AG47 Revealed


Purchase Silver Bullet Silver Shield AG47, Love and Warbird at Authorized Retailers below…

The Silver Bullet Silver Shield AG47 is available in a BU satin finish and also a Proof-Like mirrored finish that comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Chris Duane and Heidi Wastweet.

*The AG47 is now available for PRE-SALE at these Silver Bullet Silver Shield Authorized Retailers listed below.*

** The AG47 will be released for distribution Monday, August 19tth. The last day for dealer orders of AG47 is October 25th **

*** Please do not combine orders with non-SBSS coins, as your entire order will be held until the AG47 is released. ***

Gainesville Coins-


Gold Stackers Australia-

GLOBAL PRIVATE BROKER SERVICE- For more larger, more complex trades and personal service.
Constitutional Silver-

*If your dealer does not carry Silver Bullet Silver Shield, have them contact us at DTOMsola (at) yahoo (dot) com

11 comments to AG47 Revealed

  • MATT

    holy shit Chris..That video left me feeling quite ill..I hope that guy bashing the woman in front of her kid was caught and got what I know all women bashers get inside!! The Human mind is capable of both amazing and hideous things indeed!

  • Jay

    Kind of disappointed the new design is so similar to the stolen one. Best wishes on sales though; I will put in my pre-order… good video.

  • Buckeye Abolitionist

    Love this design!

  • MATT

    Mate I moved to a little tropical Island after 08 and have a garden full of food, water and an ever improving knowledge of the native foods in the surrounding bushland..when SHTF I’m pretty sure most people will flee to the mainland and if plan A doesn’t work Plan B is to use a sail boat to head north to one of the many uninhabited Islands in the Pacific that are FULL of natural resources..who knows how it will play out but getting out of central Europe 5 yrs ago was the best thing I did..all the best to your family and new little one too.

  • Farkas1111

    It seems like all the vendor links are not working. I tried to Register on SB, but can’t enter an email.

  • PHOE

    The Proofs look Sick with the off set Mirrored to BU design. I m getting some extras! YAA BABY

  • Linvx

    Any new US based vendors coming on line?

  • Chad

    I am not sure on anymore proof-like products. I ordered some Love and Warbird from Amagi. The quality of the proof-like rounds was the worst I’ve seen for proof/proof like. They also did not come with COA’s. The BU rounds, on the other hand, were far above average. I’ve never felt I’ve spend too high of a premium on a silver product until now. Smudges, scuffs, and one even appears to have a fingerprint. I need to know this quality issue is resolved before ordering anymore proof-like product.

    • Silver Shield

      No. Send them back immediately and they will send you new unmolested ones in a capsule with a COA.
      I will be speaking with them today.

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