the TSA was made without any connection to “reality”. No one asked… what will the cost be to begin such a lawsuit against a government agency with unlimited funds? The cost only to begin with filing fees and attorneys would be $250,000 with no end in sight and no guarantee of winning.
    Ron Paul knows this very well. He is himself an attorney.
    The real question never posed was…Is this realistic advice? Is this a viable strategic tactic for the ‘average Joe’ to win a fight against the TSA?

    No it is not.
    No accident there.

    However, even that bogus suggestion was conveniently put to rest when Jesse Ventura himself “tried to sue” the TSA and lost. This was a very obvious demonstration of what you, the ‘average Joe’ ought NOT to try because you will NEVER WIN.
    Get it? Don’t try this at home.

    Did anyone question whether Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul were perhaps working in tandem with one another?
    Think about it.

    If we are to be thorough in our investigation of who and what we are dealing with, an objective eye needs to scrutinize how the deception is being spoon fed to us as truth.

    We should already be understanding… these people are masters of deceit….and murder.

    I suggest that along with saying “no” to violence, that we look behind the pretty backdrop of the present version of The Truman Show playing for our benefit and observe how deeply the deception actually goes.

    It goes far, far deeper than most people realize.

  • Leslie O

    I sent this link to several activists and they are having a problem accessing your website to watch the video. Earlier I tried several times to get back here but could not.

    We believe this is being done deliberately as this is yet another dirty tactic.


  • Nick

    Bob, I think you’re comment is rhetorical garbage.Leslie I really enjoyed reading yours. The bible doesn’t forecast a future truth, it is a blueprint for a present path of destruction to those who know how to decode it. Christians battle politicians on matters of pro choice and marriage and claim that the government is destroying our moral fabric, yet the religulious right goes and stands side by side with the government and cheers on this battle against Islamists, because they threaten what you read in your black book (so you think). This ideology makes it okay for “God fearing people” to justify bombing 100s of 1,000s of innocent children and people whose faces youll never see. Just remember that your book was outlined and written by the secret society of pythagora 100 years after the individual Jesus actually lived, conveniently leaving out the infacies of Thomas and other books about Jesus when he was alive that show him in a different light. I doubt that the god you think you’re worshipping would or could justify killing people of a different background and mindset in his name. But I guess believing in an entity as ruler of all, which is out of your control makes prepping take a little less time. Why worry about a shortage of food and water when you’ll have eternal bread and wine right?
    Great to hear someone else voice the possible truth about Paul and Ventura. Ventura is more obvious when he starts talking about re-enacting the draft with little Johnny off to war. He gives the truth movement a bogus face and an annoying voice

    • Leslie O

      Yes Nick… Thank you for understanding what is becoming painfully obvious. Many people on the internet who support these people are paid agents but the public too are incredibly naive. And until a critical mass realizes what is at stake… that they are literally murdering us because it is CHEAPER to KILL US than CONTROL US… we will just keep sinking down the rabbit hole.

      Take a look at this CHILLING REPORT from NASA:


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