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  • Farmer

    Nice brother. Put your faith in god almighty, take comfort in higher power it
    never lets us down.

  • Ivar Hermans, Belgium

    Thank you very much for the story and your recommendations.
    There are a lot of people out there that reject materialism and permanently undertaking for doing the right thing. Yes, we have to keep looking for them to resonate with them, being inspired, encouraged, … There is always hope!
    Lots of regards and best wishes from Belgium (Europe)!

  • Rick Baker

    I have a saying that I live by, “bad things happen to bad people”. But it also has the opposite effect, good things happen to good people. You’re living proof my friend. Congradulations on the ring and your next child.

  • Keith Myrdek

    There is still good people in the world…..

    Good Luck !

  • Striker

    Will you do another run of Freedom Girl with the new Mint?

    • Silver Shield


      • Striker

        Excellent. Best of luck… Look forward to new SBSS releases.

      • Richard Hayward

        I am truly happy for you and I enjoy listening to your logic filled opinions, but when you invoke God in to the discussion I’m afraid you lose me. With all due respect to you, there is NO logic in believing that God did such a good thing for you. You were lucky and fortunate. I know you will disregard my thoughts on this but even in your teachings you encourage to question everything, well, again with all due respect I question the existence of a God.
        I’m still happy for you though.

        • matt

          Richard..God is whatever you wish it to be..A dogmatic figurehead or just as I prefer to put it ..Consciousness.. It is what makes everything that is IS. Non thinking ,planning or any kind of belief system which is ultimately a construction of the human mind. Nature is part of that Consciousness/Truth..It just is and doesn’t question it’s being..Do you think a flower sits and plans how beautiful it will be or how beautiful it is? It is the human mind that stops us from being closer to ‘GOD’ via our egos..Humans like to think they are somehow independent or above other living things and thus created the ‘I’ and our disrespect for nature in turn. It’s like a radio..you need to tune in to a clear station otherwise you just get distortion..that being hate,jealousy,envy,fear etc etc.. Truth/God/Consciousness does not make decisions via an emotional response..so to not dribble any further..If your thinking of ‘GOD’ as a person/image/name you are on the wrong path..They are designs of Power hungry Humans who prey on the ignorant and use demigods and Dogmatic theories/Religions to control other Humans via fear etc..best of luck..Sit for an hr in a beautiful spot alone and be silent..You will hear God! 😉

        • Silver Shield

          I am not a believer in a personal God that actively plays a role in our life but I am not so arrogant to think that there is not a possibility of a God.
          I do reject the weird “God” of the old testament that was jealous, petty and at times sadistic.
          This leads me to believe that that “God” more likely reflected the men that wrote the Bible and eventually used religion to control humanity through fear.
          I think the Hegelian dialectic of there is NO GOD again serves those that run a collectivist state.
          I do believe in a higher power whether that is a unified consciousness or God and the more we tap in to the natural expansive energy of that and resonate with others that are working with that same level the easier (natural) life will be.

          • El

            I hope that you will search and study the Bible as you have done with the silver shield. You will find that the God of the old testament is not at all petty nor sadistic. There is a perfect reason for all that he has done. Because you (and I) do not understand it all, does not the Bible any less accurate and true. You are correct that God is a jealous God. His word says so.

  • sclark

    Journey On! We need more video’s like this. I’m going to share and pass along. Thanks for taking the time to create, promote and share a wink!

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