The SECRET War On Truth

2 comments to The SECRET War On Truth

  • James B

    As we approach the moment the western currencies implode, crash, become near worthless wallpaper, etc.. and a MadMax scenario is possible, scandals and news stories and website attacks, will become more and more outlandish and grotesque with attempts to destroy either the reputation, financial worth or the person of the lesser known messengers, such as yourself, Bill Murphy, Mike Maloney, Kerry Lutz, etc..

    Do these things happen to James Turk or Eric Sprott or John Embry? Because they are too well insulated?

    I know that Jason Hommel has had problems. We are watching.

  • Nick

    The war on truth is like the war on poverty, the war on drugs and the war on terror: there is no single enemy, it never ends and anything they do will only cause more of what they war on. Thank you for bringing Breitbart back into the scene, it was refreshing to see that clip. Let them sensor us all they want, as long as they fear the masses. The more they sensor us, the more energy they must commit to something other than their goals. Their goal is not to sensor us, their goal is to assume complete control over us. Silencing the outspoken is only the means by which they accomplish their goal. Resilience is stronger than subjection, integrity is thicker than terror, and words louder than rounds.

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