Cute Stunt With the Video…

…but your delay tactic of a Federal Court got thrown out of court and your appeal just also got denied…

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.52.24 PM

…back to the State Court that has already issued the Writs of Seizure.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.54.38 PM

Then my lawsuit… Then the criminal and tax problems… Then investor and depositor lawsuits…

Maybe you can do another cute video then too…


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  • Wahr Heit

    Special Note: For any SurvivalBlog readers with pending orders (already paid, but order not received) with Mulligan Mint (a former advertiser : Please e-mail me and let me know: Your name, your order number, the number of ounces ordered, your e-mail address, and the date that you placed your order. I will then do my best to get them to ship you order. (Mulligan Mint claims that they are presently shipping orders.)

  • Wahr Heit

    JUST saw the above comment by JW Rawles while catching up on SB and popped over here to post and lo and behold look at the latest post here…

  • MATT

    hey inbox..pot calling the kettle black?? How about posting your real name if your such a believer in ‘not hiding behind posts’ The joke here is your sorry ass..get some spine asshole!! or should I say Jack??

  • Marc

    So Chris, did you really rat Jack out to the IRS?

    • Silver Shield

      No,I have not talked to the IRS yet.
      Why? Is Jack(you) trying to play some anti gov sympathy game because he is caught with his pants down defending a psychopath criminal fraud that is about to have everything he owns/stolen seized by Republic?
      If I were Jack(you) I would be more concerned about his followers that took his word and are probably going to get screwed.

      I have not mentioned Jack (ass) to any investigators.
      I have focused all of my legal efforts on the “mind mechanic” not his gullible minions.
      I have talked to the Texas Attorney General and the SEC.
      I know others have gone to the FBI and the Dallas County Sheriffs Department.

      That being said, Jack (you) better keep his fat mouth shut about “breaking my legs” before I start suing his ass too.

      At least James Wesley Rawles is man enough to admit he was wrong and now is trying to do damage control.

      Jack(you) seem to want to go down with the ship for a guy that does not even care about his own family.

      Go spam elsewhere Jack.

      • Charles

        I am not a TSP Mint or MM customer, but I have two questions for you. (1) why do you care that Lakota is not FDIC insured? Are you a proponent of govt/taxpayer bailout? Do you trust FDIC? (2) Why do you care if a business runs an unorthodox payroll? Especially if they pay in silver….sounds like something you would/should support. I think you should have left those two things alone….it makes one question your story a bit.

        Hope this all gets worked out soon.

        • Silver Shield

          Fair enough.

          Why do I care about Free Lakota Bank not being FDIC insured? I don’t. I DO care that Rob Gray has owned this since 2008 and I have two separated former employees that said Rob told them that he “borrowed” $2 million dollars from Free Lakota Bank. This will be the largest fraud beyond the up to $1 million he owes me… The $1.4 million he definitely owes Republic and who knows how many other private investors that trusted Rob Gray with their life savings.

          Why do I care if he has an “unorthodox” payroll? I don’t. I DO know that that this guy is very slick and I will not let him get away with his crimes. I DO know that the IRS took down Al Capone and would only use that as a last resort.
          I have a feeling that I will not even have to peruse my Civil case much further because Republic is going to hammer him and they are not going to stop until Rob and his entire complex of minions are driven from this industry permanently.

          Now a question for you…

          Why would you bring these two very weak pieces of cointelpro to cast doubt on my actions against Rob Gray despite all of the evidence I have provided, the multiple former employees that knew Rob best speaking out against him, the multi million dollar lawsuits, the likes of James Wesley Rawles now dumping the Mulligan Mint and the 20 year criminal history of fraud of Rob Gray in the technology, water ionizer, hypnotism and now silver industries?

          • Charles

            Thanks for the response. I’ll pay you the same courtesy and answer your question. I’ve appreciated the message and info provided by all 3 of you guys (CD, RG, and JS). I, like a multitude of others, have tried to be patient and wait for the facts to come out. For whatever reason, I was leery and never ordered from the mint, even before the falling out. At the same time, I hoped it would succeed in developing real momentum behind the alternative currency movement and ideal. Since both sides of this story have the ability to offer their facts, and omit others, at some point you have to look at the underlying motives of the individuals involved. One of the bullets in your first email announcing that you severed ties included the FDIC bit. That seemed quit unnecessary given all your other facts, assuming they are true and complete. And I support an unorthodox payroll and see no reason to bring the IRS into this. The courts, sure….but not the IRS.

            What have I concluded? (1) You had legitimate concerns about the mint failing and leaving you and yours high and dry. (2) This all started when silver crashed, which likely stressed all parties involved and clouded decisions/actions. (3) Rob has a strange past, and is either a visionary with huge balls or a manipulative slickster. He is slick, either way. (4) All 3 of you have lost some of your credibility in the way this went down. Hopefully, time will repair that for whichever party is “clean”, assuming one of you is. As far as I know, no customers have not received their silver. The only thing I know for sure is this is a pissing match and ego brawl of epic proportions.

            • Silver Shield

              Wonderful exchange.
              Just one thing… Remember the reason why everyone got their silver… The millions of dollars that Republic and I are at a loss for.

              • Charles

                I guess that’s really what all this hinges on then, isn’t it. If that is (or turns out to be) the case, I sincerely hope you are both vindicated and made whole. If MM cannot eventually return that silver, it will become known as a true ponzi. That would be a tragic shame.

                If MM does make all parties whole in the end, then it’s a shame that their reputation, and that of hard money advocates everywhere, has been so tarnished in this mess.

                I hope the court system comes to the right conclusion. Too bad it had to come to this, as the whole idea was to shed the established “systems” in the first place.

      • Chris none of the people posting here are me posting under other names. Specifically Inbox has been a listener of TSP for years and posts on my blog all the time.

        As for turning me into the IRS there is nothing there, I run my books up front and always have. I never said you did a damn thing about that to me, we both know you tried to leverage it on Rob though.

        FTR I have never once said I would break your legs or that I would harm you by coming after you.

        I do say this though, you are a coward and you would never face me and say the shit you say online to my face and you know it.

        Problem for you is you believe I am some hired gun or some shit for Rob. That isn’t the case at all, I am a man who sticks by my fiend is all. Unlike you or even Rob this silver thing was never about money for me. It was only about serving my audience.

        Now look Chris if you ever want to shoot your mouth off face to face let me know. If you want it to get phyical, well hell man, let us set up a sanctioned MMA style thing with a ref and keep it all legal like.

        You know you can say this stuff to me with out me putting a hand on you too right, you know I would never hit a man for his words alone right?

        I am giving you two options, meet me face to face and talk it out or hey yea you have caused me enough shit, you want to go, I’ll take it in a ring and wipe the floor with you but it is YOUR CHOICE.

        All I am saying is if you are going to talk shit about a man, you should have the courage to face him. You questioned my honor, called me a liar, called me fricken Baghdad Bob, etc. Now you call me fat? You are weak man, you shout names at a man from a distance like the coward you are.

        Look either step up to me and lets handle this one way or another or leave my name the hell out of your future shit. Had you handled this professionally in the first place I would have never said a word in response to you.

        • Silver Shield

          It seems there has been a little trouble maker causing more trouble than there already is…

          I did not report you or Rob to the IRS.

          I have not reported you or Kokesh to any authorities for that matter.

          I have remained focused on Rob and his brother in all Civil and State and Federal Criminal matters.

          All of Rob’s motions to drop or move the case have been turned down and back to the State Court.

          Last night at 7pm, I am told, they seized the silver at Rob’s house and mint.

          They have a few days to come up with $1.4 Million or they will be thrown out of the Mulligan Mint and the Mansion.

          Next comes my civil case, the criminal, the investor, and depositor lawsuits.

          You can do what you will, but I think Rawles has it right and you should distance yourself.

          With Rob almost done, I have no more axe to grind with you.


          • Chris I never said you reported me to the IRS again it wouldn’t matter I run my books clean as I have to in my line of work.

            I do want to again ask you will you say to my face about me what you have said about me on the internet? Or do you want to admit that I am simply taking this from my angle and you own me an apology for slandering my name when I have been honest 100% from my vantage point all along?

            Either works! If you won’t either do one or the other then man you are a coward. Do either and I will retract that statement.

            I also think your assessment of what just occurred in the Republic lawsuit is pretty off. In a day or three I wonder if you might not be pulling your hair out. All we can do now is wait and see.

            • Silver Shield

              What specifically do you want to address?

              You are defending a con man that stole millions?

              You put your customers and name at risk saying everything is fine?

              Or you are too stupid to put your ego aside and do what Rawles just did?

              I don’t care what delay tactics Rob does, he is going down and it is a shame that you are too blind to see that you hitched your fortunes to a guy that does not give a shit about his own family, much less you.

              • Well then brother hop your ass on a plane and come shoot your mouth off to me personally, I’ll buy you a ticket brother. I never said everything was all swell and a-ok I certainly attributed the damage done by you to you. Do I want you to say I am right and you are wrong? No I don’t expect that.

                I expect that you either have the balls to call me a liar to my face or knock it off, how about that?

                You call Rob a con man, I think you are damn good one yourself buddy but I won’t hide from you and say that I will say it directly to your face. If I were given a polygraph about every thing I have said here I would pass.

                Put my customers at risk? Hell man you put your customers at risk but doing this whole thing as a public freak show, don’t you get that? This was never the way to handle this and if you are half as smart as you claim to be you know that.

                From day one I have simply shown and explained what is going on from my vantage point. I have been to the mint more times then you have any idea about. I have made sure my customers had their orders filled, I have taken Rob to task for mistakes.

                If Rob looses here you definitely get the win if you want to call it that Chris. What is slightly ironic is if Republic doesn’t settle and gets a judgement, well, MM will declare bankruptcy. Customers and those with silver on lease will come first. Republic will pick the bones and you know what you will get, absolutely nothing.

                Well then, man if I was Rob I would turn around and sue you for every dollar you were paid, and I am sure you ask on what grounds. Well, I figure you had the same agreement with Rob I do, half the what? Gross sales? Nope man half the profit. Your little stunt has likely created a zero profit result, so you are really due half of zero.

                Splitting profit requires a profit.

                So fuck all this Chris, shelve it all for a minute and let’s get real right now. No matter what I think or what you think are you calling me a liar? Yes or no. And if yes will you bring your ass down here and do it to my face? If no will you simply state what you know to be true, I have been completely honest.

                In fact Chris I have another awesome deal for ya man. How about I set up a polygraph examination? Yea that is a great idea I will pay to fly you down and we both sit in the chair. If I turn out to be truthful and you deceitful I don’t need anything, the results will be worth it. But if I turn out to be lying and you telling the truth, well hell man I will film the results myself, cop to it and send you home with 100 ounces of silver.

                Wow, what a great idea, you claim to be telling the truth as you know it, I say I am, well hell this sounds great to me buddy. It would sure solve a lot more then getting into the octagon with you wouldn’t it.

                Hell man, let’s do it! It won’t cost you a dime, airfare and two nights in a great hotel on me, I’ll pay for the expert to run the machine as well. We can even both agree on all the questions in advance, an advantage never afforded in a typical test.

                So this is where you either talk around the issue or sensor my comment right?

                I personally have nothing to hide here. So now stop turning this back to Rob, you insulted me, you called me a liar, I only got involved because your actions harmed my customers and you were an ass and called me as so called “courtesy” a day after you did it.

                So what do you say, want to do this or want to flat out admit what you know to be true, I am always a man of my word.

        • Gareth

          I’d say it to your face, Jack, just for fun. Probably never meet ya, but if you ever fly to Ol’ Blighty make it known, and i’ll find you to inform you that you are a ugly fat wanker.

          You made your bed, now lie in it.

          • Whatever dude! By the way my bed is pretty comfortable. And really calling a guy that used to be fat, fat, that is the best you can do?

            I just don’t think you guys get it! I want Rob to win this but it won’t change my life if he doesn’t. Really my life would have been better if I never got involved in this. But I am now involved, I will see it clear to the end and I will stick by Rob until he lets me down.

            As to Chris he let me down the day he started this mess. He used exposure he gained via my show, damaged my relationship with my audience then called me a DAY AFTER he did so to notify me as a courtesy.

            • Jeremy

              Jack you come across like you’re making all this personal and it seems that is somehow blinding you to simple facts, which ultimately is going to hurt some of your listeners.

              “I will see it clear to the end and I will stick by Rob until he lets me down.”

              I have many friends and business partners, but personally I would never make a statement like that when so much evidence has been demonstrated that one of them (such as Rob’s MM and other ventures) are a complete fraud.

              I think Chris did the right thing by bringing this all out in the open. At least JW Rawles did the right thing also ( – I suppose you are angry at Rawles now also for posting that in his blog?

              I think after the dust settles and people go back and listen and read your statements, it’s going to look like you were the last one to see this as a scam. :(

              • Yes I am very wrong for sticking with person who hasn’t ever broken a commitment to me, how wrong of me, LOL, geeze really?

                As far as hurting my listeners, frankly man protecting them as best I can at this point is why I am involved.

                As for Rawles he reacted with out even calling Rob first. He is on the hook though and gave me his word if all his customers get their orders and he gets his payment he is going to print a retraction.

                Rawles is a man of his word to my knowledge.

            • Gareth

              Is it the best I can do? Mmmm

              Guess I could ask you a few questions, Spirky me-old-son.

              Do you have pink fluffy cushions and a pink silk blanket on your bed – that you lie in – as you watch your sof porn flick, 300? Do you sometimes go a bit further from this soft porn, and get some hardcore gay porn whilst laying down on your pink fluffy pillow you FAT bastard?

              Oh, and you appear to have a soft spot for Robbie boy, since you still defend him even though he’s clearly been shown to be a THIEF……yup Jack, let that concept sink into that tiny mind of yours – Rob Gray IS A THIEF. This soft/blind spot you have for Rob leads me into my final question: If you get bored of your soff porn 300, or the more hardcore stuff you watch, do you turn off the lights and just think of Rob instead?


              Gay fat bastard!

              • Cal

                I like the truce that Chris offered above.

                This is starting to sound like the “left” “right” political paradigm we all walked away from.

                I think Chris and Jack should both suck up there pride and do a video together! Rob will soon lose everything, he used the truth movement for profit, its plane as day that’s all he was doing.

                It would mean most to people if they would all get together and do a big interview type video and all told their story and moved on!

              • Ha you make me laugh! So you are ignorant and a homophobe at the same time. Do you hate jews too? Such a small mind.

              • Gareth

                Spirky writes, “Ha you make me laugh! So you are ignorant and a homophobe at the same time. Do you hate jews too? Such a small mind.”

                LOL, you’re so predictable, Jack, I was expected that as your response.

                No, I’m not scared of gay people, to each their own. Neither should you be scared of coming out the closet LOL

                You still didn’t answer the questions though, ya borderline obese piece-of-shit. Should we all assume your feelings for Rob are a bit deeper than we all imagined :-)

                Who ate all the pie, who ate all the pie, you FAT bastard, you FAT bastard, you ate all the pie LOL you’re SOOO sensitive.

        • tyronedeblanco

          Ive often wondered throughout this whole mess why CD never went face to face or phone to phone with Jack to try and talk this out with him. If Rob is as bad as CD claims, wouldnt CD want to warn Jack and his audience? I mean, most of us are all about liberty and of similar mindset?? Didnt Jack introduce CD to rob? Wouldnt it be common decency to have some communication with the third party who brought you into the mess?

          Why is Jack being being potrayed as a “fat pig” and his products slandered for being a third party? As he said, he is sticking by a friend that hasn’t let him down. As I recall, Jack didnt really get involved in this mess untill his own sentinal coins were released and slandered via CD.

          I havent been able to give CD a fair shake since i really havent followed him untill recently. From what i have read / watched out of this, the main thing that sticks out to me is CD’s lack of restraint in airing dirty laundry so to speak. The name calling / insults thrown around seem unprofessional.

          Obviously i have been a tsp supporter for a few years, so I tend to lead towards Jack’s corner. Jack was trying to stay out of this, but got dragged in once the insults to his name / company got drudged in.

          As far as Rob, im very concerened but hoping for a good outcome.

          In what I can tell best….it seems like BOTH parties are at fault and someone or both parties are holding back some truth. Like many conflicts, it’s usually never one sided.

          What id like to see is CD and Jack put down the hackles and figure this out man to man and come up with a solution to not be at each others throats. This should be between Rob and CD and let the courts hash it out.

        • James Tetreault

          I really don’t get the whole “You won’t dare say that to my face!” attitude. Is this junior high school? Will the sentiments that have you so worked up disappear if you have a physical confrontation with *one* of the people holding them? If he wins that fight does that mean they’re doubly true? This is 2013. People talk about and write about people half the country away, the entire country away or continents away from them all the time. I’m sure the airlines would love it if dueling was a nearly ubiquitous phenomenon and people were flying everywhere to slap each other in the face with a white glove. But it isn’t. And it shouldn’t be. And if you don’t like being mocked for participating in a ludicrous we’re-not-in-trouble-no-sirree video just as an enterprise’s rumored trouble is going to explode, well, too bad. The way to avoid mockery for looking foolish is not to play internet tough guy and dare everyone to say that to your face, it’s to avoid doing foolish things.

          Chris took a whole lot of crap from disparate jerks around the blogosphere who oppose his message but never resorted to a 6th grader’s response to that criticism. In time, you’ll probably think better of your words, Jack.

        • marz


  • MATT

    althouh I watch from afar..the other side of the globe..It is sad to see both the current state of affairs AND THEN watch people who all claim to be fighting for ‘Liberty’on the side of freedom, truth and all that fluffy stuff that goes with it..turning on each other..OH how the powers that be must be secure in their knowledge that the minions will never get their act together enough to make real change..good luck to us all!!

  • aletoledo

    please stop with using this platform to fight your personal battles. I like your message and philosophy, but this seems petty. Try taking the high road and not gloating over other peoples failures.

    • Silver Shield

      I am almost done but when I get a ton of emails about lies, this is the most effective communication.
      And they are not “failures”…
      They are crimes.

  • Marc

    First of all, I’m not Jack. Second, although I have no knowledge of how Rob failed to meet his obligations to you and his business partners, I do not believe that he attempted to defraud his customers. I believe that you knew that M2 had supply chain and manufacturing problems. As it relates to fulfilling customer orders, you can say that the quality was poor and the turnaround times were long but I think that it is unfair to imply that Rob had no intention to fulfill the orders. I ordered some Freedom Girls and within 1week of having my check cleared my order was shipped. The product was delivered as promised.

    From your blog post I get the impression that this is all very personal to you. The things that you are contractually owed can be resolved through negotation, arbitration, or through the legal process. However, from reading this blog I believe your objective goes beyond being made whole. I believe your objective has been to destroy M2. Ruining M2 is not required for you to receive all of the things that you are contractually owed. Why can’t you use the available processes to retrieve all that you’re owed and then walk away?

    You have posted videos about the abundance mentality versus the scarcity mentally. An example of the scarcity mentality is the belief that the success of other somehow has deprived us. How do you reconcile your professed abundance mentality with you public actions towards Rob Gray and M2?

    • Silver Shield

      I am glad you are not Jack.
      Rob never defrauds customers… just partners, friends, vendors, suppliers, lawyers, investors and depositors. Go to for the most comprehensive amount of info about Rob’s past dealings.

      Also the customers were ONLY fulfilled because Rob stole money from me and silver from Republic.

      I do take this very seriously and personally. I wasted 7 months with this guy and another 4 months without him. My reputation was at stake for a thieving con man.

      Having an Abundance Mentality does not mean that you just allow others to steal from you and to go on stealing another $1.4 million

      Does not matter now because the Sheriff rolled in at 7 pm CST and seized the assets. I think he has a few days to come up with $1.4 million and start looking for a criminal defense attorney.

  • Simple Innocent Person

    Abundance mentality means dropping con people and not allowing them to take what is one’s own. Success of con people means theft from innocent people.

  • Ed Caccia

    Chris, I have every faith in you and support you and your position 100%. I look forward to your getting justice here and then being able to move on. We live and learn, no shame in that. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

    Was that dinner in Spokane fantastic or what? Lutzy sure knows his steak houses :-)

    Best regards,

  • Gareth

    Looks like the entire saga should be coming to a close in the near future with the legal documents which are obviously much more valid information that Rob Gray’s propaganda video. The legal documents are FACTUAL documents whilst Rob Gray’s video is just his production.

    Jack Spirko is a fat wanker that makes threats of physical violence over the net. Visit sunny Manchester GB sometime, Jack, if you’ve a problem with my offending your honour by stating you are a fat wanker……an ugly fat wanker at that!

    • Oh you want facts hey. See my offer to Chris above about taking a polygraph and asking him to do the same before he deletes it.

      Again you can’t harm a guy that used to be fat by calling him fat. It doesn’t hold water with me. You don’t know me man, you are way out in left field on this and don’t really have any fact just stuff from your guru here to go on.

      • Wahr Heit

        Polygraphs are junk science. Drop the internet tough guy act and get a fucking life.

        • Well technically they are quite accurate. Chris’ silence since my offer says volumes to me. I am not the guy with an “internet tough guy act” by the way.

          • Wahr Heit


            “Did you know:

            The consensus view among scientists is that polygraph testing has no scientific basis?

            The FBI considered the creator of the lie detector test to be a phony and a crackpot?

            The man who started the CIA’s polygraph program thought that plants can read human thoughts?

            The foremost polygraph advocate in academia was discredited by a federal judge?

            A prominent past-president of the American Polygraph Association is a phony Ph.D., and this premier polygraph organization doesn’t consider it an ethics problem?

            The longest polygraph school produces newly minted polygraphers in just 14 weeks — less than half the time it takes to graduate from a typical barber college?

            The National Center for Credibility Assessment (the erstwhile DoD Polygraph Institute) suppressed a study suggesting that innocent blacks are more likely to fail the polygraph than innocent whites?

            The researcher who developed the U.S. Government’s polygraph Test for Espionage and Sabotage “thought the whole security screening program should be shut down?”
            The National Academy of Sciences concluded that “[polygraph testing’s] accuracy in distinguishing actual or potential security violators from innocent test takers is insufficient to justify reliance on its use in employee security screening in federal agencies?”

            Spies Ignatz Theodor Griebl, Karel Frantisek Koecher, Jiri Pasovsky, Larry Wu-tai Chin, Aldrich Hazen Ames, Nicolás Sirgado, Ana Belen Montes, and Leandro Aragoncillo all passed the polygraph?

            One of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history passed the polygraph and killed again?

            Al-Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents know full well that the lie detector is bogus?
            You don’t have to be a psychopath, go to spy school, or somehow believe your own lies to fool the polygraph? (We’ll reveal how it’s done.)”

          • James Tetreault

            Jack I bet someone could pass a polygraph even if they were lying if they had coaching from a . . (wait for it) mind mechanic.

      • Gareth

        The documents at the top of the page indicate all a rational person need know, Jack me-old-son…..that Rob’s mint is on its way out and anyone with assets in that particular scheme will lose – very simple. That’s the fundamental, and that’s all the facts a person wanting to spend money needs to know – DO NOT spend it at MM.

        I’m not a fan of lie detectors either, mainly because people can beat them with practice. They are not admissible in law courts this side of the pond due to their unreliability.

        I suppose I’m a lie-detector-o-phobe, eh Spirky me-old-son.

        I suppose I’m also a thief-o-phobe, since I believe Rob should be made to suffer for theft.

        You GAY FAT bastard!!!!

        PS, If you’re worried of losing your image of a ‘hard man’ with ‘honour’ by confessing your true feelings for Rob and thus your motivation for defending ‘your man’ then don’t worry: You don’t have such an image, Spirky, I’m sure when most see you in person they think, he’s a nice gay fat bastard LOL……….

        stand by your man….let the whole world know you love him……after all… he’s just a man……stand by your man


        • MATT

          Gareth.. I know alot of very nice ‘gay’ people in both camps and wouldn’t quite use that word for him…Homophobic redneck perhaps but don’t insult the gay community like that 😉 and no I’m not gay !!

          • Gareth

            Yeah, I suppose, and ‘gay’ originally meant happy, and spirky appears to be rather emotional and moody…….must be missing his ten-burger-a-day fix lol.

            There is reasoning behind my jest though, Matt. If Spirky isn’t in financial cahoots with Rob, i.e. he doesn’t have a vested FINANCIAL interest in defending ‘the gray’, then it must be something else….

            Like how a mother looks at her child through rose-tinted spectacles and can see no wrong-doing, Spirky looks at ‘the gray’ in the same manner IF he isn’t committing fraud himself.

            No way of knowing for sure, but I reckon Jack’s been played, and it was easily done as he has a soft spot for the ‘gray’. Most homophobes are probably closet gays. I suspect Jack a fat gay bloke with a crush on Rob. Time will tell.

            • MATT

              indeed..a sad sack..Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rob, Adam and Jack sharing a cell at some point..IN THE NUTHOUSE!

  • MATT

    wow! How sad!! really are a piece of work..showing your level of IQ by going the ‘boxing ring’ angle… you wanker, really!!

    and it’s LOSE..not LOOSE..funny..another anon poster on this blog who has spewed the same load of angry little (fat) man crap as you spells it the same..same guy or just same level of intellect??

    what a sad sack!

    • Wahr Heit

      “I am a man who sticks by my fiend is all.”

      I think that freudian slip succinctly sums up Rob Gray, who seems to have been born with a surname that befits his demeanor.

      And isn’t a mulligan some sort of golf fail? All I have to say is, I sure am glad I got all the SBSS rounds I paid for, albeit a bit late.

  • canadian dirtump

    Lmao.. JOKE, the keyboard commando casting his net across the interw3bz looking for a cross country fight..what pugilistic training do you have ( other than being a rubenesque ).

    Submit to the facts that you’ve aligned yourself withsheister. You talk egos but wont let bygones be bygones without some juvenile face to face thing.

    Subconsciously you know you’re wrong. you’ll finish walking this back soon.

    • You are concerned with facts? See my polygraph offer to Chris, I mean every word of it. I will pay his airfare, put him up in a really great hotel, film the entire thing, submit to the test as well, publish the results and if I fail and he passes give him 100 oz of silver to boot. Now is that an offer of a dishonest man or a man hiding behind a key board? Seriously? Man, if he says yes, I have to do this now don’t I? I am not some guy with a fake handle. If I failed it would hugely damage my business and my revenue. I am putting it all on the line, your boy is now quiet.

      Interesting isn’t it? Oh but GOD do I wish I thought of this a long time ago.

      • MATT

        any intelligent person would not waste their time with such a pathetic attempt to cover their ass..Your a wasted moment Jack! Never waste a moment on a wasted moment!

      • canadian dirtump

        It is clear. You see the deal with your friend of 5 years who never let you down, is… over.

        Polygraphs? How about the US legal system?By that token, it seems your team is losing.

        Past history of snake oil sales, and sordid business dealings?By that token, it seems your team is losing.

        It seems your stance is that “hey none of my listeners have lost anything and if they i’ll break rob’s legs instead of, or before i break chris’s.” That hardly seems like a positive foundational stance.

        Then you say that history is littered with innocent people getting racked up by the law, and somehow between Chris the svengali and an unreasonable or complicit republic metals the grays are being persecuted?good lord.

        You provide a positive service to alot of people and you’re better off getting honest about this situation and moving on then playing some masked wrestler from,parts unknown called “the entrepeneur” taking on all comers.

        • I don’t think Chris would even make your argument. I think Chris has made his life pointing out that the legal system in this nation can’t be trusted and many injustices come from it.

          As for honesty, I offered Chris a chance to show his honesty and put my creditability on the line, you can read it all here. He doesn’t want to do it and we have agreed as men to leave each others name out of this shit going forward.

          As long as he keeps his word, I will keep mine. I am making this my last comment here, I mean blog wide by the way. Unless Chris that is ever for any reason asks me to comment I am done.

          I feel I said my piece, made my point and on that note goodbye and good luck.

      • josh

        Jack, you are one delusional, desperate, pathetic human being.
        You say this whole thing is no big deal to you, but yet you spend a lot of time defending a 100 percent know criminal Rob Gray, you are either complicit in this scam or the dumbest person to walk this planet.

        P.S. stop with your pseudoscience and pseudo tough guy persona, although it is good comedy…loser

  • nonja bis

    Very sad. I feel like I am in a room with 5th graders. This repulses me. congrats to all for making me hate this community.

  • Becky

    For criminy…. Enough drama.

  • Fiat Facade

    This should be turned into a reality show. How pathetic it all is… just to make a few green rectangles. They ALL turn on each other when things go bad… just like the mafia.

    Even though it’s so pathetic, it does have some entertainment value.

  • Well I think I am done with this little discussion and I only so wish I had thought of this long ago. Just to recap,

    1. I really don’t want a fight with Chris, it won’t solve anything, I might feel better for a few minutes but Chris and I do agree that violence should only be in pure defense. I actually apologize for even bringing up the idea. This bullshit really was starting to wear on me.

    2. I have made the following offer to Chris, I will fly him down to Dallas, he can choose the polygraph testing company and I will pay for a polygraph exam for both of us. We will each answer 20-30 questions about all of this crap, they will be pre agreed upon before test, no tricks I am standing on my honor here publicly.

    While Chris is in Dallas for say two nights I will pay for a kick ass hotel room. I will record and publish the results of the test no matter how it plays out for either of us. Should Chris be shown truthful not only will I pay for everything but I will send him home with 100ozs of my silver, I will even open my stack and let him pick the form he wants from it.

    Further while I know I will pass and fully expect him to fail if he passes I will have to admit I was wrong, I will then issue a formal apology to him and ask for his forgiveness. It is possible though highly unlikely that both of us could pass, who knows Chris may be you are correct and I am being deceived?

    This is a standing open ended offer.

    The silence that follows says it all and any arguments about “polygraphs are inaccurate” are just sad apologetic excuses on this. I would even agree to allow Chris a second test should he claim to falsely fail the first one.

    This is all at my considerable expense and it isn’t a “bet”, regardless of how it works out Chris will not owe me anything when it is over. If I have to pay him 100 ounces I will consider it personal man to man compensation for doubting him in this mess.

    Say what you want now those of you that blindly follow a man that says to you “listen to all, follow none”. Before you judge me, do as Chris suggests himself here, “listen to all”. Just reread my offer here and see if it seems reasonable and fair. Ask yourself if I would make it if I had anything to hide?

  • Oh and Chris once I was done with the Johan incident I stopped using your name. If you look at the videos I shot at the mint I never mentioned you once. So if you don’t want to take the above offer and don’t want me to make it widely known, just agree to leave me the hell out of your bullshit going forward and I shall do the same of you.

  • Silver Shield

    I am not interested in fighting you either (physically or on the blog) as you are NOT the problem… Rob IS!

    I am not interested in some gimmicky publicity stunt… I am investing a lot of money to get the truth in court.

    I am not interested in your 100 ounces… I am interested in my 1,500 stolen from me.

    I am not interested in your name or customers getting screwed, as I warned you months ago… I am interested in the estimated $500,000 of profits.

    I am not interested in your trolls spamming my blog and YouTube channel… I am interested in making sure the mind mechanic does not continue his scams on to other people.

    I hope you are made whole, as you certainly have toed the line for him, but knowing Rob’s history with his grandmother, mother, wife, business partners, friends, relatives, investors, vendors, lawyers, employees and me… I highly doubt you are any more special and as soon as you are no longer needed you will be dumped unceremoniously along with the many others.

    Good luck and that is enough this…

    • Just to be clear, you have declined my offer on the polygraph right?

      If so fine.

      You have also agree as a man to leave my name the fuck out of this shit going forward right.

      In exchange I agree to leave your name out of what I do as well and not do something like a formal Youtube video making you this offer.

      A simple “yes I agree to that” which can’t be misunderstood is all I ask for. If you drag me back into this shit man, just know the gloves are off. I am standing with Rob and my concern right now there has nothing directly to do with you anyway, it is all about Republic. I don’t think you will get any share of profits man, because you destroyed all profit. That is between you Rob and a judge though man.

      • Silver Shield

        Yes, I decline your childish offer of both a MMA cage fight and the moronic offer of a lie detector for 100 ounces silver.

        I am only interested in what the court says.

        As far as you and I, as long as you do not get involved in my case against Rob, I have NO interest in you, never have.

        I don’t know why you are involved in this anyway unless, you are part of this scam or he has some real good shit on you. (I hardly think the drunk, angry voice mail he has of you is worth all that you have given him.)

        If your defense of Rob entails spreading more bullshit lies, then of course I am not going to sit back.

        Other than that… “yes I agree to that”

        I don’t need a video from you and I am not interested in even talking about this much further, until it is all done.

        I hold the option for you to come on after Rob fucks you over and interview where we can talk it over and I promise to not pull the “I told you so.” (Watch my Why Silver Willie Quit The Mulligan Mint Part 1 and 2)

        I still don’t get why you would think that Rob did not steal from Republic? Or why you would think that even they are lying? Or Gus? Or Trey? Or Will? Or Laura? Or Poz? Or Glenn Tener? Have you not seen the documents at

        I don’t care and don’t need to hear anymore about it now.

        WE DO AGREE that I will not get anything from Rob, but money is NOT my motivation.

        I have walked away from more money than most will ever make.

        I have an axe to grind with him and I will expose ALL of his lies including the Free Lakota Bank.

        I will not let this guy be any better off than before I met him.

        If that entails jail, then good.

        If not, it will be back to selling Copper Coins at carnivals.

  • MATT

    GEEZ.. i work with young teenagers who are in and out of jail and can’t tie their shoelaces.. Got to say the intellect of this conversation is dropping below theirs…



  • Don’t mess with Jack. He’s the champ. He is never wrong. And you never, ever, say nothin’ bad ’bout him. Or he will bust out the Ultimate Warrior keyboard fingers and leave you comments… Whatever you do, don’t say it to his face, or he will… uh… where’s Adam Cokish these days to do the tough talking? He was more entertaining. At least he looks like he could pass a physical fitness test. Since I also am using my Ultimate Warrior keyboard skills, I will not expect any credibility, but as far as the Jackamaniac is concerned, maybe doing some pushups would help in venting and in furthering his “preparedness” lifestyle? I suppose they say typing burns calories, but nothing beats pushups, Jackster – “front lean and rest position move”


    Silver Shield is actually doing a lot of good things right.

    Exercising his rights for one, bringing some justice and closure,
    outing criminals, some vindication, etc, etc,

    And here you have Jack Spirko who reads like a total douche
    and troll making threats. I take those as threats, what is
    the reason ?

    Spirko is still running interference for criminals.

    Why ?

    After the long journey the truth is out.

    Good job S S , like I stated before, don’t let your
    detractors get to you, do not let up and back down,
    go for it all, exercise your rights to the max.

    Best Regards S S

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