Silver Bull Is Back! +100% By Spring ’14

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Silver Explosion

29 comments to Silver Bull Is Back! +100% By Spring ’14

  • David Richardson

    JPM et al have much more sophisticated HFT/computer algorithms than they did in 2011 with which to push the ETF prices around. It may be a dog fight on an uphill run this time until capitulation. John Embry, a person in a position to know, recently said it was beyond him where all the silver was coming from that was meeting buying demand. According to a chart Mike Maloney recently showed, Comex inventories of Ag have been increasing. That said with the price so low a few billionaires could crash the party; no central bank or sovereign entity required. The Comex draw down of Au however is probably unstoppable, and Au buying will also lift Ag as has always been the case.

    Your thoughts Chris??

  • Brent Eamer

    Chris, I have Sprott Physical Silver Trust, which is unencumbered, I would like to think it is a step above an ETF, what is your opinion? I understand if you don’t hold it you don’t own it, but I find it impractical to hold 30k worth of coins/bars, let alone finding a way to store it.

    • Silver Shield

      Do you know where that silver is held?
      The Royal Canadian Mint.
      One signature away from confiscation.

      I can fit 30k of silver in a brief case.
      You have room for toilet paper but not silver?

      • Brent Eamer

        I do have physical silver, and yes while you can store 30k worth of silver in a briefcase, where does one *hide* one’s briefcase?. I feel uncomfortable having all my eggs in one basket. If that one briefcase is stolen, I’m in the same situation as a confiscation. I understand completely what is at stake here Chris. I’m just trying to wrap my head around storage options. And since I live in Canada, our guns laws are too stringent for me to attempt to protect my silver; if it ever came to that. Oh, and I have plenty of toilet paper..

      • MATT

        “You have room for toilet paper but not silver?”

        Oh the hilarity of logic! 😉

        Comment of the week for sure! !!!

        • Brent Eamer

          Not really a fair statement, I could care less if someone walked off with 200 rolls of my toilet paper

          • MATT

            do the same as you do with your toilet roll stash..don’t tell anyone you have one!..get creative I’m sure you can think of somewhere.

        • Nick

          A used paint can in the garage is the best place I think. Crooks won’t look there. Not that there’s any crooks in Canada…

  • Farmer

    I lived in North Jersey for 20 years. Spent time around the country club wall street pricks. Would not give them a dime. Remember the Duane Car Ads with the hot blond.ha ha. Left the mainland in 2002. This world is a mess. Silver is a store of value but people who have your back are wealth.

  • Paul

    Brent, why don’t u just make u some PVC canisters and put ur silver in the ground buried in several different locations in ur yard or somewhere ur familiar with? In ur possession, not all in one basket just in case one is found, chances are they won’t find the rest. Scatter nails in ur grass near them to trip a metal detector. Nothing is 100% but anything is better than trusting someone else with ur metal. Just my thoughts.

    • Brent Eamer

      I’ve thought of that Paul. I read about the PVC, end caps etc. I live on four acres of rural land up here in Prince Edward Island, Canada, so I do have quite a few options.. But my worries are as I get older, I may forget where I buried it, or lose the map or …..or… :)

      I have seen some creative home storage solutions. And lets face it, if we get to the point where banks are confiscating and people are showing up at your door to ‘steal silver’, it probably means we really went off a cliff, in which case, I would hope they steal food. Silver and Gold will be needed for the rebuilding phase. Also there will be general warning signs that I would heed before it got to confiscation; then I would go to my SDB and get my physical, as for my unencumbered silver with Sprott and Central Fund of Canada, I will take my chances.

      • David

        Plant a tree over it. Makes stealing or casual raiding for a new car less likely!

      • Matthew

        PVC and silver don’t mix well, especially for long-term storage. Same with paper. Maybe try plastic sugar containers from k-mart or something.

        “If you see 1,2,4,5, in the recycle symbol on the plastic container, it should be safe for your coins.

        3 is vinyl (PVC), 6 & 7 are questionable as to use.”

    • Gareth

      Most metal detectors have a dual setting, and if a person is looking for gold and silver will have it set to ‘non-ferrous’, which essentially means non-iron, and thus non-magnetic.

      In other words they won’t have their detector set to look for steel nails.

      I suggest bronze coins as your ‘red-herring’.

  • IndenturedServant

    In your ultimate exit strategy plan, who do you expect to be able to trust with holding your silver as collateral? If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

    Also with regard to silver price and predictions, I don’t think anyone disputes there is massive manipulation in the metals markets. Is “this time” different as far as manipulation goes and what role do you see manipulation having in this next bull run?

    I appreciate your analysis.

    • David

      The manipulation is going to be more intense this time. Problem is they are running out of “manipulation ammunition”. The Comex will be drained of gold. Gold prices will drag silver with it until silver gets legs of its’ own. That is the essence of the analysis of the people who know the most [from many articles and interviews I’ve heard & read].

    • Silver Shield

      I will own the bank that loans against the silver.

      No one knows the timing but I am sitting in the last chair waiting for the music to stop.

      Better to be 8 years too early than 1 day too late.

  • More Liberty

    No thanks, I’ll just keep buy items with intrinsic value – I’m done having to rely on others for the success of my investments.

  • Brent Eamer

    Beyond the silver I agree with “More Liberty”. Doubtless if the sheeple will steal a pressure canner, or a pack of seeds in a film canister. Skills cannot be taken away. The Silver and Gold is good to have, but food. “You don’t eat…you don’t shit…you don’t shit you die”

    In a community, I would sell myself as the individual who could *grow* food, they will keep you alive for that…until a crop failure :)

  • brent eamer

    I have seen that idea, false electrical outlets as well. Most of these would foil most burglers.

    • Brent Eamer

      Another idea, I just thought of. My friend owns a battery store and he has the plastic display models of the US Battery GC225’s. I could drill a hole in one, fill with silver and just sit it in the shed

  • Rob

    If you understand the situation is as dire as it looks, then finding a way to store your silver is no problem, I see a much bigger problem having my hard earned wealth in a bank,brokerage account,IRA,401k etc which is nothing but numbers on a paper statement or computer, which can disappear in a moment and eventually probably will. I have mine hidden in 8 different areas with half in small safes sunk in concrete- so I feel it’s as secure as I can make it- I don’t think about it-but know it’s there.

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